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Myrtle's Plantation

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posted on May, 14 2004 @ 07:40 AM

Fabled throughout the South as the region's most haunted house, Myrtle's Plantation was built in 1796 by Whiskey Rebellion leader, Gen. David Bradford. When George Washington put a price on his head, Bradford fled his native Pennsylvania for the Spanish-ruled Louisiana territory. Bradford purchased 650 acres not far from Baton Rouge in the bayou outside a town called St. Francisville. Choosing to build the house on the high point of the property, which turned out to be on ancient Tunica Indian burial grounds, may have sealed the fate of this beautiful antebellum mansion and plantation.

The house eventually belonged to Bradford's daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Judge Clark Woodruffe. A slave named Chloe was the family governess and mistress of the Judge. Cast aside for another slave, Chloe was hung after she killed Sarah and her two daughters in a jealous rage. Since her death, many have seen Chloe's ghost, who is said to be wearing a green turban, hovering over beds and peering anxiously into the faces of those sleeping. Another ghost is former owner, attorney William Winter, who was shot when he opened his front door after being called out by a man on horseback. Wounded, Winter managed to stumble back inside and began to climb the stairs when he collapsed on the seventeenth step and died. His ghost can be heard thumping across the foyer and climbing 17 of the 20 steps before the sound fades.

Some say that Gen. Bradford saw the first ghost - a naked Indian girl in the backyard gazebo. Some visitors have seen two young girls peering into bedroom windows or standing at the foot of their beds. Another child delights in jumping up and down on freshly made beds; a maid follows behind smoothing the sheets. And a strange man in khaki tells visitors at the gate that the Myrtles is not open for business.

The current owners insist they didn't know about the otherworldly presences when they bought the house. They are not interested in holding sances on the property, nor do they feel that any of the Myrtles spirits are evil, though they have volumes of pictures and testimonials from hundreds of visitors describing the spirits.

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posted on May, 14 2004 @ 07:58 AM
Sounds pretty haunted to me .

posted on May, 14 2004 @ 08:07 AM
I always had a distaste for old places, old methods,.... anything old.

posted on May, 14 2004 @ 08:40 AM
Questor, Haven't you ever heard the saying that if you do not learn from history you are bound to repeat it?

They south (and that area in particular) has many beautiful plantations and mysterious old houses.

It would seem that ghosts and spirits have an aversion to cold weather!!

posted on May, 14 2004 @ 11:50 AM
hey, I live down here, and I'm used to being in plantations--mostly during the day, so I've not had much of a problem with them. Another nice one to see is Laurel Valley Village--the graveyard a slight ways up the road has something wrong with it, very wrong. That, and there's been several fires there...

City: Thibodaux Location: Laurel Valley Village Type of Phenomena: Visiting Spirits Manifestation: There is no shortage of ghosts in this abandoned village where the movie 'Angel Heart' was filmed. Directions: Located just north of Houma near Thibodaux off Hwy 308. Over 65 buildings still standing, including the manor house, the church, etc.
I have a hard time inducing friends to go, and I'm not going alone at night. Many of the buildings are half-burned, and so may were killed there, during some of those fires...and it's not far from Devil's swamp,

Thibodaux - Devil's Swamp - It is said that if you park your car over the rail road tracks, several things can happen. Car stalling, fogging of windows, handprints on windows, ghosts shaking and banging on your vehicle, and you can hear the sound of the train and see the headlights coming at you. It is said that a number of people were murdered on those tracks and that their ghosts remain to haunt the area
I have a friend that talked to one of these things, nad the normal ghosts are not the problem--it's the Conductor that is frightening--other ghosts are afraid of it. then there's where I got to school:

Nicholls State University - Ellender Dormitory - In past years there was an alleged suicide of a student who threw herself out of a window from one of the top floors in the dorm. There have been strange occurrences since including flickering lights, moved objects, scratching, electronic difficulties including appliances working while turned off and walls shaking. There are no records to be found of any suicide at the University since its beginning in 1948. There are other alleged incidences which might come from the fact that the University is built on the same grounds as a Civil War Hospital and the area where the Confederates retreated after the Lafourche Crossing Battle.
Well, I know there are things on campus--I actually spent time outside at night with friends, looking at what might be there--saw enough. I heard the rumors about Ellender, but I lived in Ellender and never saw anything. I found it more peaceful than the rest of the campus--the Dock is where I've had problems... That's just Thibodaux--don't forget Houma:

Bayou Sally road This is what I picked up from other sites it is a long curvy road. There have been sightings of ghost hitch hiking, and if you stop and pick them up you can exchange someone with you for some treasure. That sounds really freaky, and totally unique to anything Ive heard. So if you stop to pick up the hitch hiker, you can exchange a passenger in your car for some treasure! Thats wild. Im eagerly waiting reviews from anyone going down this road.
Coteau Road A foggy figure may run out in front of your car, so be on your toes when driving down this road. Look off by them old metal sheds out in the distance, and youll see some more spooks lurking about.
Cousin's church is on Coteau, take that way to get my Dad back and forth form work--one of the best engineered roads in the area... I don't know about Bayou Sally Road--haven't tried it.

What's really interesting about LA, is that with areas that have a high water level, the people are "buried" above ground in mosoleums--it's just a way of life. you don't often have 6 ft of dirt between you and the dead, and believe me, it's a noticeable difference to be around these graves...

posted on May, 14 2004 @ 08:37 PM
There have been some really good shows on the planation. Although, I am getting sick about it, it's on every single ghost show ever made, I swear!

posted on May, 14 2004 @ 09:08 PM
That's pretty creepy...

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