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dragons, ufo's, nuclear explosion. what did i just dream about.

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 11:19 AM
so fast forwarding my dream pass the kid who stole my bike, family randomness, me going to the club and seeing an old friend. here we go.

i was leaving the club, walking up a hallway at a casino. i remember some girls behind me were talking about my short hair cut, but whatever. im a dude with a normal buzz cut by the way. so i get outside and was walking along the side walk to go somewhere, i dont know. i know it was light outside, and all of a sudden 3 dragons fly over everyones head. everyone is bugging out. i remember screaming, are those dragons, those are dragons, did you say that, did you see that! so the dragons were just flying around, came back and did another roundabout, and this time a saucer like ufo was in front of the pack, being followed by the dragons, but chasing the dragons was another ufo, and what appeared to be just a standard fighting jet.

the dragons fly off into the mountains, but you can still kinda see them. the terrain reminded me of vegas. it was def in a valley. everyone is just standing there watching this event. i call my friend and im yelling hysterically in the phone. he says i need to stay off the drugs, and i see the dragons coming back, so i hang up the phone to video tape this on my cell. i remember asking people, do you have a video camera, and one dude was like yeah, i have 2 running right now, my wife has the other one. the dragons were spitting little fire bombs around at this point, and i was like, holy crap they spit fire too, just like in the movies.

im recording the dragons, and another ufo lands and it seemed like a black human being was piloting that weird contraption. it wasnt circular, one was like a big box (that was the first one i mentioned), and the other was just complex, and an upright rectangle of sorts. anyways, the dragons are flying close at this point and i can see the details. i remember at one point being like, how do they fly, holy crap they fly with their wings. which is funny, because i knew that was always a major part of the debate. of dragons being so large, but using their wings to fly.

so the dragon lands in the crowd. the others still flying. i go to sneek around some type of burger joint with outside seating to take video without being in the dragons line of sight, but this huge monster comes landing in right in front of me and this other couple sitting there in their seats. i have no ability to describe it or compare it to anything i know of, even in the fictional world. but that thing just gets down and crawls away. so im taping the dragon and its talking to the people, giving them a message. i dont remember the message, but i remember 3 distinct things.

he mentioned something about a nuclear blast, but i could have sworn he said something about it reaching as far as texas, not that it will be there. reno was mentioned. i have a feeling that was where this was taking place. now the dragon had made the threat of him blowing himself up, and something about 5 minutes to get away. the dragon starts glowing and people just start running. im taking off running to try to find a car to steal, a sewer to jump in, something. im running and counting the seconds with every step. at one point it just seems futile and i stop after seeing a man cover with a hole in the middle that i cannot pull open.

next thing i know a woman appears, says something like we wont die. maybe i said something about we are. a dagger appears to be coming at me, i catch the dagger, and then next thing i know im safe. we teleported. i look around and i can see the whole crowd around me is safe. people are confused. i then woke up. it was intense!! the whole dragon, ufo, battle everything seemed so real. i would say they had a bit bird more like face, but still scaly. wow. the only part that bugged me out the most was the nuclear explosion stuff. weird.

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by jimmy1200

I'd say you've been spending far too much time on ATS!

I had something similar happen to me after being up late reading the UFO forums...

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 12:56 PM
lol! nah. im barely on here anymore.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by jimmy1200

Then perhaps you stuffed yourself with caffine or chocolate before going to bed thinking about how much you miss ATS.

posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 09:30 AM
I appologise, that was rude of me to not take your dream seriously.

My opinion:

For most people, I believe that all dreams have a bit of truth to them. However our minds typically get in the way. Our minds are brilliant artists, who seem to take on their own life when we fall asleep. You create the visual images you see. A lot of times you will start out seeing an actual event. Your mind has a tendency to rapidly change everything you see though. It takes a LOT of self dicipline to not add anything and only watch what is being shown to you. Quite often you will hear something in real life then your mind takes it and applies it to your dream. A fighter jet flying over your house perhaps.

Now, if someone is trying to tell us something, they will work hard to try to come in and make their point with as few words as necessary.

Your dream is fantastic. You have a brilliant immagination, I do hope you will try to express that immagination in a way that others can have the benifit of experiencing.

If I were to decifer your dream as I would my own, these are the parts I would find important.

Something is going to try to hurt others around you, quite possible by blowing themselves up.

You will have de ja voo prior to this happening. My guess is that de ja voo is not stranger to you. The seemingly normal randomness will be enough at first to make your mind allert no matter how much you attempt to blow it off. Perhaps some girls will make fun of someones short hair, but when they say it you will deffinatly notice the de ja voo and become very aware of your surroundings.

The woman who said you will not die, i think that is important. I think that was the point I talked about above where someone will try to come in and make their point in as few words as possible.

Perhaps you become allert enough to look around and stop it from happening. Are you a cop? Either way I think the event will be foiled, or enough so that no one dies. However the whole experience will leave you a bit rattled.

The dagger was a great touch! You have the makings of a great story.

It kind of reminds me of Heroes that sitcom. Perhaps you were only remembering something cool you watched or read and added your own flair to it.

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posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 08:57 AM
I've actually had several UFO/dragon dreams myself...throughout different periods of my life. They were always terrifying, and my husband and I were always in the position of helping others to safety. Very apocolyptic in nature.

The mind has ways of portraying personal aspects of ourselves in pictographic ways. Many of my dreams have come true throughout my childhood and adulthood, but mostly they are personal revelations...the pyshe's way of working on the self. I feel that is so for the UFO dragon dreams. Even when they DO come true, the "predictions" are still all symbology. Example:

One night I dreamed a good friend invited us (my husband and I) over to her new house. When we got there, her husband took my husband away to show him the rooms. It was old, and a bit dilapitated, with cobwebs and cracked hard wood floors. My friend, while she was showing me around, told me there was "just one problem..." and something flew across the room. She said it "was haunted." We went out on her back patio, where a cup flew off the table and landed between us, shattering. She started picking up the pieces, and said, "I guess we're just going to have to work through this."

The very next morning, waking up and going to my computer to have my first cup of coffee, I log onto myspace (morning ritual). I notice her status comment had changed to "I hate so-and-so, the home wrecking slut!" and her mood was "betrayed." Obviously, I messaged her right away to see what was going on...she had caught her husband cheating with a friend. Talk about symbology! The dilapitated house obviously represented the state of their relationship at the time, and the "ghost" was the other woman. It was very significant that she "picked up the pieces" of the broken glass and said they would have to "work through this." They were highschool sweethearts, and they are still together today having decided to stick with it.

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