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Was the Arctic Sea carrying russian WMD to Iran.

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posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 03:32 PM
This is only my theory, mods feel free to move to general conspiracy forum if needed.

Succesion of Events was as follows: Russian thinks of itself (this doctrine existed there before the USSR) as a saviour of the poor and from the West decadency and Zionist opressed people. Therefore Iran was able to obtain a bought of WMDs from them (Biological, Chemical or even Nuclear). I don´t know why they send it by sea, they could send it through the Caspian sea or Caucas (they probably didn´t send because the US has a strong presence there).
The Israelis commando searched up every ship on the trajectory (we haven´t heard about them because the crews doesn´t had the need say it to anyone, because they carried nothing special, and were thinking that it is a normal search up), but the Arctic Sea the ship that carried the WMDs was complaining because they had a "black" conscience and as to also send a message throug public chanels that "we have a problem HUSTON". The Israelis had searched the ship, geigers off the scale, went back for backup and consent of their goverment and waited for the right moment. When they captured the ship, they took the WMDs with them, encased the crew, left a few man back to watch over them. After the weapons were in Isreal, the behind left teams activated the GPS beacons, entered their helicopters/boats and returned home. The russians get onto the ship, found the crew, and brought them to an unknown location, never hearing on their fate anything again. Few weeks later the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu went to Moscow with photos of the stolen nukes and with their registration numbers. Netanyahu said to Medvedev, the president of the Russian Federation, that:

"I am capable of forgeting about anykind of revenge, for example by leaking this information to the international press and the following issolation of Russia which my and the US goverments BENEFACTORS would be capable of . Because of your actions in blocking sanctions against Iran and his support, it would be normal to make this public, but I think we could solve this productively. Simply we will be silent about this if you, from this moment onwards into the future, will cooperate with me, my goverment, the US goverment, the western majority of the UN Security council, but especialy with our BENEFACTORS. If you really don´t want the downfall of your country, in your place, I would accept this offer now imediatly. Goodby."

I think the russians have a problem, a few hours back the russians accepted potential sanctions against Iran, only a week after Netanyahu departed from Moscow.

Firstly I personaly hate Soviet/Russian politician now in place, because they are responsible for the invasion of my country in year 68 and I am glad they got some kind of punishment.

But secondly I think this will lead to much much more problems than we think now. To blackmail a country like this and its even Russia. This will not lead to anything good, really.

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posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 05:35 PM
That seems to be the 24 dollar question.

The anti-jew crew sure seem to think that Israel stopped a russian cargo boat.

However, to do that, they need say there was something on the ship to be removed.

I refer to missiles/rockets,. radar systems, suitcase nukes???.

As some people have pointed out, relations between Russia and Israel are not at their best, shall we say.

If that were not the case, and I mean "IF", don't you think Russia would be crying to UN or even taking action themselves???

So, is Russia afraid of Israel???

Clearly there were things on that boat that Russia does not want the world to know they were shipping.

posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 08:08 AM
Its an interesting theory but there is one massive geographical flaw in the idea.

The Caspian Sea.

Why send a boat all around the world, when the stuff can be shipped directly?

posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 08:09 AM
There is another thread on this.
Yes WMD and personnel.

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