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Human Sacrifice/Ritual Murder...but now combined with organ-trafficking??(from The Observer)

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posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 04:29 PM
About a year ago I started to get interested in current modern human sacrifice, as I swiftly grew amazed to see how prevalent (drop-dead prevalent) and under-reported it was. (I know, I'm still on my first computer here, the wonders of the web, et cetera, I'm sure this is all old news to other people...But I was surprised.)

Like I say, ritual-murder-for-magic/human sacrifice is so common, I wouldn't call it news or start a thread on it, most days...Seriously, I could link to fifty recent/current articles on it immediately, if that were necessary...maybe a dozen from right there in Uganda, or maybe not quite so many, I haven't counted, I don't need to overpromise...But what got me over the inactivity threshold in this here article from The Observer is the (putative) introduction of ORGAN TRAFFICKING to the typical scenario.

The medical-organ-business would if present be a new element, it hasn't been shown to exist in these cases before (out of all the numerous articles I've seen on this human-sacrifice modality, I recall only one unsubstantiated rumor-level allegation connecting it with the medical-organ trade, at the moment), and I wanted to look at the possibility and discuss it with all y'all. (And actually, my first instinct would be to doubt it...But you know, in the last little bit, there's been a lot of organ trafficking stories in the news lately (New Jersey rabbi, IDF vs. Palestinian family, poor Iraqi male sells a kidney to pay for his wedding, just lately, all come to mind)...If I was doing trend analysis of story topics, you know, what ideas are occupying more mass-conceptual-space, organ trafficking is UP UP UP, this summer, seems like...hmm.)

The article was written by Annie Kelly for The Observer.

Child sacrifice and ritual murders rise in Uganda as famine looms: Surge in deaths and kidnaps among poor linked to witch doctors and organ trafficking

When James Katana returned from a church service to his village in the Bugiri district of eastern Uganda he was told that his three-year-old son had been taken away by strangers.

"We were looking for my child for hours, but we couldn't find him," he said. "Someone rang me and told me my son was dead and had been left in the forest. I ran there and saw him lying in a pool of blood. His genitals had been cut off, but he was still alive." A witch-doctor is now in police custody, accused of the abduction and attempted murder of the boy.

Despite the mutilation and terror the child experienced, police say he was one of the lucky ones. Uganda has been shocked by a surge in ritualistic murders and human sacrifice, with police struggling to respond and public hysteria mounting at each gruesome discovery.

In 2008 more than 300 cases of murder and disappearances linked to ritual ceremonies were reported to the police with 18 cases making it to the courts. There were also several high-profile arrests of parents and relatives accused of selling children for human sacrifice.

In January this year the Ugandan government appointed a special police taskforce on human sacrifice and announced that 2,000 offficers were to receive specialist training in tackling child trafficking with the support of the US government. Since the taskforce was set up there have been 15 more murders linked to human sacrifice with another 200 disappearances, mainly of children and young adults, under investigation.

"This year we have had more occurrences of people attempting to sell their children to witch-doctors as part of ritual ceremonies to guarantee wealth and prosperity," said Moses Binoga, acting commissioner of the anti-human-sacrifice-and-trafficking taskforce.

Both police and NGOs are attributing the surge to a new wave of commercial witch doctors using mass media to market their services and demand large sums of money to sacrifice humans and animals for people who believe blood will bring great prosperity.

"Cases of child sacrifice have always existed, mainly in the Ugandan central region, but there is a new strain of traditional healers in Uganda and their geographical spread is mainly attributed to increased unemployment and poverty," said Elena Lomeli ... a volunteer ... "My experience working with victims suggests that the abusers are greedy people who want to get rich quick. In rural areas, people can sacrifice their own child. In urban areas, educated and rich people will look for somebody else's." ...

"These are not poor people paying for these rituals, they are the wealthy elite taking advantage of the desperate poor," said Binoga. "In January a 21-year-old woman was jailed for 16 months for kidnapping a child and trying to sell him to a witch-doctor for a large sum. These cases are on the increase."

Ugandan police are increasingly linking the sudden increase in cases to organ trafficking. The anti-human-trafficking taskforce said many of the bodies found in the past few months were missing organs such as kidneys, hearts and livers, a detail not consistent with many traditional ritualistic practices.

In May a report released by the US State Department said Uganda had become an international hub for human trafficking and highlighted the increased trade of children in the east of the country for their body parts. "We are investigating the possibility that some of these murders are the work of an international organ trafficking ring who are making these murders look like human sacrifice," said Binoga.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

There is other material in the article worth looking at the link for, I edited a little tight.

One point in favor of the human organ trafficking theory is that a common existing well-attested set-up, where rich people pay others to procure for them, say, human skins for magical purposes, is easily congruent with the "order me a kidney, I'm dying" scenario...there is currently and at least for years has been an African economic and cultural network in which organ-trafficking could easily be propagated via an already-extant set of personnel and roles.

