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2 dreams I need some help with

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 10:01 PM
out of all my dreams I have had 3 that have syuck with me. One I wrote into a short story and if I can find it I will post it. The other two have really stumped me.

1) This dream was reoccuring. The last time I had it was about 20yrs ago. I would only have it when I slept at my grandmothers house. While it does seem scary when describing it During the dream there was a feeling of dread and fear.

The dream starts out with me in compleate darkness. I mean I can see anything. I start walking and I come upon a white picket fence. The have been times that I have jumped the fence but I always come back to it. When I decide to follow it I eventually come up to a ection of the fence that is a circle. Inside the circle the ground is grass. (this is the only ground I can see) In this grass patch sits a table. (I'm going to give you a description of the table) This table was one solid peice of wood (Ijust knew it was) From the bottom there were 3 legs. Each leg was in the shape of a chiniese dragon with some type of orb in its mouth with the claws digging into the ground. The body of the dragons slant up and come together to form the shaft then twist together. About 5inches from the top the dragons seperate and shoot out to the side of the table. The hind claws grip the table which is a circle. The table is very smooth and very polished. If I had to gues I would say it was make out of cherry. It was a dark colored wood. The detal and craftmenship of this table is to the point that I first thought the dragons were real. On the table was a simple glass filled half way with a clear liqued in it. Shining down on it was a beam of light. No matter how hard I try I can not lift this glass. I do not what what the liqued is. Also when I'm standing in the the circle part of the fence it feels like I'm standing in the sunlight. After several attempts to try to lift the glass I just wake up. Like I said earlier the feeling of this dream was on of extream dread and some fear.

2) The second dream was a lot more intresting in my eyes. This happen in 2000 before I joined the Navy. This was not a reoccuring dream.

I wake up and wake into my living room and look out the window. At first everything looks normal. then I look up. In the sky I see the sun Huge but the sky is black. Ithe glide by all the planets including earth. Someone is talking to me but I can not understand what they are saying. After I pass pluto I pull back and can see our known solar system. There ere lines connecting some some planets the thickest was from mars to earth and earth to venus. but there were 2 lines going from mars to venus. There were lines connecting all of the moons of saturen and jupiter but only thin lines to the planets it's self. There was also one line that went way off into the darkness of space. The whole time I was viewing this I was inside my house and if I looked to the sides it still looked like my block. This dream had a feeling of awe, wonder, child on christmas morning feeling. But even as my mind was telling me waht I was seeing could not be real I felt like it was extreamly real.

Any insight you may have would be helpfull.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 05:17 AM
They are both quite beautiful, JM.

If I understand what you said about the second dream, then you were on the brink of adventure in real life. If so, then it sounds to me like your unconscious mind sent your conscious mind a "Bon Voyage" card

The first is trickier. It is visibly a challenge dream, and you were either supposed to do something, maybe with the glass, or else notice something about the situation, and use what you noticed to progress in the dream.

It is not unusual for a "task" or "challenge" dream to recur, if you don't complete the task in the dream. And, if you do complete the task in the dream, then there is a second version - the "what happens next" that is not part of the dream when you don't do the task.

I am not playing Yoda here, it was your dream, so I don't know how to lift the glass, or even that lifting it was your "assigned" task. But I am pretty sure that you were supposed to do something, since that is what happens in dreams that begin like yours.

If you want to pursue it, then you may consider searching "active imagination" jung, and try to experience the "task accomplished" version of the dream.

Beyond that, I am reluctant to babble, since it isn't my dream and I ought not to intrude on unfinished business. But the only other animate beings in the picture are those three dragons whom you thought the table legs to be.

Even though there surely are three-legged tables, mostly tables have four legs. And the dragons are doing together what you tried to do alone and couldn't. They are holding up the glass.

If it were my dream, then I'd accept the glass as I find it to be, and go under the table, to be among the dragons, to see what happens next.

Yes, Luke, simple-minded symbolic thought is
. But my best guess for me may not be the right answer for you.


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