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Another soldier challenging deployment orders

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posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 08:02 AM
* seems legit but dont have the source, rcvd via Email.
MOD PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD... Note the Copywrite at the bottom. sorry, just finished reading it and noticed the Copywrite. please delete.

Captain Connie Rhodes' lawyer and army officials were set to face off
in federal court in Columbus Friday but the proceedings stalled.

U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land held an emergency hearing but the
captain, a doctor for the Army, wasn't there.

Her attorney says Rhodes is due at Fort Benning Saturday but was
forbidden to leave Fort Riley in Kansas to attend Friday's hearing.

Orly Taitz, her lawyer, says instead of providing President Obama's
vital records and proving that he is legitimate, the government is
"intimidating and harassing" an officer.

"This is a doctor. This is a surgeon- a highly respected member of
the community and they're basically subjecting her to a court martial
and possible imprisonment if she disobeys her order and appears at
the hearing. This should not be happening to any officer, to any
enlisted," Taitz said.

Captain Rhodes is one of hundreds of service members represented by
Taitz, all planning on filing similar lawsuits questioning President
Obama's status as Commander in Chief.

Litigation for the Army said they were told Captain Rhodes did not
request to be at today's hearing and that she still intended to get
on her plane Saturday-her lawsuit continuing in her absence.

Judge Land says he wants Captain Rhodes present at the hearing so she
can have her day in court and he can ask her some questions.

She is due at Fort Benning Saturday but will not actually deploy
until next week.

Judge Land postponed the proceedings till Monday and issued an order
for the captain to appear.

In July, Land dismissed a similar case for Major Stefan Cook, saying
it lacked standing.

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