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My thoughts....How I feel.Fully awoken

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posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 07:19 PM
Hello. I've been lurking here for a little bit now. Every time I try to login on this website, it says login failed. even though I have the correct login information. It happens everytime I create a new account, because my old account wouldn't work.

Someone requested that I should make a thread about some things that I have said in another post. I'm kind of drunk right now, so I'm basically going to say what I feel, and what I've read/learned/listened to.

This is an amazing site. Lots of good information by the way.

First of all I want to say that I think there is definitely a conspiracy going on, no question, but it's bigger than you can imagine and goes beyond politics.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and nothing in this universe is chaotic or random. Things happen because they are supposed to or intended to.

Well, as you may know, things are starting to not look so pretty right now. People calling Obama, our president, a straight out LIAR in one of his speeches out loud, another person outside of the Obama speech with a fully loaded shotgun. Society as we know it is breaking down slowly but surely.

I think continually looking on this site is a waste of time for me. We're addicted to information, let's face it. There is a whole nother world outside of the computer screen. Get out there and have fun, let's not waste time waiting on the end of days. It's already here, so enjoy these days while you can.

The people that orchestrate world events, according to Bill Cooper( amazing researcher on this stuff, who was unfortunately killed for the purpose of silencing him, imo) are a group of people, from different kinds of religions, nationalities, races, etc. who get together and decide the fate of the human race. They may possess the divine wisdom, and belong to the "Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools". What they learn there is the immortality of the soul, and practice dying and being reborn in the "here and now" among other things.

There is no death, they want you to fear death as a means of manipulating you. I get a lot of this, reading a lot of stuff, from metaphysics, and religion, to myths, and science, spirituality, to personal psychedelic trip reports. . I don't want to go into the science of how we really do have a soul. Consciousness is a soul. Awareness. If you speed up a tape recording so fast and high that you can't hear it.....that does not mean the recording still isn't's just not perceivable by our limited senses in this frequency range. Consciousness if you consciousness vibrated high enough you would here the recording. The faster something vibrates the less dense it is, and the more light can pass through it.

The bible has truth in it....But the bible is not meant to be taken word by word's basically like a guide( either written by the Illuminati, or they are just following in like a game plan of some sort..with mixed truths in it.) to win this game we called life.

Everything is derived from some kind of certain texts and read certain things( specifically the real Kabbalah)'ll realize the only truth is light, which is love, unconditional..connectedness, togetherness, unifying everything back to the singularity.

I think we really are part of a universal mind, in which the ego individualizes us. Life is but a game of the universal consciousness separating realize itself. Remembering who we are and what we are. One consciousness. Everything is one.
There is a reason Psychedelic drugs are banned in most places. They possess the divine wisdom( magic mushrooms, salvia, '___'[which by the way is produced in our brain every night we sleep], the pineal gland is th, and makes you see right clear through reality. The people who smoke cannabis should know what I'm talking about. Cannabis is a MILD psychedelic. You probably see through certain people and can basically read their emotions and know their true self and how they feel.

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 07:20 PM
The PTB WON'T get away with this New World Order and Depopulation agenda, there plan is already collapsing on itself. People are waking up and they are being exposed. According to the Mayans, we're in the 8th creation cycle, and EVERYTHING is going according to plan and right on schedule.

Today we are living in the eight level of consciousness which started in 1999 and will end in 2011. It is a consciousness of ethics, where all the towers of manipulation of negative power are collapsing.

Ethics in the largest sense means spontaneous solutions through the application of law and power to the benefit to everyone. It shines from within and is personal, knowing the right thing to do and doing it. It is a refined consciousness. Now, the powerful people who make the laws and lead the nations and societies cannot get away with anything without being
exposed, all abuses of power are becoming uncovered.

IMHO, it's debatable whether the ancient mayans were even human..with their cone-shaped skulls and their advanced knowldege of the cosmos..that head binding/had flattening stuff may just be a coverup. AND the giant skeletons that were unconvered..which they said was to be a hoax....but i don't know...I really don't trust anything..they could have been real. This reality IS a conspiracy..everything built on lies and deception. Even rappers knew they were posioning the food and water, and tampering with cigarettes 15 years ago. This conspiracy isn't knew..there always WAS a conspiracy. Truth is...I think we are litterally in HELL right now....and we don't even know it. A realm of manipulation and deceit.

I do believe humanity as a whole will face some kind of tribulation in the near future soon..but ultimately it's for our own good. When it's over, we'll be living in a MUCH better world.

I think their plan, IMHO, with these RFID chips, is to create another density( read the Hidden_hand post in the "gray area" of this forum", in which I think has a good amount of truth in it) in which they can lower your consciousness( or rather keep your consciousness from ascending) with freqencies. I think the microchips are in fact the mark of the beast...decribed in the book of revelations...and in fact could turn a regular human being into a cyborg...a half human half machine if you will.....the RFID chip..the ultimate trap...

