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Conspiracies part of the plan?

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posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 11:31 PM
Something occurred to me today regarding conspiracies in general.

Is it possible that some conspiracies are born, fed and nurtured by the powers that be in an attempt to ready or desensitize the public. for example, if we are continuosly warned of impending terrorists attacks, when they occurr no one will be very surprised. In fact they will be expected.

So if you take that example and spread it across other conspiracy theories the same could hold true.

Our brains are wired for desensitization. Take video games for instance. When kids play violent video games the violent nature of the games, ie. blood spurting etc. barely registers after awhile and they will expect it or be left wanting even more blood.

As a Manager of people over the years, one lesson I learned along time ago, was in order to assist people (who dislike change) in accepting change was to drop smaller bits of the big change/picture incrementally over time. This way they get used to the idea and are more accepting of it.

With this in mind, it makes me wonder if sites like this one and/or the people who frequent them could be the objects of manipulation. We can raise the idea (theory) speak to it, offer some proof and belief of it and spread the word. Meanwhile we are never given the whole story, and can never completely prove the theory at least or maybe not until it is in fact ready to be revealed by TPTB.

So we are used to slowly release the idea to the public incrementally until it is time as decided by.......

posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 11:39 PM
Bumping the thread as I too once thought of that a long time ago.

posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 12:55 AM
I've considered this for years and have therefore chosen my words accordingly. I tend to leave A LOT of pointers with minimal supporting dialogue. Not only will your accountability be spared over the long haul but information that does not exist (or is kept to a minimum) cannot be used against you... ever... for any reason. I say this not from a place of "paranoia" really but more of "common sense"...

Vehicles for the releasing of such propaganda would obviously include the media at large but governmental agencies would also knowingly exploit such protocols as the FOIA. I think South Park covers this in an episode dedicated to "conspiracy theory" (titled, pardon me... "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce") in which there is a vague reference to "Northwoods"and/or "misinformation" documents intentionally being released through the FOIA.

The question/s then I suppose is/are...

Can the sudden seeming "awakening" that we are all witnessing at this time be attributed to "the war on terror" as just another level of "control" by the same authors? Is "conspiracy" in general just another "tool" being harnessed as some form of means of "control"? Are conspiracy theorists being used as part of some governmental "experiment" by the thought police? Is the "Patriot Act?" (THE document that DID strip us of our Constitutional rights) not in itself a way to instill fear into the masses... control by fear?

Anyone in government will tell you that there simply exists no level of organization that could pull anything like this off...

Some of us know better and understand the true unspoken power of data storage, data mining and information retrieval.

Where there is a will, there is a way...

Know your history. Who's doing what? Understand what "smart grid" technology is.

Follow the money...

Is corporate America in bed with the government?

Follow the money...

Does your supermarket track the foods that you buy?

It will be in the more innocent "marketing" arena that we all get plugged in. The commercials on your television will soon be different than those on your neighbors... next door! How? Why?

We are on the dawn of a new frontier ladies and gentlemen. We ALL know it and feel it...

Sides ARE being drawn. Measures for "control" CAN be and ARE being put into place. And a fight for "privacy" and "freedom" will once again become necessary, but hopefully ONLY in the "virtual" realm.

There is in the least, I believe, a little bit of truth in just about all that we discuss on these lines...

It's going to be like the (W)ild_(W)ild_(W)est all over again, virtually!

What does 1011000110101 (please don't translate) mean to you? Checkmate! It's time to get to know your true master!!!

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