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One of the problems with out Congress easy to solve?

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posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 10:32 AM
They try to do to much at once. Health care definitely needs help and every American should be able to get health care. We are to wealthy of a nation to not do that. It is another milestone that will make America even greater.

They need to break this bill up into its component parts and work one issue through at a time. Such as the huge out of control lawsuits or a public option for the indigent.

Maybe some public services could be performed by those to help repay their health debt?

They don't read the crap because it is to large and has to many working parts. Break it down like a computer sub routine or module in programing and get a small part working right before trying to throw a bunch of buggy code together into a program.

Why is it that things like this are so hard to see by our elected officials? It is because they are never in control of their own votes. They are basically blackmailed into their votes by special interests.

Our government is under siege and being held hostage by human weakness that none of them can control.

We need to change how they get elected or add a 4th branch to the government the "People" let the people vote on every issue. let the Majority win regardless how close.

SO now we would have the Sentate vote, the Representative Vote and the "People's" vote before anything could get to a President for signature. Why not turn america into a true democracy. We now have the technology to allow everyone who wishes to vote to vote. We no longer need representatives.

We no longer need others to represent our wants and needs. We can allow the people to vote.

No one will want this because it would take power away from the elite and special interests.

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 11:50 AM
I would say get rid of Congress. We don't need them. Technology evolved to a point that we can vote on every issue from home. We don't need congress to represent us any more. By doing so we can save billions of Dollars. Less Government. Less special interest groups and less influence.


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