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What is the point of destroying america to gain power?

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posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 11:30 AM
I was thinking, why would the nwo want to destroy America? I mean look at the people there, they are some of hardest working most productive individuals, bringing lots of wealth and comforts and technology to the nwo. They are already easily distracted and docile with tv shows and movies and fast food, they are focusing on working to pay bills and buy new toys, or getting botox treatments.

There are so many sheep present especially among the huge Christian numbers who have followed questionable leaders for generations. The financial sector is willingly corrupt and immoral and will do any bidding of the nwo if it means more money for them.

The ever present and strong armed police forces who have built up an acceptance among the public that brutality will ensue if you dont do exactly as they command at that moment.

So you see what is the point of the nwo trying to bring America to its knees or completely destroying the dollar and causing havoc here in the states? Furthermore what is the point or ends of having the so called internment camps, I mean how long do they plan on keeping people there and what do they expect will happen when they are released? What about all the lost productivity from such endeavors?

posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 11:54 AM
Simply put? World Domination.

Why stop at just pulling SOME of the strings in a handful of countries, when a MAJOR power grab post-America could put the whole of the world at the fingertips of a select few?

There are multiple reasons that the destruction of America could be seen as a good thing to TPTB. Eugenics/population control, complete control over what our children are taught, control over the food supply, etc etc. etc.
The list could go on and on for quite some time. These are all different ways in which the PTB could maintain control and basically have carte blanche to do what they want globally. It's not JUST about America, it's about power and resources all over the planet.

If the population of America is culled via eugenics/disease/food supply, it will be weak and unable to oppose those who mean to control the fate of the world.

posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by Desolate Cancer

"They" are not in "control".

Yahweh is in control.

"They" are simply opportunizing on an End Times scenario that "They" know is near.

The following verse describes "Their" state of mind...

...Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.Revelation 12:12

"They" are in a desperate frenzy for "they" have lost control.

Even "atheists" know that there are those who call themselves "christians" who are not of the Kingdom of God. Don't lump the followers of "The Way" into one hellish mess. Don't call the "Children of God" ... christians.

Those whom you refer to as "christians" may have more in common with you than you might imagine.

posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 12:53 PM
See I dont buy that reasoning, this is why.

You say it is for power domination, and this I can understand and agree that those who have everything are left wanting more and there is nothing left other than total domination and control over subjects. But what I dont agree with is how to go about getting it. I say that a passive brain washing as is currently going on is more fruitful, safer in preventing revolts, and less taxing on resources than one where it is brought about via famine or forced chip implantation or disease. Look you need to remember that those of us on this site and aware of the real world are the very tiny minority. Just look at how much difficulty many of us have in informing those closest to us about the realities of things, forget about the grand overall population whose in the dark or apathetic about it.

So now you tell me, if you have a dumbed down, docile, hard working population, and you want to bring them under more control and dominate their everyday lives how would you go about it?

Would it be via force or taking away their luxuries, content nature and other things that let them sleep in a warm safe bed night on a full stomach?

Or would it be by keeping the existing pattern of the past 50+ years of using mass media to persuade and direct individuals and groups, of using the same method of the past 50+ years of giving them the consumer mentality so that they just keep willingly slave away for paper money that they control the printing/manufacture of?

In the first case you have to worry about revolts and unpredictable nature of people when you take away their comforts. Ask yourself this, why have Americans allowed themselves to be raped up the pooper for the past couple decades? Because we still have our jobs, roofs, food on the table and the warm glow of a tv or computer. We willingly by and large have put up with fraudulent elections, wars built on lies and contracts handed to friends of friends and not fulfilled on large scales, we even have allowed slow losses of liberties we had in the past. This has been working very well for the past how many years?

Now in the forced power grab you take away peoples safety their comfort in know they will have food or they will have a roof or that they may possibly get sick and not healed, then what do people have to lose? you take away what a man has and he has nothing left to lose he will be a lot more likely to revolt and come after his former providers.

posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by Desolate Cancer

I don't accept the common ideas on the NWO. I fully believe this has happened by default, and that there is no grand conspiracy, it's just natural evolution of corporate corruption.

Having said that, the intention, I believe, is to continue to dumb-down dissenters, to the point where everything is controlled by a select few.

Those in power care nothing about the people, they care about their political career and their power. They will say and do anything to retain power. As seen by the complete inability for these people to tell a harsh truth in case it loses them voters. They are all playing the game too. Obama won't tell you that the financial system is failed already, because he'll lose support.

They'll all play to the biggest majority to secure votes, and right now that majority know nothing about business, politics and money. They simply follow the herd and believe the corporate media.
That's who your government have played along to for decades. With the corporations pulling the strings.

None of them could care less about the collapse of America, as long as they have their money, and their protection in the ivory towers.

The corporate machine running America has no goal or ambition other than to make more money, it's a greed-driven monster that has no concept of a nation or its failure. It will eat and eat until there is nothing left. And those in power are unable and unwilling to stop it because they'll loose power, the people won't have their leader telling them that they need to make a sacrifice.

Ultimately, you're screwed, and so are we. We've allowed our nations to be hijacked by corporate greed. And that corporate greed has no conscience or intelligence. It just consumes.

And it'll do so until there's nothing left but one brand name to own them all. And we will inevitably all be slaves to it.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 08:03 PM
Well, it's easy. There are those who sit there and listen to Alex Jones cry and complain about absolute nothing. That man should have been a psychologist or psychiatrist in my opinion. Absolute F'n genius! He sits there and fear mongors and perpetrates garbage all F'n day long claiming he's got some kind of secret documents from a secret Illuminati source who lives a mile underground in a secret survival city built by aliens from planet snoopy poop. A man like him is in the business of conspiracy and thats how he can afford 10,000 years of storeable food from E-foods direct. Problem is, his storeable food is frozen steak, lobster and fresh salmon. Your storeable food is slop and frozen puke you thought was part any delicious meal, given the sounding of Alex's voice. Get ready for that big surprise.

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