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Dog Saves Woman from Sexual Assault

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posted on May, 13 2004 @ 07:52 PM
A 30 year old woman saved from sexual assault by her dog. In Central Park NYC

NEW YORK -- With the help of her dog, a woman on Wednesday fought off a man who tried to sexually assault her in Central Park, police said.


Time for a little good news from the world and since man is doing so much evil and wrong in the world perhaps we should look to the animal world for inspiration!

Man's Best Friend?... hmmm

Looks like Woman's best friend now!


posted on May, 14 2004 @ 01:26 PM
This is a good story,
Dogs are a very good protection,
I know i never go out alone at night without my Big German sheapered.

lol no one would dare confront me with him...

problem is he's more likely to lick you to death rather than bite you .. lol ...

posted on May, 15 2004 @ 08:41 PM
Well, forget dogs, they are to unpredictable. Train a cat. They smaller, so when they jump on your lap, they don't weigh 110 pounds. My dog is stupid, it thinks it's a lap dog. Also, cats won't lick you death, sniff your crotch, sniff guests crotch, slobber on guests, and don't have to walk a cat so it can go to the bathroom, even if it's freaking winter with snow coming down and it's -10 degrees outside. Also, if you train a cat, they are silent, smaller, so not noticed as much, and they can climb a pant leg and go for the crotch just as well as a trained attack dog. Don't beleieve me? Surprise Morris(my cat) when he is sleeping.


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