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Dell rant and help

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posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 08:44 PM
Hello... just wanted to share a letter I sent to Dell; hoping somehow, someone here might be of assistance.

For the "good" people of Dell...

Good day. I am having SEVERAL issues with a Dell laptop, purchased in 2007. Luckily for me, I was contacted by a Dell representative a couple months ago, on how I could extend the warranty on all Dell purchases made within the past three years, AND how Dell would stop due payments in case of loss of a job. And yet, somehow, for some reason, when I went to Dell's site for troubleshooting / technical support, it stated my warranty is expired. So, what am I to do? Not only has Dell lost a customer by raising interest rates on the Dell card, but you falsely added a charge to my account (extended warranty)... and now, twice in one year, I have another faulty Dell laptop.

I am unable to communicate with someone unless I pay for it... even though I am currently paying for it on my monthly bill! Dell, knowing full well what my credit history was when they first accepted me, raised my interest due to my having the same credit history. And now this crap with charging me for an extended warranty, without actually giving me that covereage?!

Dell, not only have you lost a customer, but your recent antics and behaviors have greatly reduced my opinion of you and your company.


For anyone even remotely interested, my problem was this:

As of this morning, the Dell Wireless WLAN Card utility would not work... so, no wireless interent, which is okay in that I am able to plug the modem into the laptop and go about that way. In addition, I went to re-install the driver with the disk that came with the laptop; the CD drive light came on, you can hear the whirl... and nothing. Go on "computer" after the start menu, and the CD drive doesn't even show up!

Everything else is working fine. I ran spyware and anti-virus programs, with nothing showing up. Everything is working as it should (as well as can be expected with Vista), except for the CD drive and wireless.

Program issue? Did a driver somehow up and delete itself? I'm at a loss.


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