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Video:Obama set to extend the Patriot Act.

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 05:54 AM
I found this YouTube, and what should we think about it ?
I dont know if this thread is even gonna work, since ATS has No graphics, no buttons so I dont see where I click...

Eight years after the Patriot Act became law in the United States, President Obama has told lawmakers that he wants to reauthorize three parts of the act that were set to expire later this year. Many people have said that the Patriot Act is an invasion of privacy and opens the door for abuses of power, so why would Obama extend one of former President Bush's policies?

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 02:44 PM

not intresting ????????????????????????????

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:25 PM
I find this disturbing. Either Obama lied when he ran for this office,or he is lying now. When are people going to wake up and see what is really happening. The patriot act taken to its full measure would strip away all of our rights. Why do we need to take that kind of risk,when the power hungry have their finger on the trigger. They are poised and ready to put us in "our"place.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:30 PM
Ok - sorry, but I have to ask.

Is this a real broadcast?

It just doesn't pass my smell detector, sorry.

You've more info?

Thanks tons!


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