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Seed Of Destruction; "Inside Hanford's B Reactor"

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posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 12:11 PM

It's interesting to look at infamous World altering events, and wonder about the beginnings. How, and where did the event begin. For example, no matter how anyone views 9/11 there were events, or a progression/timeline leading up to the final moments.

Maybe no one will read this, but the progression up to an event is what really catches my eye; I think it could possibly be due to the fact any "event" could be in the processes of preparation now. We just have no clue as to the evil nature of things going on around us daily.

I found this article; it's actually their headline. There are many interesting, and ominous facts surrounding the Hanford site in South East Washington. Here are some of the more interesting things that occurred, or led up to infamous events happening in the World.

The mighty Columbia River marks the site’s eastern boundary where its waters once served as the depository for a few of the reactors’ contaminated effluent. Belly-high barbwire fencing, with phallic smoke stacks positioned next to its aging boxy structures, surrounds Hanford’s dry austere landscape. The aura of this rough terrain, taken from the Wanapum tribe only 66 years ago, is evocative to say the least.

For starters, it’s the most polluted nuclear site on the planet. “It was the perfect marriage of science and engineering,” one of our guides expressed almost tearfully. “The brave men that built this left us a history we should not ever forget.”

most significantly, the plutonium produced in B was used as fuel for the “Fat Man” bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan on August 9, 1945 at the behest of President Truman. While educational video rolled, explaining this fact to reactor tourists, the scenes that followed were not of the devastation the bomb had on these innocent Japanese. Over 80,000 men, women and children eventually died as a result of that brutal bombing. Bodies were broiled with radiation, maimed and so badly charred that friends and family were only left with unrecognizable skeletal fragments to remember their loved ones by
The article goes on to point out that the Japanese were close to the point of surrender, and the "bomb" was not necessary. Hey, but the bomb was a "necessary evil", right? Well, lets look at what else Hanford has contributed to America.

It went something like this: In order to cool off the uranium slugs that were used to produce plutonium, water, after being treated, was pumped from the Columbia River and flowed through the aluminum tubes that held the uranium in order to reduce the slugs’ high temperatures. Around 75,000 gallons of water rushed in at regular river temperatures every minute and was then released back into the Columbia at around 200 degrees Celsius. Early studies showed that young salmon were most susceptible to the effluent’s radiation, and by the late 1950s, salmon runs in the mid-Columbia began to rapidly decline in number. As historian Michelle Gerber writes in On the Home Front: The Cold War Legacy of the Hanford Nuclear Site, “In 1959, Hanford biologists reported that the number of chinook salmon spawning in the vicinity was only about 19 percent of 1958.” Gerber adds that nearby towns along the Columbia were also affected, “In mid-1947, river water at Pasco and sanitary (city) water at Kennewick first showed detectable levels of gross beta-emitting radiation ... Values in the river water at Richland were even higher, reaching up to four times that at Pasco by late 1948.”

Hey just a little river contamination, right? Nothing else???? Oh, I fogot....

At certain periods, such as the December, 1949 “Green Run”, where raw uranium fuel slugs were being processed, winter storm events hit the region, causing heavy deposits of radioiodine (I-131) and Xenon (Xe-133) to literally rain down on local communities. Samples taken during the “Green Run” incident were one thousand times the government’s recommended level. Towns as far as away as 70 miles, such as Walla Walla, Washington, even registered high readings. The product produced inside the B Reactor helped to kill countless people and the poisoning of the land, air and water from this one facility alone outshines the catastrophe of Three Mile Island. Yet none of our guides on the tour shared any of this with us that day.

And now from the Washington State Government's own site...

Because of the secrecy surrounding nuclear weapons production, the public did not know much about Hanford's operational details until 1986. By February of that year, citizen pressure had forced the U.S. Department of Energy to release 19,000 pages of Hanford historical documents that had been previously unavailable to the public. These pages revealed there had been huge releases of radioactive materials into the environment that contaminated the Columbia River and more than 75,000 square miles of land. Many people were outraged at the four decades of secrecy and deception.1 They felt they had been betrayed by their own government. They demanded to know how the government could have kept such dangers secret for so long.

Notice not until 1986 was much of the contamination was unknown for over 40+ years!!!! I would have to ask any logical, rational, and sane individual how many other sites like Hanford, or seeds of destruction are there, but at this point "necessary". The realities of the World We live in are truly mind boggling. Look at all the evil both foreign, and now revealed domestically came from Hanford.

