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SW TOR fight scene

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 07:01 PM
I’ll guard him with my life” Her voice was stern and stalwart, for such a slim and curvy jedi with the face of an immaculate angel. Her loose, white tabard like cloak was just form fitting enough to reveal she was in fact a fem fatale warrior. In contrast to her light shades of grey and white the one she spoke to was in a corral of darkness. His baggy robes and cloak revealed little more than a dark silhouette. Cloaked and silent the figure extended a hand and pressed the only button within the elevator shaft. The doors would slowly begin to close from both ends horizontally.

Master..?” It was only a short pause but time was so short they’d be separated soon by the earth of the nameless planet.
“It’s not enough to die for him.” Though he spoke his lips were not visible but perhaps his blue eyes reflected the blue dusk behind her. Then the elevator shaft closed and his raspy voice still seamlessly pierced through the steel doors and burned intently enough for her to clearly hear. ”You must live for your cause.”

There was no time to contemplate his words, his manifestation of his will into her mind. His exploitation of the force just to finish an order that was all too vague. Instead a ripple was felt, a finger with the absolute wrong intent was moving. Her sight was blocked by the white hood, which contained all but a few fiery red bangs strewn across the top of her face. Even so her back was turned toward the ill willed finger squeezing the trigger. Her fingers sprawled outward, now only her palm touched the cylinder shaped metal infused with krayt bone grip, instead of falling the hilt rotated, at a reasonable speed. Her slender ring finger hit the brass colored button as her ivory colored hand re gripped it. The blue beam extended outward across her back. And only then did the enemies’ trigger finger finish squeezing causing a red bolt of a laser to hum across a few hundred yards to bounce comically off her own blue beam that had a distinct end point marking it as the weapon of a “target of opportunity”, a jedi. The jedi stood completely still until the red bolt found a much closer third party creeping up a dusty hill. A man clad in armor, prone and creeping was struck, his armor was thick, and even more so an invisible or blue flicker protected him. But the bolt belonged to a sniper rifle, and the laser was guided by a force user. The onyx clad warrior’s sleek and heavy helmet had a visor made of tough glass. Not tough enough. This third party of an enemy was struck dead by a single shot of his unseen comrade’s wrath.

She turned away from the elevator shaft both hands held her glowing weapon a full arm’s length away from her, upright now. She brought back the saber so that it was to the right and parallel with her face, the end point above her head. To her despair removal of the blue glow of her weapon did not cease to obscure her vision. The beautiful deep blue sunset in contrast to the red sky with a purple aura was not at all beautiful at the moment, but instead obnoxious or rather detrimental.

“Sniper 12 o clock!” She yelled to her comrades taking cover behind steel, steel that mocked primitive sandbags that formed the shape of a U allowing for the huddle of her friends to tend to a wounded soldier. There were 3 huddled over one laying lying on his back. Clad in grays and whites like her but their tabards were metal not wavy form fitting cloths like hers’. This group was 50 degrees to her right. A helmetless man to her left was standing behind a boulder firing green blasts in rapid succession over the huddles group’s heads. The green blasts directed at more onyx clad soldiers who surround the now dead one, they were attempting to encroach on the jedi’s party. The enemy paid no attention to their wounded or fallen they resembled the jedi’s soldiers only due to being caught off guard, their intention was to attack and overwhelm their targets. But the green blaster fire caused them to cower, crouch and even turn around to dive back over the modestly steep hill.

She took a moment to take in her surroundings. The elevator lodged within rock face was at her back her allies to her right the enemy dead ahead and her mission to her left. She was to protect that man, the man firing green lasers to protect his own. She slowly strolled forward the few meters of dirt between the boulder rock to her left and the hard place of metal sand bags to her right. Her brown boot met and conquered a pocket sized bug . The terrain was a bit hilly not a single tree, but some boulders laid randomly along the ground.

The ruggedly complexioned man to her left was standing against a boulder boots planted on a small patch of grass he suddenly stopped shooting and shouted. “Reloading…..TARK RELOADING!!!!!” He was quite adamant that Tark one of the huddlers understood this. Before he unleashed exactly 3 more blasts directly at three separate static objects the enemy was using as cover. Tark stopped whatever he was doing for the wounded soldier, reached over picked up his carbine from the ground and proceeded to fire off to the right. The sniper was far out, and more onyx clad troopers were dead ahead and moving closer. Their shots were un returned and if any of the soldiers stood upright or so much as extended a limb one of the many blasts hitting the boulder rock or metal sandbags would then find flesh.

Now that he was reloading she was free to stroll past, seconds before she’d have walked into a stream of green blaster fire. The onyx troopers were well trained. Not a single one shot at her, instead they marched. Not in a straight line, but a semi circle of which the opening faced her they spread out just a bit, she had seen this before these guys she could tell were trained to combaat jedi. If they shot her she might volley their own blast against them. So they did not shoot at her instead toward her right at her friend’s cover. If she charged them they would flank or possibly even surround her making it impossible to block all their shots which would inevitably all come at once. They continued to march..

The ruggedly handsome man to her left answered her query, he was done reloading, and had saw fit to twist a metal canister that then began to blink red, first slowly, then consecutively faster as few seconds went by. When he finally hurled the object right into the center of the semicircle of onyx troopers the flashing red light was now a streak,(as it flew through the ai

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