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Down with riia,...(nfs shift update)

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posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 12:28 PM
You guis can use some cheering up,so im feeling like spreading some propaganda...again

As we know not only the governments and nwo alike are trying to enslave us,but big corporations too,you can find evil in your closed nowadays..not really.
So "cats" like riaa think they can play "dirty" like the pirates, bribing the judges,backroom deals etc,couse they just want MORE MONEYYY,they don't think its tright for you to burn your music from your legally bought cd to your mp3 player,couse thats a copy,they want you...i guess to you the itunes store or cr*p like that so you can pay MONEY for cr*ppy quaity AAC format,instead of getting it on the net in FLAC studio quality for free.
sure we should support the game industry,software developers and the like,but we all allready know every music band makes theyr real money from tickets,they make pocket money from cd's, so were not really HURTING theyr payment,as cats like riaa blame us. but what cats just being to coprehend is:
we are evolving to be smart and better at everything
we are evolving to fight people who think just because they have money they are more powerfull.
on the internet ground they CANNOT stop the people,and the freedom of speech.
couse the best guis,are on our side,and they wont ever sell them selfs for money
couse cats are so stupid,every script kiddie can hack into nasa computers...
and they expect to stop our freedom?
well i have something for you cats,its a magic stick,between my legs

it seems ea games has proven theyr evil,greedy and inconpetent once aganin!
the game crashes at loading screen,after a restart it runs,then sometimes when loading it freezes and u have to restart again,or it will freeze on loading screen again and again.
MOST of the time the game will crash when you start driving your car,or while driving,and ALOT of peope are having the same issues,issues with windows 7,drivers etc,i guess ill try different drivers and lets hope...
setting textures to medium helps a little the driving crashes.
gee thx EA,and tthe best of all is,you actualy need a cd key to play online,what happend to the "only cdrom inside protection no cdkey" i guess they putted securom or whatever cr*p,well i hope your game gets pirated like crazy ea,couse u deserve it,and it will!

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posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 03:11 PM
nfs shift update up there ^ bump

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 03:43 PM
I've said it before and now I'll say it again.

To HELL with the RIAA. They should have gone the way of the Dodo bird a long time ago. They are unnecessary, unwanted and use a business model that is clearly outdated. They are greedy buggers just like any other corporation and IMHO they ALL need to be brought down(that includes the U.S. government, a evil corporation in itself). They serve no useful purpose except foisting crap like Britney Spears(just one example) on us. The real artists out there are unknown for the most part and get little to no attention from these bloodsucking leeches. Many artists nowadays are saying they don't even need them and are going it by themselves. Gives them creative control of their music and how it's released and they actually get a little bit of the money from cd/Itunes sales instead of giving it to some suit who doesn't know squat about the music industry or music in general.

I refer you to Dream Theater(yeah, I know, no one knows who they are but they do exist). They had to pony up $500,000 for a video years ago that never got played anywhere, yet that money could have gone into a live DVD(they constantly go into the top 10, if not number 1 for a week or two, with their dvd releases) and their fans couldn't care less about a stupid video. They are a live band and that's what their fans want to see, not some directors stupid idea of what their song is about while they lip sync to it. A waste of time and money that the record company forced them to do which turned out to be a waste of half a million bucks.

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 04:28 PM
thanks for the reply man,nice to see that someone HERE cares!
as for some ats brothers trying to play nfs shift,if u make the graphics high (atleast the details) the crash bug goes away,now it crashes only rarely on loading levels,you bothers who bought/downloaded the game will have to wait for a illegal crack fix to play the game that you possible payed for if u have such problems

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