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Man and CHILDREN get searched as Terrorists

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 08:41 AM

Police investigated over stop and search of man and children under terror law
IPCC will manage Met inquiry into two London officers who searched a man and two young children under the Terrorism Act


Two police officers are under investigation after using anti-terror stop-and-search powers against a man and two young children in a south London street.

The 43-year-old man had his mobile phones, USB sticks and a CD seized by the officers, who were in plain clothes, and was asked to stand in front of a CCTV camera in order to have his photograph taken. The undercover Metropolitan police officers also took the man's photograph with their own camera and searched the two children he was walking with – his 11-year-old daughter and his neighbour's daughter, aged six.

Atkinson was detained at Aldgate underground station one month after Section 58(a) – a controversial amendment to the Terrorism Act – came into force, making it illegal to photograph a police officer if the images are considered "likely to be useful" to a terrorist.

...and I thought the US was oppressive. I'm surprised the cops didn't beat the children. They probably all looked like terrorists.

"The use of section 44 stop-and-search powers is a very sensitive issue and it is right that complaints of this nature are taken very seriously. It is particularly worrying that two young children were allegedly searched in this way. This investigation will look at whether the use of these powers in this case was lawful, reasonable and correctly carried out."

Yeah....whether the use of the 'powers' was 'lawful.' I think we screwed up when we gave them 'powers.' What are they, Superman?

It sounds really nice that two very young girls were searched by two plain clothes cops.


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