Two points against the organ-grabbing-transplant-vultures theory occur to me. Number one, it's hot, the organs won't keep without refrigeration, how is it easier to dump an organ-stripped body in the hedgerow (after you've pulled the kidneys out in your air-conditioned clinic) to make it look like a human sacrifice, instead of just "disappearing" the body altogether, in your clinic, indoors? Seems like the vanishings of people are more logical examples of organ stealing than the recovered bodies with the (more like medical, less like ritual) missing body parts that gave rise to the organ-transplant-stealings hypothesis in the first place.
Number two is HIV/AIDS...if I was kidney-shopping, I don't know if I would start in Uganda, exactly...I'm sure there's pros-and-cons...But also the surgeon might be disinclined to cut into a more highly-infected population, if he could avoid it. (I knew a vascular surgeon who moved from Brazil to Utah for just that reason, or so he told me ..."I'm good...But your hand's going to slip, scalpel through the glove, blood in the cut...Nobody wants that.")

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posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 07:52 PM
Interesting stuff.

I've read some books on Africa that have highlighted ritual and magical practices that were once extremely common there, including human sacrifice. I've also heard of it in connection to South American indian tribes and the head hunters and cannibals of the south seas. The religions persist and undoubtedly human sacrifice persists too.

A friend of mine who grew up in India said that people are wary of going near bridge construction sites after dark because of the belief that people are secretly sacrificed to local spirits to insure safety around the bridge when it is finished.

This is scary story territory.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 08:22 PM
If organ transplants were illegal this would curtail some of this nonsense wouldn't it?

As it is there are always those who will take advangage of opportunies to make money with no holds barred.

I am 99% against organ transplants.
I wonder how many are done needlesly when the aflicted organ could be cured otherwise. There is more money to be made in the transplant.

posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

Yeah, so, there were various loose ends for further examination dangling off my of which was to revisit the one earlier instance I remembered where (possibly) medical-style organ trafficking was mixed in with the everyday magical-human-body-parts-ritual-killings, namely, the one with the nuns whistleblowing in Mozambique...and on re-examination it's a slightly better case than I had recalled...I'd remembered the nuns as only having hearsay rumor testimony, but here it says evidently they claim photos of the dead bodies showing missing organs (but let me just go to the article, instead of talking about it)... Mozambique govt 'covering up' organ trafficking

(This link is to a reprint of the article (dated 05/13/04) from

Local authorities in northern Mozambique are silencing family members of the alleged victims of a human organ trafficking ring that is operating in the southeast African country, a Brazilian missionary said on Thursday.

Maria Elilda dos Santos, who says she was pressured to leave Mozambique because of her denouncement of the network, added although organ trafficking was first reported in the northern province of Nampula, it is, in fact, going on nationwide.

"There is no cooperation on the part of government organizations. On the contrary there is a huge effort to cover up what is going on," she told reporters on her arrival in Lisbon.

"The attitude on the part of government at the local level is to intimidate the surviving family members of the victims. This is very serious because it causes family members, who were seeking help from the authorities, to withdraw.

"The identification of the problem took place in Nampula but today the situation is at the national level," she said, adding it is more prevalent in the north of the country.

Dos Santos said on Tuesday she had received a letter from the governor of the northern province of Nampula, where she worked for nine years, asking her to leave Mozambique.

She was one of four missionary nuns who in February alleged that a network of organ traffickers was operating near their convent and orphanage in Nampula.

The four nuns said they had gathered testimony from would-be victims of the network who managed to escape, and had photographs of dead children with missing organs.

The nuns said they received death threats, and narrowly escaped an ambush, after they made their accusations.

In February a Protestant Brazilian missionary, Doraci Edinger, who also charged organ trafficking involving children was taking place, was found dead in front of her home in Nampula.

Local authorities in Nampula, Mozambique's third-largest city, said her death was related to a financial scandal at her church but Dos Santos has said it is linked to the organ trafficking allegations.

"Sister Doraci knew too much and this is why they silenced her," she told Portugal's national news agency Lusa on Tuesday.

The Mozambican attorney general's office, which examined 14 cases of violent death or disappearances in Nampula allegedly linked with the sale of organs, has said it found no evidence that human organs had been removed from bodies and sold.

The European Commission said last week it would give Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony, €10-million to help it fully investigate the organ-trafficking allegations.

Body parts, including sexual organs, are commonly used in many parts of Mozambique ... in rituals believed to bring good fortune and wealth.

Dos Santos said she will stay in Lisbon for a few days before returning to her native Brazil where she plans to continue to speak out against the alleged organ trafficking in Mozambique.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story. what that article makes you want next is number one, the photos and number two, the (presumably extant by now) results or report of the ten-million-euro investigation. I have some other articles on these same nuns in the same time period, I'll do that up especially if I can find a round two, a continuation of the story from this point. (Plus, this whole instance may be hinging on a translation/terminology fault...maybe they call human organs (which sounds transplantable/viable, maybe) what I would refer to as a (dead, dry, looks-like-beef-jerky) human body part, that could be the case, hmm.)

