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You don't need to be paranoid to know the world is messed up.

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posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 02:20 PM
I don't understand the idea that people have that you must be completely paranoid to think that there is something wrong with the government. I mean of course there is. There is truth to the new world order and globalist agenda. There are people who want global peace, who, in turn will use it for themselves. That's something that we learn about in school. That's what the UN's agenda is. We learn about that from text-books.

I'm just tired of people's perception that you must be paranoid to understand that the world is messed up. You don't need to be completely paranoid to understand that there are secret societies that go around controlling the world and oversee government agencies. If you just think about in terms of a power structure you have your governments on one hand, and, you have your supernational international agencies on the other hand- which oversee and monitor these nations to make sure they're going about their objectives. These agencies perhaps had an altruistic goal at first- but- they've expanded into these monolithic agencies that comprise of global elites and compose of the power core of the developing nations. You don't need to be paranoid to understand that their objective is total control whether they realize it or not.

Yes, there are people in our government who try to be honest and work for their constituents. It makes sense that not everything is a conspiracy. I don't need to be completely paranoid to understand how the media creates a polarized country where there are two dominant views present at any one time- one among one pair of constituents and one among another. I don't need to be paranoid to understand that the media works with the establishment, as opposed, to not working with them as we're taught (that the media is the government's watchdog).

I don't need to be paranoid to understand that too much government regulation can lead to a police state or that having lots of invasion of our privacy can make people feel insecure. What do people gain from thinking that conspiracy theorists are paranoid? There are some people who are just dumb- like in my opinion the fringe lunatics behind the birther movement (I'm not talking about the people who just think that Obama isn't a citizen, but the fringe lunatics during the election that acted like total racists), or there are people who don't think that we went to space and the space race is false. There are your luny conspiracies. Yes. But often times truth is revealed in conspiracy theories. Before I knew about what the CIA did all I knew about what they did was from conspiracy theories. Now I know more about their behaviors and their past actions... and I know now that much of the conspiracy theories about them are right. Yes, the government has withheld tons of UFO documents from us... and which could probably prove the encounters of the government with ETs... yeah, so I know aliens are going around abducting people. I know that there is a financial institution that controls our money supply and leads directly to the business cycle where our economy continuously collapses and expands in a cycle... I don't need to be paranoid to know that. I don't need to be paranoid to know that our government is controlling our education or that they're lying to us.

You really don't need to be paranoid to understand all of this stuff. I really just don't get why people feel that we're paranoid or we're somehow conspiracy theorists for just wanting to know the truth about what's really out there. We just hate the lies. I mean, what's so paranoid about that? I really don't get some people.

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 02:59 PM
Does anyone in the US trust anyone in politics any more? I doubt it.m Everyone knows everyone involved is crooked and bent to their own pocket books or goals. N o one is represented by the people who are supposed to do that.

Repub and Demos are all the same. It really does not matter.

Example. I live in Utah, my area is MOSTLY LDS. our representatives are also LDS and are representing the majority here. LDS people don't believe in smoking. It's strongly frowned on, we have a strictish standard of health, [though they need to hit the weigh issue as much as they do Alcohol and tobacco.] But I digress, Our representative voted against a bill that would put stricter pressure on the tobacco companies. Such as them having to list ingredients, be watched more,etc. Now how does voting down this Bill beifit or represent a group that finds tobacco very harmful?

After I post my answer I should be able to post my own thread about how the entire public is being manipulated on the deepest level. And we let them and we know they are.

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by MadameGuillotine

Well you do bring up a good point. But what lead to the public's awakening? I think that the answer to that question can be found in back far back as when Obama just came to power. People had a lot of messianic expectations for him. I almost drank the cool-aid myself. Then Obama pissed a lot of people off, and, started hiring former lobbyists, and even went as far to hire a lobbyist in the Pentagon (from what I remember), and then the whole Blagojevich thing... after that scandal people stopped thinking that the Democrats were free from corruption. I think that people are slowly waking up to the fact that both parties have their problems and that neither party is better than the other. If people start to wake up to the rest of the mess than we'll be making progress against these elitests. I just am saying that a lot of this stuff is obvious to people, and, it doesn't take a paranoid crazy person to talk about this stuff. Absolute power corrupts absolutely as they say.


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