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Federal deficit hits $1.38T through August

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posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 02:21 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) - The federal deficit surged higher into record territory in August, hitting $1.38 trillion with one month left in the budget year.
The Treasury Department says the deficit last month was $111.4 billion, below the $152 billion that economists expected.

Still, the imbalance added to a flood of red ink already accumulated through a severe recession and massive spending needed to stabilize the banking system.

I usually talk about the crooked politicians in Washington but the truth is the American people enable these crooks to waste and spend trillions of dollars.

The useful idiot on the Republican side cheered on Bush as he borrowed and spent us into oblivion.

Now the useful idiots on the Democrat party are cheering on Obama as he feeds his ideology.

Nothing Obama is doing will create the atmosphere for entrepreneurs and wealth creators to create jobs.

Everything Obama is doing is just feeding his ideology. The huge mistake that has been made is that Bush and now Obama are ideologues. They will waste and spend money in order to feed their ideology.

In a global economy with cheap labor you can't have a big government, big lunion based economy like Obama and the liberals want. Americans can't create enough jobs or the kind of jobs to sustain this behemoth.

We have a 14.4 trillion dollar GDP and there's no reason that America should be in economic crisis. It's only when you look at the close to 12 trillion dollars in debt that you realize why we are in trouble.

The government doesn't fix or reform anything. All they do is spend more money, create more problems and then ask for billions and trillions of dollars to fix the problems they created.

I'm just so tired of Americans acting like Democrats or Republicans first and Americans second.

Bush and now Obama are destroying this country in a quest to feed their ideology and the useful idiots just cheer them on.

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