Like I said, it's all to help us evolve spiritually, everything is for a reason and you cannot truely die because your awareness is immortal. You are a part of God..or the universal consciousness. There is no good or evil...only experience. God is are God..and every soul wants to reconnect with that universal consciousness.

The symbols are right in your face in your most popular music videos. They record satanic messages backwards in recordings, and even SHOW their entites faces in the music videos///it's just subliminal...where you won't notice in consciously..but your subconsicous will pick it up. Freemason's( which run the entertainment industry..take a look at Jay_z) worship Baphomet...It's not an evil entitiy. It's an entity which worships everything...everything is one..Baphomet symbolies evil, and good, animal and human, all elements, male and female, a mixture of everyone and everything, which is the divine.

I'm convinced that there are E.T.'s...but they WON'T reveal themselves until we mature spiritually...because let's face, the human race has problems with itself right now..with different skin color, what would we do if we seen another race of beings...spit on them?..shoot at them? you see where I'm going? The PTB don't want you to know's like a hidden knowledge....they floridate the tap water which calcifies the pineal gland which is reponsible for dreaming and OBE's.

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 07:21 PM
I believe 2012 is to be the global evolution in consciousness...according to the mayans, during that time it's "Universal Co_creation"( look into Calleman, this has all been proven scientifically), but we have to go through a has to get worse before it can get way better. Order out of chaos, chaos out of order. Everything in cycles.

I can't type everything I want to say, because I've read so much/learned so much...I'm trying to keep this short. I think the main point of this post is, things are really starting to go downhill for the human race, but ulimately it will get WAY better. Enjoy your days while you can. Avoid these RFID chips and vaccinations if you can. Death is not the end..there is no death...there is no beginning and there is no end to the universal mind. That's linear thinking. Universal mind is's energy which cannot die but only be transformed. My piece of advice is to make an "effort" to be nicer to people or help people out.

I'm not going to look into conspiracies like I used to. I may check into this site now and then. But I feel this video series is the most important people need to see.

The Human Projects present the honourable Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde in an interview about many things between heaven and earth and what is really going on. Subjects like spirituality, death, energy, healing, MIND CONTROL, vaccinations, microchipping and electromagnetic warfare, etc. are just what this very interesting and mind-opening interview brings.

She's a medical doctor ffs, listen to her.

I'm not claiming that I have all the answers, or that I have all the truth. But my post may have SOME truth in it. EVERYTHING is derived from some kind of truth. The way I see it, we will know everything when we die. But it's truly hard to keep up with everything trying to make sense of everything..we're wasting time..I'm feeling pretty much like an outcast.

They have us like left-brain which we can use logic, but we don't connect dots or use holistic thinking like we should( which is right brain). I really do want to add more to this post..I feel this isn't everything on my mind. I may add more to this post, if people actually reply to it.

I know a lot of people won't get this and will be skeptical. It's understandable, but what the human can't understand they fear. A natural reaction. So I expect to get flamed on this thread.

The only thing to fear is fear itself. People who are alcoholics, junkies, and depressives are like that because of their thoughts...and right now the PTB are controlling your thoughts. It's only a matter of time before this becomes self-evident.... Ok this is enough right now...I feel like I am ranting lol..let me know your thoughts.

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 07:41 PM
Good Gawd!! I am right in line with everything you've said. It's creepy.

Props for you and for having the bravery (especially on this site) to just bear your soul and put your beliefs out there for everyone to scrutinize.

I have to ask...did this "awakening" happen for you recently? If so (and I guess even if not), what was your "state of mind" before this awakening?

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 08:05 PM
I believe What you say is true, in that what caused you to write this stems from your awareness and emotional capacity to adhere to your true feelings despite a barrage of imposed detours. The robots they want are those who only respond to discontinued paths and tangents, external inputs from those in the know and through machines that link to us. chaos out of order bullcrap. All i suggest is to keep breathing, and protect your blood.

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 08:33 PM
I find it funny that people call themselves "awake" or even worse "fully awake" or "enlightened".

Specially when I find them grasping at straws, blindly making sweeping comments on the "real problems of mankind", and how they "don't know 'exactly' who the problem is, but they sense its there".

Look...that is not "awake", that is "turning in your sleep" or "institutionally scratching an itch of your subconscious".

I would possibly trust your advice and insight "oh awake one" if you didn't come firstly with saying "you are drunk while you are thinking and typing".

REAL awake brother! Sedated and confused, under the influence and "fully awake" enough to ramble.

Good try though.

Keep reaching for that snooze button my friend. It always gives you ten more minutes to sleep off the booze.


[edit on 12-9-2009 by Mr Mask]

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 05:18 AM
hello, those posts are pretty long. lemme read and digest get back to you

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