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5,022 Reasons Why Bush Is Worse Than Obamas Current Distraction...Wake Up!

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posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 03:55 AM
Disclaimer: The future remains to be seen whether or not Obama does what he said he will do. Whether he extends the "War on Terrorism" or ceases and decists the way our Constitution demands it. I could careless about the political spectrums associated with each presidents name. They are used to get your attention. Thats it.

The neo con Bush personally has his hands soaked in the blood of 5,022 deaths of American male and female soldiers since the war on terrorism had been declared.

I was going to label this thread: Why I am ashamed to be an American sometimes. But I realized that in fact neither, Bush and his administrations ideologies nor any one false idea actually represents what America stands for. They do not represent Americas ethics or purpose. America is being used. Therefore, I did not make the title as stated.

You think I am a liberal. HA! I grew up a fundamentalist Christian listening to stories from a Vietnam veteran father who literally was spat in his face after getting off the plane coming from from his second tour in Vietnam walking through a protesting crowd by leftist liberals who were screaming at him he that was a baby killer.

Being the hot head my dad was...I can tell you it filtered its way down to my blood. A bleeding heart liberal I am not. A democrat I am not. So dont go there.

I will tell you that I am a libertarian. I am a fiscal conservative with social liberal views. Meaning the government needs to stay out of business and out of my business.

I joined the military after 9/11. Mostly due to my sense of patriotism instilled in me through years of my fathers words, and then the propoganda and lies spewed through the t.v. in the weeks after 9/11 that fermented my ideas and lead me to making the decisions I made.

But these comparisons between Bush and Obama sicken me. This "outrage" over your insurance plan sickens me.

There are people loosing their lives for lies. For lies. Do you get that? In todays age, thousands of people are loosing their lives for lies. Lies propogated by people who hold authority given to them by us.

Sure, people protested. Sure, people were angry, but Ill be dammed...All the governmemnt has to do to get the American people riled up for real is to threaten a health care reform plan? We see threat of revolution. Threats of secession. People looking to get out of the country. Absolutely pathetic. I am sickened by the reaction to this non issue (comparatively) while men and women are continuing to lay their lives on the line for not a damn thing.

Is healthcare important? OK..Yes. It is absolutely. Does it need protest and the people to stand up for what they believe? Yes...But where in the hell is the outrage to bring our men and women home? Where!?

I find the politics behind this issue disgusting and a distraction to the hugely important issues we face today that will lead to a real bad situation in our future. But no. The distraction has worked.

Obama and his healthcare bill has been strategically placed at the forefront of our tiny attention spans.

Here, we stand divided. Here we stand complacent. Here we stand guilty of letting the murdererous deceit continue.

But oh boy, God forbid there be a domestic issue that is put to the side for our real problems... Problems that lie within our foreign policy. A policy designed to cater to an Industrial complex. One that caters to religious rhetoric. One that caters to globalization and the ultra rich who benefit from it. God forbid we put an end to something that doesnt immediately affect us personally...And what do we have Today? A piece of crap bill people rage over and delve into committing countless hours to read thousands of pages of. Oh ya baby! Plenty of protest and rage to go around for that!

Its a sad, sad, sad time we are living in...Look at what this is about. Selfishness. Maybe selfishness is at the roots of capitalism. Maybe capitalism is the best way to go. After all socialism is an economic philosphy. Not a politcal one. But yes, the selfishness is at the crux of the issue. Here we have something that will affect each of us in a large way sooner rather than later. I say F that! I want to think about my chidren and what will plauge them when they become of age to make their own decisions. Am I going to give them a world where America forces the world to bow to its whims by the end of an M-16? It will be over my dead body my son does to fight a war on foreign land against a ghost enemy. Over my dead body...

Next time you go to your town hall meetings why dont you ask when our troops are coming home? Do yourself and your country the favor...

Start having some guts. I dare you.


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