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Can an object loaned to you bring demons, etc. into your life?

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posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 03:19 PM
With the current paranormal studies section's obsession with demons inspiring me...I have a question which is being driven by memories of a long-term "demonic/spirit/incubus" attack type scenario which lasted around four years.

Lewis McLeod was a lovely, but strange boy. He was sensitive, curly-haired and solitary. His focus was on anything other than school, he was an esoteric puzzle. There was something otherworldly about him with his focus on the occult and the denim jacket he wore which was emblazoned with pentagrams.

His bedroom was a shrine to the spirit. Candles, tarot cards, pendulums...

We were never romantically linked - he never read his cards for me. There was never a seance when I was present. I steered clear of all of those things...I was sick of them, from a young age I had been bothered by ghosts and spirits..I wanted no more.

One day, Lewis lent me a book - Ghoul by Michael Slade. Check the link - it was this very edition (weirdly, I just found it tonight after having been looking for it on the internet for ages!)

I took it home...didnt even read it...and that night, all hell broke loose. I woke up in the night to feel myself thrown around on my bed by something which was sexual and violent....

Only prayer got it to stop....

I gave the book back the very next day - but the attacks happened over the next three-four years and moved with me no matter which house I was in.

I often wonder if the book was the portal - and it worries me that I have now found a link to a copy of the book! I worry in a very paranoid way, that this may be seen as me inviting it back in!

Be interested in everyone else's thoughts as to the power of objects and spirit/demon attachments.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 04:06 PM
I think it depends on what obsessions you have, pre-occupations and over-familiarity with the incubi and such, that will attract "demons" to you. Some people are just naturally resistant to nerve-system entities possessions, while some float aimlessly but romantically attract abusers.


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