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Sky News inside MOD Secret Bunker

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posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 08:26 PM
I saw this article earlier, it doesnt state where in the UK the Bunker is, only that its 60ft underground and given the locality and contact to NATS i'd imagine it to be around the Wolverhampton area by any given guess.

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posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 05:34 AM
reply to post by ROBL240

Hi ROBL240

Well I know Sky are saying it's a secret location but it really isn't. The the Air Surveillance and Control System is located at RAF Boulmer in Northumberland.

I know you guys like links to prove claims, so here you go

RAF Boulmer

Notice the Station Commander is Grp Cpt Phil Cox, as mentioned in the Sky article.



posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 05:48 AM
I have a secret base over the road from me. I thinks it's US military base as every couple of weeks, their sirens ring out followed by an announcement that "this is only a test" in an American accent. Lots of big aerials, but very little else. you would hardly know anything was there.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 02:46 PM
It is indeed RAF Boulmer, located a few miles from Alnwick in Northumberland. I was based there for five years, from 2000 onwards. The underground bunker is hardly a secret, spent many days and nights in there.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 02:54 PM
I cant see how the bunkers are secret now google earth has been created. However i would imagine most military bases would have some kind of 'secret' bunker.

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