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The Universal River and You

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 12:56 PM
Heraclitus is said to have uttered some 2500 years ago, "You cannot step twice into the same river; for other waters are continually flowing in"
Reading this gave me an idea that i just have to share. Call it compulsion or perhaps an echo of what is going on in our world now, I wish to share my little philosophy with my fellow ATSers.

Imagine if you will that the Universe and all we know is a river ever flowing. Within this river are many things and many organisms. Firstly there are the rocks and sediments that make up the riverbed. Most people reside here, desperately clinging to the bottom in the hopes that the river passing by will feed them and care for them and inevitably pass them by. Occasionally the river does move them, tumbling downstream until they are once again deposited on the bottom.

Then there are the fish in the river moving at will within it. They swim against the currents or with it depending on their moods but they are still relying on the river for support and care.

Then there are the flotsam and jetsom of the river. Those who have disassociated themselves from the river itself and allow the river to take them where they need to go. They drift and bob within the waters unperturbed by the river or its other contents.

Lastly we come to the river itself. The very waters and currents and eddies that form the condition of the experience. These are the ones who, like the river, cut deep into the rock and forge the direction in which the river itself flows.

Now I ask you, what part of the River do you belong to, and what can you do to maintain its integrity?

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 02:03 PM
I like the metaphor of the river and I use it all the time in my thoughts of life.
In fact the river, at least the slow peaceful meandering ones are one of my favorite places on earth. The rivers edge. Both land and water. Going with the flow, riding the wave. Watching the life and energy flow past me while remaining the 'same'.
The covered bridge over the water, it is safety, higher ground, shelter.
The old rocks who have a history to tell. The new plants every year in a different place this time. The new objects that have floated in to view this year. A new stick, a new and different edge landscape this year. Sometimes a new sand bar, or erosion of the last years version.
The river is change, and yet everything remains familiar. On the river you trust, you go with it where it wants to take you. Sometimes it is thrilling, sometimes too slow and you have to get out and push.
Although you can't step in the same river twice, it is the river and it will always be there, why would you want the same thing twice? You have to let go of the old one and see what is new to experience the next time. You can still remember the old one.
And look forward to what next years river will be. I love the river. And what is nice are the moments when you can get off the river and rest with loved ones, knowing you can get back on it when you want to.

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