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E=MC2 and the Multiverse

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 04:49 PM
Here's my new theory on E=MC2.

Einstein was partly correct with the equation E=MC2. The real equation that unlocks the multiverse is E=MC(Infinity). This means that light has no speed until it enters a local universe like ours and then it takes on a speed. The brain filters out information so that humans can have uniformity in an E=MC2 universe. So when I see a yellow cup, then you will see a yellow cup. When I see a red box, then you will see a red box in an E=MC2 universe.

This is because we all measure events at the same rate. This gives us the illusion of time. Time is subjective and not objective. Observers in an E=MC2 universe will measure events at the same rate and this is time. There's no objective time because there's no speed of light. Also, with E=MC(Infinity) we can explore the multiverse mathematically. There's other E=MC2 universes out there but there also E=MC4 and E=MC8 universes up to infinity. Maybe we can look at the physics in an E=MC4 universe and we could find an energy source or technology that we could use in our universe.

I think everything is infinite light vibrating at different frequencies. We are Infinity manifesting in a local reality. So Infinity(Light) enters a local reality via a vacuum and takes on a speed. These local realities are governed by the speed of light of that local reality.

I wanted to get some feed back on the theory. I think E=MC(Infinity) where Infinity = Light is the equation that governs the multiverse.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 06:22 PM
Good call, makes logical sense;

Last week it was proven that when light is split or when various frequencies of light is timed between 2 distance that that although "white light" is constant the other frequencies from gamma / X-Ray etc can travel at varying speeds.

Then of course you can always use a "standing photon wave" to bypass these static limitations of speed.

I read that gamma rays can have up to a 4 minute time lag from the sun when timed against white light?

Food for thought

Try using an "N" value, you might find some "interesting" applications.

Hyperspace here we come,


posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 08:17 PM
reply to post by FTL_Navigator

Good points.

I was also reading this book The God Theory by Bernard Haisch. He talks about a blinding light that's everywhere. This is Zero Point Energy. This Light is hidden in matter so we can see colors, the table, the television, your car and more,

I think we can see these things as this light takes on a speed and vibrates at different frequencies.

The Infinite can only experience itself through beings like us. Through decoherence we also forget that we are the Infinite manifesting in this reality.

This is why we are the shadows in the cave. We had to forget that we are the Infinite in order to eperience this local reality. Enlightenment occurs when human beings become aware of their Infinite nature.

E=MC(Infinity) is this Infinite Light, hidden and manifesting through matter in these local realities.

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