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Budget, Bush, Space and Welfare.

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posted on May, 15 2004 @ 12:17 AM
Ok, well I was reading about some "Space stuff" you know how we're going to Mars. NASA has even named the missions, "Constellation". And they've given money to design the crafts so it's pretty much going to happen...Words are just words but money is final.

But there are some who say, "Can't we spend the money better?"

No. First off, a few billion a year is all that's needed. Second what is really more worthless?

Space exploration which has given you better computers, better synthetic materials, lunchables, kraft cheese. So forth.

Or Welfare, which is pretty indescriminant and therefore useless. Welfare and Health Programs spend roughly about 400 Billion dollars a year and amazingly does nothing.

If we cut that all our budget problems would be solved.

And we don't even need to cut it.

If we were to actually make sure the money got to those who needed it, and not bureaucracies and to people who lie on those easy to fill out forms...we'd save a SUBSTANTIAL sum and actually help the problem.

But this isn't what the special interests want...the Middle Class wants the Welfare Money...they are after all the largest class. next time you think "Space Exploration is a waste of money." Just remember that 30-50% of your money is going to that average joe down on the end of the block.

posted on May, 15 2004 @ 12:20 AM
Oh and one more'd be interesting to note that a man was quoted when they were deciding to enact the Income Tax amendment who said, "This will succeed in doing nothing but causing class warfare." (Paraphrased.)

My book is down stairs I can grab it if you are more interested in that quote, it is obviously profound because today look at the Election.

Kerry is more for the poor people.

Bush is more for Businesses and richer people.

This class warfare crap did not occur until AFTER the Income Tax. Boo the IRS right?

If anyone is interested just say so and I'll go grab that book next time I'm down stairs lol So lazy.

posted on May, 15 2004 @ 04:29 PM
i completly agree. They have to introduce a new system for some groups.. like the health program... spending 400 bilion is way to much.. I know that the USA is the most expansive of the world... on a year base the people pay to much.. In Europe this is in some countries much better and we only pay a 25 to 50 Percent a year of what the people in the USA pay in health ect. if they can save there and give a partion to the space program I will be glad.. I am dutch as you can see but I am for mankind... so ESA Nasa Nasda ect is the only thing what counts it better to go and ignore to terrorist really they want us to react because they can increase there support but if we only act in self defense and direct on specific groups not whole countries infiltrate and send locations to satcom and then drop some bombs on the locations..
we can save a lot on dod too. And if the groups loose there suport people see that Usa is not attacking them and there countries they are more open to things and we can bring them into space exploration ect so they are even more willing and the terrorist loose even more support for there ways.. Iraqies and US people on the moon
working together.. that is the dream I am dreaming.. pay no attention to the terrorist in the media but space exploration... If the people don't know what the terrorist do they are willing to pay more on space and let only the cia fbi and other federal and world anti terrorist organisation know what is going on and handle according with this.. Protect the people in the way of MIB people won't be in trouble as long they are not knowing that there is a problem.. like what they said in MIB movie one when the cruiser is above the earth and will smith fires on the street because of and the older guy the more experienced one said to him there is always a cruiser or something else trying to destroy earth but as long people don;t know nothing happens... well same with terrorist .. there is always a group of terrorist trying to bringing havoc but as long people don;t know everything is good.

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