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Why does UNCLE SAM associate its Citizens\Veterans as Terrorist -?

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 05:14 PM
I was posting this in another thread - but this is a interesting
thought... why Terrorist...? why are we truth seeking Citizens being pursecuted with strong Language as some new form of Terrorist...?

This subject is spooky, and the Government keeps connecting us with Arab Whacko's some of who seem to have closer ties with my government than I do..
I dont know and as far as I can tell, terrorist are not upset with the People of this nation, but according to the Rethoric its at war with our Govt, Yea, Right... thats like saying Rocks are Grenades. and thats is scary... and that is why I think the OBL story lives on... even though the odds are fairly high he is not with us.
But Terrorist - no, in no shape or form, I sign my name to my opinion and I dont have a violent bone in my body, but I took a oath that could cost me my life and I took it freely. I'm not on the same side as Terrorist are.
But thinking about this I start to understand their GamePlan against the American People, at the point where it will just kills the opposition as enemy combatants, terrorist... thats why it keeps OBL alive me thinks. this whole thing is faker than a 3 dollar bill... think... why...? why the blood.... why the lies... why... what is so important you would risk the nation over...?

Common misconceptions about 911, was traced right back to MSM=CIA.
How about a campaign for TV Off Time, that would last 2 mins. self control the box wins every time. You know, this thing would be over in no time if we didnt have TV. can we do something with FCC Licenses and citizens signatures, does anyone know...?

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 05:46 PM
After 911 people were scared; they still are even today because the MSM have been keeping that climate of fear from dissipating.

I think truth seekers are being labeled "terrorists" so that gradually the sheep will come to dislike/disown us. It's just like in politics where playing the race card will silence dissenters, calling an organisation terrorists will ostracise them.

As to OBL, whether he's dead or alive, fake or real; he really is the perfect scapegoat for Governments. Plus he is great for instilling fear in the masses.

There were quite a few links between OBL and the CIA, just need to search for them again.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by Chilled Zen

There were quite a few links between OBL and the CIA, just need to search for them again.

Here are some of those Bush/Saudi/CIA/Adnan Khashoggi/Osama bin Ladin connections

Back to the main thread.

Why are normal citizens being labeled as terrorists? This includes All ex-military, CIA Secret Service... in other words anyone with military training. Also vocal right and left wing and independents with Ron Paul and Bob Barr bumper stickers. It is supposed to be over a million citizens

Add that to the new gun control bills requiring registration and government permission to own guns. Voila all those who are not sheeple have been disarmed because they are "suspected Terrorists" and you have not made a law that is "unconstitutional"

edit I can not spell worth a darn.

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 09:05 PM
It's a sign of desperation on the part of the Globalists in our
government to label patriots the most despicable thing
possible. They know the sheeple are not olny waking up ,
they are moving.
The recent march on washington shows that I'm not just
paying lip service to that assertion.

Our National government went from bad to worse when
Obama came into office. With our usual good will, the American
people gave Mr. Obama a six month grace period to prove
himself. Well, he certainly has - at least to his commitment to
his Trilateral commission/Globalist friends. To the American
people he has shown himself to be a complete fraud, a liar
and a schemer of the worst kind. He has renegged on every
promise he made in his campaign and is even EXPANDING the
war into Pakistan.

Today, US forces attacked a target in Somalia. The treasury has
given big banks and insurance companies TRILLIONS to "jumpstart"
the economy yet unemployment rates are higher than ever. Obama
has sent even more troops into the useless war in Afghanistan. This
is insanity and even the dullards are catching on.

The only people left supporting Obama are either ignorant or federal
employees that somehow connect their own fates with his.
They know the gig is about up and they are squirming like a fish on
land. I will predict it right here - if Obama does not step down there
will be an open revolt in this country and I do mean with guns. It
would be an act of self-preservation by the American people to do
so. Am I advocating a revolution? NO. But I can read the writing
on the wall and so can the adminstration.

The real question is whether they will quietly step down or force the
people to take action, it's not up to the people whether or not this gets
messy. I hope they have the common sense to book the next
flight to Paraguay.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 11:42 PM
Uncle Sam has been responding to "Insurgents" in America since it's inception. The Congress even has the right, and duty to squash insurgencies.

Think Whiskey rebellion.

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