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BUILD YOUR OWN new world order!

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posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 09:04 AM
Hi ATS for a while now I have been laying low on the threads and just skim reading the occasional interesting posts. I think I honestly have gotten to a point where I have (like so many others) thought, why bother...

Another day another bleak story. We are being force fed into the meat grinder of globalization and in turn our hopes and ambitions of succeeding in this DISEASED and BROKEN system is being sold and fed to the next generation like nutrient deficient sustenance. We lead them blindly into becoming more obedient slaves than we are.

I'm unsure on whether or not this belongs in the "NEW WORLD ORDER" section of ATS but lets for once entertain the idea that we could have our OWN world order.

It's obvious certain dynasties and corporate entities have gotten a few hundred or so years head start but if you were given your own Country today and told you were King....


I know this is a pretty broad question and by no means am I claiming to have the right answer but I would like to put forward a few suggestions I have in making a society of my own. The system of the world today is so unimaginably powerful that to even question it could be considered in some countries treason and in more than a few places absolutely laughable.

By the time us humans are barely mobile or even able to speak properly we are indoctrinated in the lessons and art of being good tools for a system that is so disgustingly BROKEN.

15 years + of "education" on how to live and work the way "THEY" want us to.
40+ hours a week of work that most of us hate doing
3+ hours a night in front of more life "education" the television

and we wonder what for and why we are so unhappy... we should consider ourselves lucky..

Please click here for some reminders on how BROKEN this system is!

It really is sad and lets just think about it. If such a small percentage can hold so much of the worlds power how much could a few of us achieve if we REALLY put our hearts and our minds into it.

I'd like to invite anyone that has any ideas on building OUR new world order to please share and provide reasons to back up your thoughts on achieving something ANYTHING better than the crap we have right now.

I'm gunna put some ideas out there but feel free to shoot me down and let me know why my society would not work as well as your own.

So again if you were given your own Country today.. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

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posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 09:27 AM
Where to start... I dont really know thats why I need your help. We need each others help...

Lets lay a blue print for a NWO that would be better.. and who knows maybe if we all cared enough we could make it happen.

OK because I'm a Kiwi I have just been given New Zealand. Its mine

It's a fairly decent sized piece of land not to big not too small. I want a system of government modeled after a dictatorship and lets say I'm the dictator...

Rules for my Country.

1) No international trade what so ever. Technology, ideas and alike can be shared but no trade. This would limit my dependency on other countries so I only had to worry about myself.

2)Everyone has to contribute to society in some way shape or form.
I only want people in my society that want to help everyone achieve happiness. People are selfish and greedy and that's the reason the world finds itself in the mess it is right now. So there would be a limit on how much any one person could have.

3)People would learn what they wanted to learn. Apart from basic language and social skills it would be up to the individual on what they wanted to pursue in life. Based on the Countries resources.

4)No money. People would be given everything they need from the Government and no more. Wants would be based upon necessity and resources available.

5)Technology would help to make everyday chores and mundane jobs a thing of the past.

6)Immigration would be limited. Migration would be free but returning would not be easy.

I know this seems contradictory and I'm being selfish as a country by not helping the other nations in need. But it has to start somewhere.. I think a system without globalization is the answer. If we all just stuck to ourselves and worried about our own countries instead of raping and pillaging others those countries would be able to get themselves out of the mess the are in.

I hope some of you smarter cookies out their can contribute and put forward some good ideas.

posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 09:31 AM
good man,that needed to be sayed.
im surprised there are people like us thinking this,im up for it

posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 09:44 AM
Thanks Stillalive! Yeah I just got sick of all the doom n gloom and thought why not do something about it...

I've enrolled in the best Journalism school in NZ so back to Uni for me next year. I want to do all I can to show the world what needs to be shown and maybe just maybe if enough of us can get through and get the facts right we have a chance at making people listen enough to care.

We've become a pretty lazy bunch of humans and most of us are content our world is going to hell in a hand basket just so long as we get our double shot grande and new D&G bag/set of golf clubs.

Lets do it man! You me and anyone else that wants to try.

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 04:22 AM
My own New World Order eh? Well, I would need more than a country, I think I would actually need an entire planet.. What follows is a small extract from a screenplay project entitled "The Hegemony of Reason". It is a fictional account of a planet very much like our own that undergoes a transformation when the collective consiousness and will of the inhabitants gets manifested and merged with a visiting alien collective. The synergenic outcome follows:

Greetings and Salutations,

In approaching the view of this planet, objectively and after taking into considerable consideration of the state of affairs and condition of the planet in aspects of governmental policies, quality of life for the inhabitants of the planet, the paradigm of work, education, improvement, advancement technologically, spiritually and environmentally it had been determined that there is indeed a need for a Hegemony of Reason.

We are the Hegemony… We are one. We are many. We are legion. We are the voice of truth. We are the voice of logic. We are honor. We. Are. The voice. Of the people. We are. The Hegemony of Reason. We speak.

