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This crisis has NOTHING to do with Wall Street greed!

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 02:31 PM
The crisis has nothing to do with Wall Street greed!

It has everything to do with massive government spending under Bush and now Obama and massive government debt. It also has to do with government corruption from the democrats and republicans.

These corporations are just making money. It's the politicians who pass laws and look the other way. We have always had Wall Street greed but it couldn't do anything without government corruption.

Americans have produced a 14.4 trillion dollar economy and the debt is almost 12 trillion dollars.

There should be a law the government debt cannot exceed 50% of GDP with 95-100% of the House and Senate.

With a 14.4 trillion dollar economy, 7 trillion should be enough for these politicians. If it's not, then they can find another job.

The politicians blame everyone but themselves. They blame Wall Street, poor people who can't pay bills and more. They never point the finger at themselves.

They create these problems and then ask for billions and trillions of dollars to fix the problems they created.

Wall Street only does these things because crooked politicians allow it because they are paid off.

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