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MORE asteroids heading this way, and this time, some WILL be hitting us. (Pic inside)

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posted on May, 13 2004 @ 07:14 AM
I am sorry for the long post, a moderator has warned me beause of the excessive quoting so I edited the post and included only the most important data. The quotes I have given come from a discussion board, which has also quoted this man's posts, which can be found on a thread in a discussion board which has like 20 pages long, with his postings scattered about in them. I think it is easier to just quote him IMO that is all.
Some mysterious poster is posting things in Godlike productions about asteriods and meteors that are going to be hitting us soon. There is astronomical data also to back his stuff up. I think its very interesting to say in the least, and alarming to say in the least also.

Here I will quote some of his posts:


Intersting the way he coded it. Maybe I should "uncode" some of it for you. But if I do all the fun will be spoilt. So I will simply clarify a few things here and there.
- is +

ETA:- Estimated Time of Arrival

T- is t minus and counting....the times are mixed up but correct...YOU decide which one will hit first.

INC is Incoming Now you can see there is a question mark. It is a vital the way...THAT one is the one we are really worried about. It is somewhat unpredictable and none of us can explain why. THAT is why it is called an "anomaly"...UNKNOWN.

MDC:-DIA=1.43..AU VEL as follows:-0.000234 LS
:-0.000138 LS
:-0.000319 LS
The above is clear enough for you to work out. we have some intersting numbers here.
PTOI is Projected Time Of Impact.

The numbers are self explanatory....WE is west and SE is South east. YOU know what the numbers mean...just look at a map and work it out. The mumbers COULD be (hint)in reverse order or mixed up...but they are correct. I don´t want to take all the fun out of it for you.

(^&.99) IS a percentage were correct.

PTOI 1.9558.56 WE 10098.56 SE TTI+ETA(^&.99)
ETS SH=27/6/04? Tracking VEL US at this time.
The numbers are hours or days...or both (hint) have fun.
T-199.80..:-5-004.1.887 INBOUND AT ( NAV 335.78+09.456(EMP=.0045) PSM.0012.

To put it all into plain english I will say this. PAY ATTENTION PLEASE. Work this out and you will have all your answers.

There are THREE incomong objects. TWO of them we know a lot about...but the third one is an unknown...all we know is it is coming and it has a high probability of hitting us. The other two WILL hit us. Along with these three main objects are many many smaller will rain death all over the world for a week or so. The death rain as we call it will begin late june. Leading up to june you can expect a wonderful light show as millions of small meteorites enter our atmosphere. And NO...this has nothing to do with "nibiru" I keep saying look south...but it is hard for most of the world to do this...unless you live down under and know exactly where to look and WHAT to look for. Immediatley preceeding the impacts, the fact the entire solar system...will be shrouded in thick black space dust. NASA will try..and indeed they already ARE trying to knock these objects of course. Next month is their last chance. ALL the sattelites including the ISS will be obliterated and re enter the atmosphere causing the release of tons of toxic fumes into our air. Breathing will become very difficult and toxic debris will rain down everywhere. Do you have any idea just how much plutonium orbits our planet? A f**kING LOT. NOT to mention the release of toxic fumes as the sattelites burn up. On top of that you have multiple impacts all over the world and tidal waves like you could not imagine sweeping EVERY coastline around the world. THERE WILL BE NO PLACE TO HIDE. THOSE who for some reason survive will soon wish they had NOT. AFTER this all occurs humanity will emerge from their burrows...those that had one and lived....and proceed to kill eachother just to keep living. The government will take control...or try to...and enforce their will on ALL. THE safest place to be is australia well away from the coast...but even THAT is only a guess at this time because we simply do not know what "anomaly" will do as yet.
So to counter all this we have a lot of distractions at present...wars...torture...beheadings...and for some reason interst rates are about to go up again. Keeps everyone focussed on the here and now....or next year....ANYTHING but next month!! Watch the CNN...get all the latest "fair and balanced" CRAP...keep your minds away from next month...keep it focussed on the elections and "next year"...keep focussed on you debts...keep focussed on the "war on bullsh*t"...UP the bullsh*t alert to RED...declare martial law...and BAM...they got ya trapped. Nowhere to run and no WAY to run. Seems funny how they want to do all this NEXT MONTH HMMMMMMMM??????!!!!! can believe all this still die...OR you can label me a fruitloop and you STILL die.....either way you still die...and if you go to the beach and hang around it will be quick at least. Make the most of it and stock up on some piss and some smoke if you smoke it and have a wild beach party and see the doom in with a bang. Better than hiding in some miserable hole and dying for nothing.

