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A Question about the "Truth Movements"

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posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 02:44 PM
The recent mess created by Alex Jones with the fake interview has made me think about something...

Is there an agenda to derail Truth Movements? Or are they self destructing on their own?

We have seen Project Camelot... started out as a great source of interviews and whether you agreed with them or not they were well presented...

Yet watching the recent shenanigans in Spain, the meltdown at Avalon and the grab for money to play jet set interviewer... they are no longer the same...

We have seen The Disclosure Project, had a great start... we all expected that THIS time... we had something...

Yet it too has slipped into a money grab circus presentation with nothing treally coming out. One of their key witnesses... Sgt Wolf claims he saw moon images showing bases in 1965... yet the images he claims he saw were not even taken until 66/67. Even though this was pointed out to Greer that part has never been addressed nor fixed...

Now we see the Alex Jones thing tearing at the foundations of truth movements...

Have these people been 'got to'? Have they 'sold out' for the dollar?

What ever happened to Clifford Stone? He was an Icon here with his FOIA papers... did I miss something?

Why was -- blocked hereas a 'source' but the minute its allowed again (why?) we get multiple threads posting their disinfo?

I don't know but looking at recent threads like the four that were created on a Chinese UFO report brought to you by All News Web.... then when it was shown repeatedly the true situation and source of the story, which is NOTHING like the presentation... I see people still coming on believing the original line of the OP and bashing everyone who tries to show the real truth... which is easy to find...

I have had several U2U's of people wondering what is going on...

So any thoughts on this? I haven't had time to look into this mess fully yet... and wonder if its worth the bother...

Maybe threads on weird rocks on the moon, fuzzy UFO's and people pretending to be Aliens here to explain to us what's what is what people want...

posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 04:06 PM
I hear you there. I can see where you're coming from. I had my own thoughts about today's events:
Had to continue it here though because the thread was closed.

More of a smokescreen then a derailling, you probably think it's crazy anyway.


posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 06:01 PM
I have no idea whats going on, it really wouldnt surprise me if these people are in it only for the money and their own "truth", for whatever reason/s.

As for ATS, I have slowly lost interest in coming on this site, the general standard seems to be in decline and I was hoping it was because school was out, but im starting to doubt that that is the case. I now come on here to review only threads created by people I know have something decent to share, and more times than not those threads end up sinking to the bottom over pure an utter rubbish that gets starred and flagged like its going out of fashion!

I was referred to ATS a few years ago by people whom claimed this forum was the place to come if you wanted good response with substantiated claims, now most of what I see is an utter joke, and im not exaggerating by any means. ATS now seems like the place to come if you want to let your imagine run wild with the bonus of having people massage your ego, BUCK UP ATS! this place used to keep me up for hours on end, now I spend 5 mins on here every now and again

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 11:03 AM

Originally posted by and14263

More of a smokescreen then a derailling, you probably think it's crazy anyway.


Wait. Lemme see....... You started a thread with a particular focus (smokescreening). Your thread was related to a popular topic. Your thread is cancelled by a Mod because there were already four threads discussing the popular topic -- though all appear focused on the "hoax" element and not your "smokescreening" element. As directed by the Mod, you post in one of the existing threads. Your post in that thread is then deleted by a Mod as "off topic."

What's the problem? Did you guys see that game last night!! I think there must have been 13 alien groups there!!

Kidding. Seriously, though, Zorgon has a legitimate point -- and your thread & post deletions appear to form an important cog in the wheel that I believe that this topic can/should become.

While the fact that your thread was cancelled and the fact that your post was deleted fit perfectly into Zorgon's theme in this thread, there is likely a plausible explaination for both. While I (obviously) couldn't read your post that was deleted as "off topic," I assume that it was centered upon your "smokescreening" discussion. As such, I believe that the Mod was likely correct in deleting it -- it is a seperate and distinct discussion from the hoax discussion. Furthermore, it is very likely that the Mod that deleted your smokescreening thread did not grasp the meat of your discussion, and cancelled yours along with multiple others related to AJ and the hoax without taking the time to appreciate the distinct nature of your argument.

BUT.....what if? Was this a mini-truth movement derailment? Were you on to something??

Zorgon: I have no doubt that an addiction to the spotlight/sensationalism and love of the dollar have derailed many in their quest for truth. I also believe that those looking to expose the truth in public forums can be put between a rock and a hard place when the controlling interests tell them: "bring in more listeners or lose your program."

Tackling your question regarding an agenda to derail the truth movement would likely be a laborious, time consuming, and frustrating endeavor. AJ, Project Camelot, the Disclosure Project, Avalon, Sgt Corso -- and all the rest would would need to be individually researched -- the agendas and directives of the founding/controlling members investigated -- outside/inside influences uncovered that appear contrary to founding principles investigated -- determining where and why the program/individual seemed to get derailed...... And in the end, we would likely have nothing but speculative conclusions based upon circumstantial evidence (unless we can find a whistleblower to blow the whistle on those that are looking to discredit whistleblowers and those dedicated to the truth movement...)

Soooo..... I am in. If you'd like to dive into this one and if I may be of assistance -- just let me know. I'll send you a U2U.

edit to clarify "what if" for and14263

[edit on 16-9-2009 by Yukitup]

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