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Economic Collapse coming soon.

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posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 10:16 AM
I been listening to the news and do have a cousin in the new york federal reserve.

The information I been hearing and collecting over 4 years to the current date. I can picture a possible collapse soon.

One thing I notice is that when bush was president. He signed a bill to allow big corps to moves assets from the U.S to other countries. I know before we did have agreements with china which bill clinton made to allow big corps to move their operations their.

I personally think the big corps like gm are moving their operations to other countries because they got an inside tip that the country may economically collapse. So they are moving their assets to secure their investments. I am currently trying to convert U.S dollars to another currency cause I fear of a soon collapse of the value of the dollar. I notice GM is making record sales and profits in china. Yet they are building factories in brazil. Then hearing local news in michigan that they are closing plants and laying off workers. It seems they are moving investments elsewhere then the U.S . Currently they are secured from a economic collapse. Since chinese and other currencies are backup up by gold or other elements. U.S dollar is not backup by anything which means if it loses value it will lose value. We can either get the dollar to be worthless or get it to a point where everything is inflated and we will have 3rd world conditions.

I even been watching the tv on the stocks and also brokers talking about the U.S currency so far the value is going down and they said that it's not hitting bottom yet meaning it will keep losing it's value it's not done losing it's value.

So I just posted this to anyone in the U.S should start thinking about converting to another currency then U.S dollars. I hear rumors that they will convert U.S dollars to Amerios with a 1 6 ratio. Meaning if you have 600 bucks then it means that you will get 100 amerios. Yet you will still pay the taxes and can't put down the losses.
It's not tax deductable.

I would think it's smart to convert soon as possible just in case the currency collapses and if it does it will be sometime in 2010. I was told that they expect the economy to hit bottom by end of 2010. So anytime from now till the end of 2010 this collapse could happen.

I would wounder when North American Union starts? I was told that by 2010 NAU (north american union) would be in place. I would love to see this if it happens.

I would like to hear what you think about the U.S currency. I would like to hear others opinions. Mine is based off tv news, local news. Currently I hear alot of casinos in detroit are losing big money showing that no one can afford to go to the casinos anymore. I even already heard 2 malls in my area that went bankruppt. So based on those news stories and my cousin giving me some info from the new york federal reserve. It looks like a grim outlook ahead for the U.S.

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