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OBE / AP with Mind Machines

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posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 01:08 AM
I want to preface this thread by stating that I'm not advertising jack-doo-doo, just wanting to share some experiences of utilizing a mind machine for Astral Projection.

First, for those who are unfamiliar with Mind Machines, they are essentially and audio-visual stimulant that regulates your brain waves to different levels as to fine tune your attitude, work ethic,'s really an emotionally all-encompassing trip!

For a quick description of the apparatus: You have a set of black "glasses" that have four LED lights on the interior of each lense, and headphones that plug into the machine apparatus that is about the size of a walkman. My model comes with a cable to connect my mp3 player so that I can listen to music whilst still receiving the subliminal tones emitted from the machine.

How does it work: You relax into a back-laying position and close your eyes. Depending on your settings, the lights will begin to flash, and a tone will begin accompanying the flashes of light. The machine takes you down into an almost sleeping state, then brings you back up to the appropriate level in accordance with you settings. Much like tearing down a bad sand castle, then rebuilding it better.

On numerous occasions, especially after the first few weeks, I would feel the world clouding away from me. I attributed this to two things: I was heavily into weight training and aerobics, and would mostly do the machine at night after a 3 hour work out. So my muscles were in a tensed relaxation state. Also, it was the end of the day and my mind WAS mentally tired. So a dreamlike scenario was not unlikely.

The first time I saw myself was June 6th, 2006. I was living in Bahrain with a flat just off base. I remember putting on my MP3, relaxing, and then the CRAZY visuals of the mid machine kicked in. You see, when the LEDs are flashing, you begins seeing tunnels, clouds...madness! It's a rush. But on this day, the tunnels and clouds faded away and I heard a voice. A very internal voice in a darkness that was panick-strickenly unescapable. It was a reassuring voice, calming...but familiar. I remember VERY LITTLE of the conversation except for this immense peace, and this voice. At one point, I remember telling a friend of mine that it was like talking to God, because at the time...I had no logical reference for what happened. And slowly, I saw the form of something close to my field of vision. A blurry, out of focus mesh of flesh. As I told myself to focus, it was clearly my face before me, as if I were simply floating face down above my body.

I panicked and immediately came out of the A/V induced trance.

I did not touch the mind machine again for weeks, purely from fear. A grown man...totally scared of something unknown. It was almost exhilirating.

I eventually headed the words of my friend and tried it again with him in the next room in case anything happened. Nothing did. Not for a few more months.

Around August, before I went to Iraq, I remember once again dropping into the blackness, and I thought to myself, "Oh God, it's happening again!" Then the calming voice once more told me it was totally cool, and it was then that I recognized the voice as my own. I was reassuring myself vocally as if it were an outside source. I still hear it to this day, and have conversations with it...funky huh?

Here is my BIGGEST QUESTION: In the last few years since, I have journeyed so far beyond my origins to places so fantastic and lucid that when I awoke I could still smell the air of wherever I had been. Only once did I attempt to focus on leaving the planet, but I began getting very cold and awoke shivering. So here is the I dreaming all of this? Am I really going to these places. All I do is think...Ireland, and even now I have the memory of the trip playing in my head. Did I really go, or have I dreamt it all?

More Machine Info:

Mind Machine Info

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posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 01:21 AM
sounds like an OBE alright :0 although i highly doubt the machine had anything to do with it
your born with the only machine you need

check out some of my threads, full of info on this subject and techniques.


posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 01:37 AM
Thanks, Phil!

I am going through your Astralpedia right now.


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