It has been observed that the current construct of corporate military industrial cartel overlay to governmental and social structure is overtly corrupt and short sided toward the majority that lie outside of the sphere of quasi-fraternal influence that includes the various under agencies of government and military and corporate influence.

The goals of the Hegemony of Reason include but are not limited to the advancement of the human species in all aspects including intellect, physique, technological ability, spirituality, consciousness, novelty, quality of life, and interstellar migration into deep space. Honor for the greater good and advancement of the species is the motivating factor, not material wealth or personal gain. This is universal toward all persons and personal comfort and high quality of life is emphasized above poverty and stagnation. This is simply a matter of reason and course.
Intellectual advancement is paramount. Educators are the most honorable of professions and instructors are held in very high regard. Motivational factors could include higher learning, the arts, personal luxury time and additional comforts of choice including access to all resources necessary to achieve the individual goals. It is logical that each and every individual shall be provided by right of existence the best education and quality of life possible. Honor and respect are paramount; and dishonor against another is the highest offence. This includes lies and deceit, theft and violence, and crimes against nature and humanity.

The logic of the hegemony has determined that there are enough resources currently available on the planet to sustain well over 20 billion individuals. It has been determined that the current level of planetary technological ability has been and is currently being misrepresented to the majority of the population by the corporate and governmental structure in control. The logic of the hegemony has determined that this structure will be dismantled and the compartmentalization of secrecy will be removed and every aspect of technological study and record shall be made available to every individual. In contrast to a competitive climate working against each other and guarding secrets, the climate will be shifted to a cooperative atmosphere where new discoveries are shared and resources are pooled together.

Materialism is based on supply and demand. Vanity is not true materialism as in the since of hoarding. Since there is enough supply for everyone to acquire a high standard of material outcome this soon becomes a non issue.
The logic of the hegemony has determined the money system to be flawed, constraining, stagnating, and irrelevant to the advancement of the species.


posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 04:23 AM
The logic of the hegemony has determined that your global paradigm is flawed and henceforth this illogical order will be re-structured to accommodate the goals of the hegemony and further the advancement and development of the species. A new order of reason will come to pass out of the chaos that is prevalent at the present time. Ordo ab chao.
There is an ongoing program being perpetrated by those of the -BLANK-. There is the concept of removal of those individuals from the planet that are classified by -BLANK- elites as lower humanoid useless eaters. These people have concluded that the human race is to be diminished by at least 80%. The logic of the hegemony has determined that this is an unacceptable outcome. These people have been identified and many are the same people that have implemented and control the current cast system of monetary hierarchy. The indentured servitude and slavery aspects of the money system have been classified as illogical and detrimental towards the goals of the hegemony. It is therefore necessary to remove this flawed system of non reason and greed inspiring irrelevancy of materialistic valuation of goods and services. The agencies, groups and individuals in control of this current system are therefore to be targeted for extermination and removal from the planet.
In addition to the monetary controllers, anyone found to be a practitioner of -BLANK- will be exterminated and removed from the planet. These individuals believe they are “-BLANK-” of the “-BLANK-” to be constructed for “-BLANK-” who is “-BLANK- the -BLANK-”. This is also referred to as “-BLANK-”. This concept has been determined by reason and logic to be a “dark order of death and chaos” and detrimental to the continuation of the species and well being of the planet as determined from the works and acts of the various individuals agencies, companies, groups and conglomerations that have common ties and motivations toward this fraternal semi-religious idea of -BLANK-. All aspects of -BLANK- as mentioned above are therefore targeted for extermination and removal from the planet.
The current “paradigm creators” aka “-BLANK-” or “-BLANK-” as defined by -BLANK- -BLANK- numbering roughly 6000 individuals of wealth and power comprising of various groups such as “-BLANK-”, “-BLANK-”, and ”-BLANK-” have been determined to be the cause of erroneous polices of governance and global decisions resulting in “death and chaos”; therefore these individuals and groups shall be targeted for extermination and removal from the planet.

The goals of the hegemony will be enacted by the people. The old order and -BLANK- will be removed and cleared to make way for the order of reason. The controllers will be dethroned and the rule will rest with the people in a decentralized form. The hegemony is the voice of reason. The logic is the path.


Well, thats it... like I said it's only a fictional snippet from a far away imagination....


posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:16 PM
Revdrdrsunshine! Thanks so much for your input into this thread.

I couldn't agree more with what was put forward. I love the fact that there are other people out there that have ideas and fantasies of a major change in the system.

Also I think one of the key points to a success in any different system is the fact that there is a higher power over seeing humans and looking after them. We try to kid ourselves that this type of life can be achieved by man alone but this is just not possible. We are too immature as a species and all have greed and evil inside us.

Whether it's a God or Alien species that comes to put us back in our place and show us the way I for one would welcome both. Maybe when we have reason and logic from a more intelligent source could we then learn to look after ourselves and our planet.

Will post some more ideas soon but must eat some breakfast!

Thanks again for your input

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