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Did I predict my father's death?

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posted on May, 14 2004 @ 09:43 AM
OK I just got back from the pub and I'm finally drunk enough to confront this: Did I predict my father's death?????

My dad passed away early in December last year. A couple of months earlier, I had a nasty dream. I don't remember the details of the dream, but I remember that it involved the death, or terrible event involving my parents. It was so realistic that the next day I went and visited my mum to make sure that she and dad were alright. I remember waking up convinced that something was drasticly (sp?) wrong.

Not too long after that, I got a call from Mum informing me that Dad was in hospital, and without going into details, he passed away two weeks after that due to complications arising from sugery to replace his heart valve.

The reason I ask this, is because I had another dream last week, in which a close friend of mine was dead. The thing about these dreams is, I don't see the deaths, I am just aware that the person is dead. It is very upsetting because I have to come to terms with a death, then I wake up and everything is alright. Then, after the first dream, Dad died. First Dad ( in my dream) now my friend. When I woke up from the first dream, I was greatly relieved as I realised my parents were still alive. Of course Dad soon passed away. Now I am worried I am going to lose my friend as well. The dream was similar in format, as far as I know because, again, I don't remember details. I just remember waking up convinced something was wrong.

I have often wondered if I was a bit psychic, I have been lurking on this forum for a long time before I joined but my experiences seem very trivial compared to others here, I am quite frightened by the paranormal yet I feel compelled to keep exploring it. I feel I have become a bit more sensitive following Dads death but I still don't open myself up to the odd things that go on in my life.

Anyway, your thoughts would be welcome. From reading other peoples posts, it seems that you guys are pretty clued up as far as the supernatural is concerned and your (serious) opinions will be appreciated.

posted on May, 14 2004 @ 09:51 AM

I had something similar happen to me. I had a dream that my uncle, who I hadn't seen in years and wasn't particularly close to, died. When I woke up that morning, I told my mother about the dream. Two hours later she received word that her brother died of a massive heart-attack - no previous health problems! I was 16 at the time and very, very scared.

A few months later, I had a dream that my grandmother died. This time I did not tell my mother, because the last time she was very freaked out! My grandmother did not die....until 12 years later.

I'm sure there are many others on here that can advise you better. My advise would be not to worry. You are still trying to get over your father.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

posted on May, 14 2004 @ 10:26 AM
The problem with dreams that predict a death is that, eventually, they always come true. I've had dreams in which my father was dead, and the last one of those I had was almost 20 years ago. Eventually, and logically, I know that it will come true, because that is the nature of life. It always ends. However, I'm not so sure about our "Soul", or "Spirit" or whatever you want to call it. I am, at this point, just about ready to say that we are immortal, or at least very long lived, in spiritual form. The evidence of this that is most convincing are OBEs and NDEs.

Is it possible that you had a psychic impression of your father's death? Absolutely.
Are death dreams always correct? Yes.
Does it always happen immediately? No.

Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

[edited for insensitivity]

I am sorry for your loss. And I think the advice stating that you shouldn't worry about it right now is sound.

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[Edited on 14-5-2004 by Ouizel]

posted on May, 14 2004 @ 10:47 AM
Telling your friend is probably the furthest thing from your mind, which is good--I've known people who have told their friends about such drastic things, and in the end, when it happens, the person who told them was blamed, like they were the cause.
It may be a chance to have your friend saved from death; when you are given actual time between the death, you feel like there's something you could do about it. If this is someone close to you, you could tell them that you had a dream where they died, without you airing what happened to your father. Be a little panicked and asked them about the last time they got a checkup and to be careful, if that will set your mind at ease, but DO NOT TALK ABOUT HAVING AN ABILITY. Something like this is neither the time nor place to spout off about that. Say your goodbys--without making it look like you won't see them again, and come to terms with it. It may or may not happen; you may help them avoid death, or there may be noting you can do, or it may be just a dream. If this person is estranged from family, this may be a good time to step in and see if you can help change it. Remember, you are not the "God in control of everything," if it's his time to die, there's nothing you can do about it. Now, if either of you believe in Tarot, you could have a reading done on him--rather simple. It might show it for you, never having to say a word is good.
A lot of people who dream about people's deaths are very bitter people, in the end, because their gift is never understood. It is likely that you cannot prevent it, but you need to make sure you don't hide behind the bottle, sweetie--the less control you have over yourself, the more likely it is that you cannot control those sort of dreams. Surround yourself with calming things--whatever makes you relax: the color blue, amethyst, your friends, etc. I think what you need most is to calm down. Remember,

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
I had a freind, once who told me she saw me get into a car accident, alone, when I was about 18. I'm 22; I still don't drive, and I'm still alive. that doesn't means that I was supposed to die then, it just means that I cannot die that way, out on a strange road, alone, being only 18. We were 12 at the time.
Most of the people here, their family seems pretty accepting. I hope that yours is.

The biggest thing you HAVE to remember is that you are not the CAUSE of anyone's death--that's what you are dangerously close to saying, though you never did. Quit blaming yourself for any part of your father's death; it was likely his time. you were lucky; you were given a chance to say goodbye, not everyone gets that. Spend time with you friend; it may blow over.

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