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Is EVERBODY Jerks_Idiots?

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 06:06 AM
Best place I can figure to put this.

Hi folks. I have been around a long time involved in a lot of things. I have been around this place for about 5 years. Most of you are good people and I don't care where you stand politically. My problem is your lack of reality on BOTH sides of the fence and even the middle. Let me explain with an example.

To the right or conservatives. You CAN NOT PROVE where Obama was BORN. To the left or liberals. You CAN NOT PROVE where Obama was BORN. The reason for this is simple. At 17, a HELL of a long time ago me and my friends had our records changed to list us as 21 listed as such with the State of Illinois. Pissed us off as the next year they changed the age to drink to 18 and we had to pay to have our records changed back. If kids can do it OFFICIALLY what the hell can people with MONEY do on EITHER side?

What passes for PROOF around here is a joke. Newspaper articles? Hell I have personally had a reporter TRY to put my story on the air. He SUCCEDED! For a week than than there was NO RECORD ANYWHERE of the story. His station keeps storys for 6 months in achive. It was GONE! This is a reporter who was AFRAID FOR HIS LIFE AND THAT OF MY FAMILYS! The LEO's had told him everything I had told him was true, my records were accurate, 2 16 yr old girls had been MURDERED and there was a contract killer after my daughter. When ALL records of his story disappeared he quit and moved to the coast. HE was AFRAID for his LIFE!

I can go on and on from my personal experiences but that is not the point. You have people like Hunka Hunka and Southern Guardian who are good people but have a lack of experience in the what would you call it? Reality of Government and Records? A blind belief in what I KNOW is BS? You have people on the right who RIGHT who think the only answer is armed civil rebellion? People in the CENTER who cry WE CANT DO ANYTHING?

There is a very simple answer. Something EVERYBODY can do. First, ACCEPT NOTHING but what you see yourself. Everything else, including at least half of what you see in the Media if not more is false. Don't believe it. The truth is different and you will probably NEVER know what it is. Second is something we all KNOW but rarely believe. I learned it in the NAVY. There is no Navy! There is only PEOPLE! You cannot get even with the Navy, the IRS, or with GOvernment. You can only deal with people. That is what those things are. The same with Corporations or anything else. The same with LEO's, Judges, Lawyers, or Politicians.

The answer is simple. You deal with people and their familys. Find out who they are. They all try to hide but they can not. Let people KNOW who is the banker who refuses to loan out. He has a name, family, and address. The same with the IRS and LEO's. Why do you think they do not want anyone to know who they are? The repercussions on a personal level is more than they can bear. If their kids and wife had to FACE what their husband and father ACTUALLY do for a living they would quit. If their neighbors knew. These are PEOPLE not faceless organizations. If you treat them as such you can change things. THEIR actions! You CAN make things better. I have done it many times because I dealt with PEOPLE not things that do not exist. I DEAL IN WHAT I SEE PEOPLE DO! Deal with people, let them know THEY will face the results of their actions, do not give them anyomity.

Thats my answer. Make people responsible for their decisions. They do not get to hide because of a orginazation, corporation, or government agency. If they have to PERSONALY face the result of what they do they will either change or quit. Do the same to the next and soon they will start behaving. Maybe a few holdouts but very very few. There are not many who can handle facing everyday the anger or disgust of everyone around them.

I hope all who read this think about what I am saying. It has worked for me for over 40 yrsl. It will work for YOU!

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 06:19 AM

And I rarely use that....

I'm adding you as a friend and Starring and Flagging, and I spelled that out! Laugh out loud.

Before I can put an input into your genius, I will just say.

WELCOME TO ATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy it here, and insert blah blah blah here.


posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 06:40 AM
welcome ,looks like you had a bad day/forty years.
venting spleens man,give it your all.maybe you should be a moderator........

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 07:32 AM
This is exactly what I've advocated for quite a while here on ATS and everywhere else. We *must* take back responsibility for our own lives. No more government/school/employer/society/church/what-have-you deciding the way our lives go. No more following the myriad laws that aren't for our good at all but lead us into conundrum/paradox/Catch-22.

Now is the time to follow your heart and soul *exclusively*. This will take some work though because few actually know what their heart genuinely feels. Forget clever analyses and cunning dialogue. FEEL your way through your world. FEEL whether you're living right or not. Stop thinking with your brain - that's not the location of the Truth.

Stop existing and start living. Be in your life.

Welcome, J_I

[edit on 14/9/2009 by CosmicEgg]

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 07:51 AM
I am a jerk and an idiot.I really don't know what is going on and could be being manipulated by the people who want me to believe what I believe.I am also a jerk,I let emotions get the best of me and say things I later regret.I often look back on my posts and can't believe I wrote what I wrote.I regret my shortcomings and will try to do better.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 07:59 AM
Welcome to ATS - I am the good doctor.

I must ask one Thing......

What are the chances that some one named "genius/idoit" signs up 9 days after someone named "Jerk_Idiot" and JUST happens to post in the same thread......?

Anyway, welcome all idiots - jerks - geniuses and more to ATS may your stay be long and plentiful for all - that is todays prescription from the good doctor.

Dorian Soran

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