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Choosing your bug out location.After vie

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 03:25 AM
After viewing my 3 choices of bug out locations on google earth I decided to rule them out for different reasons. One for being to close to houses that were hidden and I was unaware they were so close by, another due to visibility from above. SO I started looking in to new places.
Some things to think about.
View your chosen location on google earth and this site here
would you be visible from above at your water source? I found this one to be a big problem with many locations I was looking at.
When looking for a bug out location start looking at rural property for sale. check to see how long it has been on the market. Chances are if the dollar collapses no one will by buying it. Properties listed as hunting land and off the grid might be worth looking into .

How easy is it to get to from your home? Is there multiple routes you can take? Would walking there even be feasible?

What natural resources are already there? natural springs, caves, ect.

How well does mother nature protect you on all sides, north east south and west. Having 2 or less directions where you need to watch for people coming in on foot will help. A ravine or valley bordered by water and steep inclinations can provide you with some protection.

What else should one look at when choosing a location?

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 08:46 AM
It sounds to me like you have looked hard into what considerations
qualify a piece of land to retreat to in a SHTF scenario. I hadn't
even thought to use google earth - that's a great idea! thanks.

Obviously, your retreat would necessarily be a good distance
from any major cities or towns ( 30-40 miles minimum)

In my mind my priorities would be:
Cover/concealment/defensibility with an escape route (example
you don't want your back to an uncrossable river)
Access to water
Access to animal/plant foods

Just because there are no streams or ponds doesn't mean
there is no water there. Look for water-loving plants like
cattails or sedges. Dig a few holes to see how far down the
water table is. If you can find water near the surface during
the dry season you're good to go.

When I look at the google earth images I will be comparing
what I see to a USGS topographic map. This will give me a better
idea of what I'm looking at.

Once you find your ideal spot I would try to go there in every
season to see what game and wild plants are there and to check
for human activity. Many lands are only visited by people
during hunting season. The farther away from any roads or
ATV/ hiking trails you are the less chance there will be of
encountering people. It wouldnt be too hard to close
down a road by felling a few trees. Aging the trash you find
is another good way of gauging human activity.

If you go during hunting season I would check the vehicles
for out of state tags to see if it was locals or others that
do the hunting there. Pick up a copy of your state game
regulations at any Wallymart if you don't know when hunting
season is.

Once you found your primary spot you may want to see if
there are any fallback sites nearby in case your primary spot
becomes untenable. Then it's time to stash some supplies -
food, ammo, tools, seeds, water purification and firemaking

Last thing would be to find alternate routes to your area that
offer concealment en route. beyond that I think prayer is
about all you have left to do.

Starred and flagged calstorm, very good thread!

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 08:51 AM
reply to post by calstorm

The whole problem of course is that no matter how you prepare, if the SHTF, there are variables that will come into play that change your bug-out location.

It is great to prepare and find a few places, but be prepared to have to change that at a moments notice.

There is always something that you have not thought of...always

Thanks for bringing this important topic to the survival forums. It is something that everyone should give a lot of thought to.

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by calstorm

From your post it sounds like your heading out on your own.
Finding like minded individuals is usually a good idea.
Getting to know people in your general Bug out area is A good idea too.

Using maps such as Google earth saves you some traveling but ultimately you have to go there.
Once you have gone there and it seems viable,it's time to start documenting resources and local land marks.
Make sure you have detailed maps of your prime B.O. area's.(yes more than one)
You can do this with a G.P.S. and import the data into Google earth.
KNOW Google Earth well,It's A great tool. Don't forget your Compass skills as well.
Make hard copies now and keep updating.
Never forget flexibility is important, If you have the Area's well defined you can start an emergency cache or two(if you own the land or have permission).
The ultimate goal is your own property in a rural area,even if it's small.(you can share the costs)
Using Storage facilities out of town with 24 hr access is one of the ways you can get supplies out of the "fray" ahead of time.

Be creative !!!

Have multiple copies of your maps all over the dam place. lol

Way Points
Have multiple exit routes and exit methods.

1. The fastest, direct route. (good if you get out early)
A vehicle is involved sometimes(bring bikes if you can)
Remember you may have to abandon your vehicle.

2. The back road route.
Multiple routes,multiple way points.
You might be able to cache.

3. The indirect route.
You might be biking it on foot at this point.

Plan for the worst of luck if you can.
Be as flexible as you can.
When the SHTF Your most not likely not reading about it in the paper the day before....

Water Food Shelter Safety
Don't be too picky.
Here's a podcast about choosing locations.
Thoughts on selecting a Bug Out location

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