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more JSF pricing news

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 06:04 AM

The Dutch Ministry of Defence four years ago failed to inform the [Lower] House of Parliament of a serious budget problem for the replacement of the F-16 fighter, according to a documentary broadcast Sunday night [Sept. 6] by the KRO Reporter television program


Defence acknowledged that in 2005, as claimed by Reporter, there was indeed a financial problem. But the ministry said this has now been solved thanks to an increase of the procurement budget to 6.1 billion euros. Defence says it plans to maintain the original number of 85 aircraft.

Hero Brinkman (PVV party) is not reassured. "We still do not know where we have been cropped. Now it is 6.1 billion euros. But it could be eight billion in two years, or maybe nine or ten billion. Nobody knows."

and thats the defining line for thsi entire programme

`no one knows` - the real final cost - the engine is getting more expensive - especially with the latest fan blade problem - but heres the counter offer:

The price of the Joint Strike Fighter has still not been determined. Meanwhile, Swedish aircraft manufacturer Saab, the maker of the Gripen fighter, has made a concrete offer to the Dutch government for the delivery of 85 aircraft. Saab’s Bob Kemp for the first time in public confirmed the terms of the offer.

"The price for 85 in-service Gripens is between 4.7 and 4.8 billion euros, all inclusive. All the Air Force has to do is put a pilot inside and fill the fuel tank."

thats the real fly away cost (with engine and spares package) and is a real cost of 56 million euros each (81 million USD) - and sadly , when the F35 is in series production - i honestly doubt it will be under $100 million , and likely over $150 million each


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