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Hell, Gravity, and Soul - A Unified Theory :)

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 11:57 PM
I come up with theory based partly on NDE's and astronomy.

Near death candidates have either two experience of walking UP to a tunnel of light or being overwhelmed by GRAVITY or even a vortex-like funnel, and falling through the floor.

Conclusion? Perhaps our souls are tuned by our attitudes towards life. Our attitude towards life at the point of death could determine our resistance to gravity.


-Any hot place with certain metaphysical qualities e.g. endowed with a unique electromagnetic energy and within a body with strong gravity. Example, planets, stars, and black holes.

If such is true about fiery hells in the bowels of heavenly bodies, then it may hold an importance in its existence in the Universe, mainly, recycling of dead material, and renewing life in the Universe. As in the case of supermassive black holes where material falling to it is converted to water and gamma rays which spark new life elsewhere.

"The journey of a souls destruction(to a black hole)"

In the unfortunate event a soul was overwhelmed by gravity, it starts off in the searing heat of dozens of miles below the Earth's surface because it's the nearest and strongest gravitational force we feel. Another billions of years our Earth gets swallowed up by the Sun and the soul is tranferred to the Sun's hell. Finally, in a billions of years more, the Sun gets thrown into a supermassive blackhole at the center of our galaxy by the decay of its orbit around the Milky Way or Milkomeda...

The destruction in a Blackhole is the most intense but also probably the shortest. The soul would experience the most intense heat via the Black Hole's accretion disc in probably couple hundred thousands or millions of years

Accretion disc = lake of fire? Go take a look:< br />
Finally the soul is totally destroyed, perhaps after the crossing the Black Hole's threshold.... ....After many billions of years the person died...

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