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9.12.2009 - National Day of Protest : Get out there and SUPPORT IT

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posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 09:23 PM

Sept 12 2009 is a nationwide tea-party

Hundreds to thousands of citizens are expect to be in the streets across the US.
The main mass will be in Washington but if you can't make it that far; get out to your local city/town drive around till you see people with signs/banners and join in.

There's lots of news/posts on this online.

Google news search is a good place to start (here)

Here is one to read
Area residents to join 9/12 protest

Scott Rader, 44, of Clinton, said protesters are seeking to return the country to upholding the Constitution, private free markets, limited government and fiscal responsibility.

“The purpose is to have our voices heard,” said Rader. “A lot of us feel frustrated that we can’t seem to communicate with our representatives.”

I urge all fed up citizens to take to the streets in unison and solidarity!

Bring a camera/video, we need to flood the web with pictures so that the world can see that we are not all blind to what's going on.

We need to make our voices count and heard!


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