This was his last post:

IF everyone knew who I was and where I would at this time be running for the hills in a big way. I will soon be posting very credible and verifiable information...NO MORE RIDDLES. THIS forum is tagged I will not stuff around much longer. You wonder WHY I get so pissed at you idiots. So many days of doom have come and many different scenarios of doom...and NOT ONE of them has even come close to revealing the wolf. They skirt around it and mention all the signs. Now the time for the real show to begin and everybody is planned. But it IS frustrating. The nibiru crowd...paid by the gov....the photon belt crowd...the same...they are ALL paid to give ANY explanation EXEPT the real one. False dates are common...keeps you in fear and when it comes and goes back to sleep you go. You have been steadily desensitised over the years to doom. ALL THOSE MOVIES OF LATE!!!Now it is on our doorstep....and laughter is all we hear...and I cannot blame you in a way. The PTB has done rather well. I cant blame them. Can you imagine the UTTER CHAOS that would result if we all knew the truth. WHAT IF they had told you all the truth ten years more more industry...just a ten year long party of "eat drink and be merry....for in ten years we all die"....THINK about it. NOW we will see what its all been about...all the wars...the fighting over oil....the constant distractions...the recent influx of meteorites...the weird behaviour of our sun....the weird orbit of the moon...the wobble of our axis...the warming of the atmosphere and oceans...ALL DUE TO FRICTION.....and the friction is due to the dust. And it will get worse and worse. WHAT about all the wild and wooly weather...record when it should be cold and so on? Global warming my ass. Did you ever wonder exactly WHY they only started talking about it shortly after the cloud was first detected in the late 70´s.? They had to come up with a plausible reason for what they knew was coming. Then they reasoned that not everyone would be so they created nibiru and photon belts and half a dozen OTHER explainations...but the dust cloud was long buried...until NOW...and suddenly.....THE FORUM f**kS UP WITH HACKS AND TRIPS. so many others I have visited. I will not tell you which ones...I dont want to give them a trail and I NEVER post from the same computer in more than one forum. THEY want me BAD....but tough sh*t to them. Laugh if you want...its what they programmed you to do....but I promise you...the days of laughter are fast coming to an end. When I expose them...this forum will cease to exist. THEN...onto another one from a different location. Only a few weeks left. I am suprised I have posted THIS much without them shutting it down. I have already stated what WILL happen and WHEN....but I have not been exactly specific...for a purpose....but very soon I will...and then...well....its over.

Now TO ME this all sounds legit, and very interesting. I think this man could be very right, given his astronmical data. More can be found here:

Here is a new picture from SOHO which shows a cluster of asteroids(?) coming into view.

Give me some feedback

[Edited on 13-5-2004 by The Quiet Storm]

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 07:52 AM
And the Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout....

Run to the rock and hide your face,
The rocks cry out, "No hiding place"

Fear not him which can harm your body, but that which can destroy your soul.

So, it sounds like someone believes I only have a month to live. Great. I may not even make it that long. Have you seen the way people drive lately. Crazy.

I do like the suggestion to visit the beach though. Might as well enjoy life while it is known like this.

To sum up my feelings, We are all going to die one day. Whether it is in a meteor shower, NWO take-over, or tripping on the stairs and breaking our necks.

I can assure you that it WILL HAPPEN one day.

Are you ready for it?

Just what have you done to prepare?

[Edited on 13-5-2004 by ab2tw]

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 07:59 AM
why isnt the news all over this?

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 08:08 AM

Originally posted by BasementAddix
why isnt the news all over this?

Because Godlikeproductions is hardly a credible news source. And the intellectual midget posting those actually doesn't own a telescope and can't calculate an orbit with both hands, a desktop computer, and a stack of braincells.

I'm closing this thread... we've listed the asteroids in another thread and are/were discussing them there. Yes, there will be some meteorites hitting the atmosphere in June. Earth gets a number of meteorite hits every day; most are too small to detect.

In June, we get the June Bootids

and the Areitids

among others. We get them every year. None of them has destroyed the planet in the past and none is likely to.

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 08:11 AM
And... re the Dramatic INCOMING!!!!! images from Soho:

It's stars. The position of the earth around the sun does vary throughout the year, and as it does, the background of the SOHO images changes depending on where it is in relationship to the sun.

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