But anyway, what the photos might show is activity distinct from the magical-religious body part removal...having read maybe 200 of these articles, I will venture to say that usually it seems that ritualists remove things like sex organs, eyes, hands, lips, head, the whole skin, bones, blood, the hump from a hunchback, I have heard of hearts being eaten (and one where, but I think it atypical, they fried up the infant's intestines)... but I don't recall any kidney stories. So if the photos showed say intact sex organs (that is probably as frequent a ritualist target as any) but missing kidneys neatly excised...well that would then seem maybe to point towards the medical-organ-trade scenario.

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 07:23 PM
Yes these killings are not often reported and yet they are utterly repugnant and it is incredible that there is a mindset that thinks such a thing is acceptable.

The people responsible are in for a heavy duty karma hit.

I give you some links, be warned they are not easy reading.

Tanzania fear over albino killing

Tanzanian albinos living in fear

Tanzanian albinos killed for their organs

Tanzan ian macrabre trade: alibinos killed for body parts

posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 06:32 AM
reply to post by SmokeJaguar67

One hundred percent with you, yup. Those Tanzanian albino killings are an unbelievable prolonged bad bit of business...I did this article for tinwiki (it seems to have disappeared right now) on contemporary human sacrifice, and I did find myself going on-and-on citing unfortunate Tanzanian albino incidents, there were good articles.

There is the similar bit with the hunchback killings in Ghana...
The Evil Of Bibiani Hunchback Ritual

Hunchback killers arrested
(some of these articles, like the one just above, are so, "good", so to speak, I'm dying to quote from them, but I would be derailing my own thread if I did...since it ain't medical-organ-trade, not hardly)
Three people arrested in connection with murder of hunchback

Attorney General To Study Docket On Hunchback's Killers
Ghanaians urged to help Police fight serial killing of hunchbacks

And as for bad karma, a lot of the charms are considered more charged/more powerful if the suffering and screaming victim is still alive when target part is removed off of him...that would be begging for bad karma, "beyond murder" as the saying goes...

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posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 07:17 AM
What a horrible story! If the poor kid survives, he'll be traumatized for the rest of his life. Very sad..
I don't think that ending donor transplants and donations will put an end to this kind of criminality, though. It's like drugs, if it makes money, it's been done, legal or illegal. It is very sad that people will have an innocent child suffering for their own disgusting benefits.

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 06:55 PM
I guess only negroes do the human sacrifice/ritual murder thing. At least that's the impression I get from reading this thread.

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 08:20 PM
It is a shame that people steal organs from healthy people for a profit.

This has been going on for years not just in Africa.

What is surprising to me is the people in the USA that sell a kidney for profit.

I am in fourth stage kidney failure and will need a kidney transplant soon.

Fortunately, my brother and all my family members have offered me a kidney. Many, many friends have offered also.

I was told that I could buy a kidney for as little as $6,000.00 if I could not have one donated.

Would I buy a kidney? If my doctor knew where it came from and there was no death involved you bet your butt I would.

My alternative would be my death.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 08:36 PM

Originally posted by starviego
I guess only negroes do the human sacrifice/ritual murder thing. At least that's the impression I get from reading this thread.

Nuh-uh, persons of many numerous sorts are reported to do it on every continent. Plenty, you bet, no really. Okay, I got no Antarctica cases.
I don't at this moment have a recent/contemporary human-sacrifice-ritual-killing case I could post a link to from every single nation, but if someone had more time and resources I bet they could find such, or virtually almost every single nation. Like I said, once I started looking I was like "Whoa!" ain't me that makes these stories does appear to be a big and interesting subject.
(An easy, passive way to see what I'm talking about is to set up some google alerts in your gmail with keywords like "human sacrifice" "ritual murder" "ritual killing" "Satan" "satanic" "tantrik" "Kali" "muti" "juju" "Exu" "sorcerer" "witch" "blood sacrifice" "death cult" "umbanda" "vampire" "cannibal" "devil" (et cetera for many more potentially relevant obvious search terms but that's a method) and then wait and see what pops up in your inbox that hasn't even happened yet.)
In different areas people get sacrificed in service of different belief systems/deities/magical world one would expect...who is likely to kill for God#1A in a town where everybody is big on God#2B.

But actually none of that was what I had in mind with the thread (I have derailed myself a bit, my own fault, for sure) because the human-sacrifice-ritual-killing main-flow is old news and does go on's the old-religion/new-medical-market combo bit that inspired me to do the me post any references I can find along those lines, when-and-if I run across them, and if you see any such please help me out...

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