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Do you give up?

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posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 03:03 PM
On my bus ride home from the store, the only thing left to anticipate was the pain.

The sore right side of my throat tightened, and the pain delivered was from another world.

"Do you give up?", I heard in my head.

Whatever you call it, whether it's "Gangstalking", "Harassment", or whatever, it had just given itself a whole new definition. The impossible amounts of pain made it feel more like a very deadly form of "Pain Compliance".

But, hey, who is there to give up to? And even if you wanted to "give up", why in the world would you give up to folks like that??

I lay my head against the glass and closed my eyes. As always, this caused the "psychic" or whatever it is in my head to make painful snore sounds come out of my mouth and nose and caused my head to bang against the glass repeatedly. So I had to sit straight up for the ride home with my eyes open, but not by choice. Just to keep the impossible amounts of pain ongoing in the throat, it painfully tightened up every so often.

All I could do was look on the bright side that, hey, I was still alive. You guys would've been dead by now. I mean, what do you do when you can't get to sleep? When you lay down and painful vicious snore sounds come out of you that keep you wide awake? Do you go to the doctor? If the doctor says sleeping pills, how many years before you break?

I've read threads on ATS where people plead desperately as the folks that have been following them around are at the front door "talking" with their wife. They get laughed at and ridiculed before their threads get tossed in the trash bin, never to be seen again.

As every so often, this is the thread that I post not by choice, but because it's all that I can do. The cops can't help (I tried that, it's bad news), the doctor can't help, and no aliens are coming in to help (they would've been here by now!). So when the shot of pain shoots through your already beyond sore throat, and feel random sensations and get to scratching, and then your headache... all you can think about is how much better life would be without any "psychic" or whatever it is in your head.

So the next time you go to Las Vegas, or that college campus auditorium, and you see some "Psychic" performing a show, and you get to thinking that "Hey, wait a second, that guy must really be psychic"! What I need for you to do at that point is to snap out of it and tell him that "MegaCurious has had enough, and you guys need to leave him alone."

Whenever my head goes clear, you could name your price.

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 03:27 PM
? what, it sounds almost like a seizure. or spasms.

actually it sound like you had a stroke. go to a doc

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 07:26 PM
Is this true or a story? It sounds a lot like sleep apnea. If you are snoring before you fall asleep and it keeps you awake, it might be sleep apnea. You can go to a sleep specialist and get a CPAP mask that will keep your airway open. Going a long time without sleep can kill you.

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