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ATS is down?

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posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 05:18 PM
Am I the only one unable to get to

Strangely, I can get to BTS fine (obviously) but when I click my bookmark for ATS it just goes done and nothing comes up. I've typed it in too and it does the same thing.

If it is just me... what do I do?

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by fooffstarr

Yup it's MIA

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 05:21 PM
The world is over as we know it!!!!!!!!

No... but seriously. Anyone know whats going on? It is times like this we need mutter.

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 05:28 PM
OK, if you go to the 'Questions and Information' forum here, you can then get into the ATS forums.

But going to the ATS homepage itself just causes a blank screen.

It really sounds like a back hacker job but I guess we won't know until SO or Springer tells us.

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 06:10 PM
I was just over at, and there is a claim there that their server was hacked again.

Most likely unrelated to the ATS home problem, but I don't mind admitting that I was glad to see BTS! I've never come directly to BTS before.

Hopefully ATS will be back up again shortly. Seems like a good time to print out those things that I've stored in my favorites, but never got around to printing.

I'd hate to waste the angst from all this good paranoid I'm riding on.

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