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Boiko borisov - bulgaria's minister RULZ

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posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 02:13 PM
hes a karate trainer,a police boss,then goed into politics,became sofia's major,and this year he finnally won the elections and became bulgarias minister
(i dont know alot about politics but short story..just read)
bulgarias was driven by the scum-communists ministers for these 1-2 years,they maked
bulgaria into crysis,they stole the whole european help money along with the mafia.
now boiko is also one of the bigest mafia heads,but the thing that makes me like him is,he actualy DOES something good.
-he started putting in prison all the before communist ministers head members,for charges againts the nation
and now the cooler/not so boring things:
-he caugh all the underage boys that worked as bartenders as such,allowing room for guys like me to finnaly have a chance to get a job...after paying 150$ for bartender lessons,i think i deserve it more then some underage fella who dont even like his job!
(and the employers allways say they want experience...but take kids...hate them)
-started work againts corruption,just caught cops taking money
-many other cool stuff.
-started an invistigation againts the killer boat in serbia..acctualy made our lazy a**e** do some work.
- he acctualy does good stuff for the people,now thats a mafia head i like

someone had to eventualy fix this mess,this country is slowly burning to death
no matter young man like me seek to escape into europe,why should we stay?
ultra low salaryes? mean stupid people? manipulative women? no opportunities?
corruption? its too late for me not to run,but i hope he fixes this mess,befor ra'ah guul come and destroy gotham

posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by Stillalive

You know, it's refreshing to see someone actually praising a political leader, for a change...

I hope he never disappoints you.
People (speaking in general here) tend to either idolise and/or demonise their elected leaders. Time is NEVER on the leaders' side (except far beyond their lifetime, in history books).

[edit on 17-9-2009 by Vanitas]

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