The site is an apparent nuclear ecological disaster. I guess there wouldn't be a cry for war in flying planes into it; so instead the US Govt. hung a sign out in front declaring it a National treasure

Side Note: I wonder if this will start a new trend? Selling seeds of destruction, and ecological disasters as valuable keepsakes?

Imagine had this construction been stopped. The World would be different, had this simply stopped. Of note, even with the contamination the cancer rates from the CDC don't reflect an abnormally high rate in the area.......... Is that accurate, or covered up?...


Look at trade winds in association with this site. Think how much domestic destruction it caused, but not to worry. How can We except an ecological disaster site with a bandaid slapped on it reading "museum"....



posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 04:45 PM
I'm bumping my thread. This hanford thing is really big, and has been big. It effects nearly everyone as it effects our food.

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by sanchoearlyjones


Can you tell me in Rems or Mille Rems how much the radiation readings are in this area today or back when the plant was in operation.

Ccntamination levels are measured a bit differently from Radiation levels.

In Curries per so much area squared.

Can you please give me some figures on what the contamination levels are today and in yesteryears.

It is not that I dont believe the article ...that there is a problem in this area and the reactor ..but I am interested in this data. Is it even available?

I know that there are certain problem reactors operating in this country and on ships which do have problems in that they are olde and early model systems still in operatoin.

The problems I have with such articles as this one is that they are pretty much based on fear tactics and not raw data or figures. Alot of speculation and not much actual data.

For instance..I know that by the article that this is a much older/earlier type reactor and systems used to extract Plutonium through refining or uranium. By the way..I believe the early bombs were Uranuim bombs..not plutonium as are so many today.

It is possible that this plant was used to update the refinging process to make plutonium.

Nonetheless ...what are the radiocative readings around this plant today and yesteryears??

How about the contamination and yesteryear??

Without this me thiis story is just alot of fear mongering.

Can you acquire this informations for us??


posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 10:22 AM
Just run across this post... interesting stuff m8. Maybe if you said that the pollution was caused by an alien/ anti Christ/NWO Conspiracy to poison the planet you would have more people interested

Er... not that any of those topics are bad... just seems that people seem to often avoid the more "down to earth" stuff which, in my opinion, is a shame because it is just as important as the "out there" stuff.

Back on topic...

If you think that’s bad you should check out some of the Russian reactors.. I’ve heard that some of them are literally dry boiling kettles... Then there are the mothballed Russian nuclear subs that are just sitting rusting in docks.

This is not to mention all the decommissioned Biological and Chemical weapons sitting in giant warehouses waiting to be "made safe"

Very worrying indeed... nice post... Star and Flag

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by sanchoearlyjones


Still waiting on that data ..or what we call a rad/contamination survey of the plant and the surrounding area. I know this informations is available.

Most areas with nuclear reactors...naval or commercial take readings or surveys of the surrounding areas as mandated by the government.
This is discretely done so as not to alarm the public but it is there if one can think outside the box.

The problem I have with articles like the one you posted is that " none of this data" is offered or tendered to the readers while stroking the fear and insecurity flames. Most peoples dont even know this data exists. But I do... as do also a handful of others.

Barring this....if you were really could obtain instrumentation ...calibrate, it and learn to take your own surveys of this area. Are you able to do this??

I know about the Russian Submarines stored in such a manner. Also the chemical and other radiation waste stored at these sites. They do not have the facilities or moneys to properly dispose of this material. Numerous Western facilities are being brought to bear to help out with this disposal.
THe Russians have a real problem here.

In the USA we actually have a dedicated program to dismantle nuclear submarines and surface ships and properly dispose of and store such materials. I know that literally dozens of submarines and surface ships have been dismantled and the reactors taken down..defueled.

Nonetheless sanchoearlyjones..can you supply us this informations on the survey data of the plant and surrounding areas??


posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 10:40 AM
Hey Sancho, I am not in Washington.

But this is definitely news to me, and in the overall picture I am still pretty close to this location. The hypocrisy of the government is evident absolutely everywhere we look. They will happily fine a person for littering... but pollute 75000 miles of land and it's no problem.

Who cares if people die of radiation poisoning... right? It's so sick, and people think they wouldn't intentionally kill 3000 people hahaha.... that's a daily occurrence for them.

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