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My one-man band...

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posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 04:38 AM
After 11 years of trying to perfect my playing, my singing, my recording skills, and my mixing skills, I think it's time to ask you folks (and whoever else is interested) to check out my music project!

ALot of heart and pain has gone into this, and I finally got the sound I have been dreaming about for so long.

So I'm playing every instrument on all of my songs. The only thing I am NOT doing is singing the verse (tenor vocals) to the song "Nowhere Around".

My late friend Derek sang it. Too bad he's not around to complete the vocals to that song. You'll see what I mean if you check it out.

I have so many more songs, and I just took down the old ones because they sounded like garbage. The new iMPAiREd sounds so great. I can't believe I've made it to this point!

So, please - check it out. And if anyone wants the high-quality MP3's, I gotcha - for free of course (I don't charge for my music - it's my therapy).

So please take a listen. I've put so much into this!

My influences (I can't say what I sound like): Nirvana/Metallica/Bush/Sevenmarythree/Staind/Seether

I hope you enjoy. Peace!

posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 09:00 AM
Cool! I just checked out your myspace site! - great obscure Nirvanaish song!

I'm planning getting into home studio recording myself - to be like you: A One Man Band!

I've recently built a new PC for this purpose and new hobby of mine, but I'm still looking for a Daw that is easy enough for me to learn and to start out with.

Later when I am higher up on the learning curve of home studio recording I'll upgrade to a more expensive & professional DAW & studio gear.

Right now I have a Line6 KB37 midi keyboard and the Pod Farm & Gearbox plugins so I can hook up my guitars and bass to the PC.

Cheap stuff I know, but fun to play around with til my home-studio skills get higher and then I'll buy some more professional midi & firewire studio gear!

My problem right now is to find one DAW - easy enough to learn, and enough to get into the game with and get started without being an engineer or rocket scientist!

I recently won a copy of EZ-Drummer in a competition and also bought a copy of Addictive Drums so only the damn DAW is missing now!

Rock on!

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posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 03:36 PM
Thanks for the kudos!

Yeah, I use Cakewalk Sonar 8.3. Started With Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 back in '98.

I mean, if you wanna go studio standard (blah blah blah), go for the proprietary Pro-tools (I personally don't like Macs, though).

But I think Cakewalk is the stuff. I think Sonar is only like $200 or $300 now, and worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY.

Then you gotta go for the plugins. If you get a good DAW, I got you on some of those. I'm always down with helping someone with this kind of thing. It's saved my life (literally) so many times...

Oh, and edit to add: I have a decent recording interface (16 inputs), but everything else (mics, even my cords) are crummy. The songs you heard on Myspace were recording on a shoestring budget - that's my thing. But once you get plugins and know how to use them right, you can make junk sound like gold.

Get a DAW and let me know. U2U!

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 05:55 PM
Allright. I just put up a 311 cover that I just finished. Check it out if you shall!

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