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The existance of Knowledge, W/an effiecient means of distribution

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posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 08:23 AM
AKA, The Internet

The subject is not contained in a Sylabus, The course has no teacher.
yet, for the first time in recorded history. we have instant information distribution,
and a governmenting structure that has more levels than a Multi-level marketing machine. Conspiracies, News, Concerns have instantanous eyeballs.
the media is via word, video, audio (that match perfectly with our learning systems of sight, hearing and word comprehension. for a mere couple of haundred dollars you can obtain almost any knowledge. you name the subject...? examine the experts and weed out the dis-info and Plagerism's, and Viola you have obtained the knowledge of the ages in No time... a 20 year education in what 6 months tops.

How should the world handle this revolution in education and information ?
self distruct...? correct our past errors...? start over again because we see the flaws and injustices now we are educated..? (enlightend) where do we go from here...? expose all the occult truth stuff..? (occult simply means hidden) - I say yes to this..

this thing called the Internet - has a peer reviewed Academic side, which I try to cross reference using Nexus and other fact based research tools.
and since we are all humans, we are word controlled creatures. and the vocabulary means different things to different people as no two persons are alike.
but one thing is certain, you can not recall 911. and you cant make it go away.
and we the people cant live knowing our Government is a Murderer, a cold blooded Murderer... now we know, and we are just getting started... yet the government fore saw this back in the mid-80's and started COG... to handle millons of those who know the truth. or have dark suspisions of the real culprits... and where they may reside. Is it better to remain ignorant...? I ponder, oops - I was thinking again...

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