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The ignorance astounds me.

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posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 03:05 PM
I am a very passive person, looking for compromise before anything else. I hear and see things of hate among people I know, and others I do not. I do not think ill of them because they believe something I do not, but the ignorance that comes from their mouths has now gotten to me on a few different levels.

The topic that irks me beyond comprehension is the whole 'race' issue, with discrimination, supremacy, and 'racial' divide tying into it.

We have all seen then; some of you reading this may be one of them. The people who see color and assume it is a different race. People who hear folk tales from people from before and during the Civil Rights era. People who watch or the propagandized history of the American people. They all believe one thing, despite their differing views, race divides us all.

When people throw the word 'racist' out there when they feel threatened or offended, they are spewing out ignorance. I am not targeting any one group of people when I say that, EVERY ethnic culture does it, even to themselves (mainly whites against other whites).

We are so easily manipulated by the propaganda that comes out of our history books and memory that we are unable to think with logic; unable to come to a logical conclusion of our own.

No one is 'racist.' There is only prejudice, and many people in all cultures are so. But why cannot these people see that? Why are people so content to place one group into the racial pool over another? Just because there were white-looking people that are seen as evil in the history books like Hitler or Ross Barnett?

I was randomly scrolling through videos on youtube when I came across a National Geographic video on the KKK. I began to watch it but I was quickly drawn tot he comments below.

KKK: Then and Now

Here are some of the responses:

From 0discover0

There will be one day that every human being can life peacefully, But neo nazi´s and kkk members just ruin everything..

Here is my response to him/her:

Yeah because only white people can ruin 'everything.'

No other pseudo-race can do anything wrong, only whites can.

Do you think about what you say before you say it? There are no races, there is only one race! The human race. These groups, the KKK, Neo-nazi's, Black Panthers, and anything that advocates differences in race ruin everything and are wrong! Learn yourself a book, and not a mainstream history book. You wont learn a damn thing from that.

Naturally there are comments with explicit, yet very ignorant, language directed toward this fanatical idea of racial differences.

You may recall the newest Resident Evil game, the 5th of the franchise. It has come under scrutiny because it is set in Africa, forcing 'white people to slaughter African-Americans.'

First of all, they are NOT Americans. They are zombies from Africa. Second, are people not allowed to do anything that may loosely portray discrimination toward blacks without the black community jumping to the racism card? They called Japanese people racist toward black people. Yeah, because in their entire history, they have been noted to be radical black-haters.

Here is one of many stories on that subject:

Is Resident Evil 5 racist?

You see it on the MSM. You see it in the history books. You hear it from many elderly people. So it isn't a surprise that people are so ignorant on this subject. They have learned it, and they can unlearn it, but they don't want to. They actually believe the garbage that comes out of of the prejudice propaganda. Whatever supports their belief, they will believe it to be true. If it in anyway doesn't support their beliefs, they attack them and call them racists.

I hope the world does end in 2012, not for all life, but just for humans. We truly deserve it.

[edit on 22-8-2009 by Bushido Kanji]

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 03:09 PM

Reminds me of a comment i posted about the islamification of the UK>

Some members started accusing the white people of being intolerant, just because they didn't want fanatical muslims changing our laws and ways.

I posted:

'So why is it ONLY white brits are called racists, but British muslims who offend our ways are excluded of mention in most newspapers for fear of being politically incorrect'

It works both ways....

Good post.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by mr-lizard

Oh, yes, it is all over the world, not just in the US. The British have been called racist, the French as well. Any group of people that look pink, peach, pale, or olive are assumed to be racist if they pass any law, belief, or creed that does not include other ethnic groups directly.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 03:30 PM
"No nation is born multicultured. Multiculturalism is an unnatural as well as unhealthy condition that can only afflict states in national decline. A multicultural state carries in it's geneses the seeds of eventual national destruction.

All multicultural nations will be found to be in a state of political, moral, economic and social decay. Greed and corruption will characterize the government coupled with oppressive measures directed against citizens. Lies and deceit will be stock and trade of media, politicians, and educational institutions. Such are the bellwethers of a multiculturalist advent.

In modern times multiculturalism is instituted from the top down as an elitist ruling class tool used to play one or more racial or ethnic groups against another. The ensuing cultural melee serves the political designs, economic goals and power needs of elitist rulers and their sponsors. This technique was developed by Marxist ideologues who used multiculturalism in Russia to divide and conquer resistance to the institution of a communist state. The end result of their successful takeover was the murder of thirty million humans in the Soviet Union alone. Many more elsewhere. "


History books seldom point this out.
The races have never gotten along; they will never get along.
One on one they can be great friends.
The group psyche however, does not like that which is different, it (difference) always looks like a threat to survival.
This trait is "hard Wired" into every species on the planet.
Never apologize for it.

[edit on 22-8-2009 by OhZone]

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 03:32 PM

There will be one day that every human being can life peacefully, But neo nazi´s and kkk members just ruin everything..

When I first moved south from Boston MA, I was in a little store talking to two guys who were buddies. When they realized I had just moved from Boston they went to great lengths to explain the KKK to me.

After the "war between the states" many men were killed leaving women and children without protection. Blacks were freed and had no jobs or means of support. In to this came Northern "Carpet Baggers" - sleazy opportunists. The KKK was a group formed to protect women and children BLACK and white. The northern Carpet baggers are the ones who villified the KKK. What those Carpet baggers did is the reason Southerners dislike Northerners.

Please note these buddies were one BLACK and one WHITE and they took turns telling me this history. I would also like to say I have seen a lot less prejudice here in the south than I did in Boston. It has been a real education.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by crimvelvet

You do know, I guess, that the Carpet-baggers were Jewish ?

Or is it not politically-correct to mention that ?

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 03:44 PM
Now we're just getting into generalizations. Saying multiculturalism doesn't work is sweeping and unfounded. The problem is with minority groups period. That means white neo facists or Muslim fundamentalists. I know plenty of black people who are just as british as any beer swilling white guy, and I also know a few muslim/asian folk who also consider themselves to be British, and who have no desire to islamify the UK. That is multiculturalism at work. I would say they represent the majority of non white British ethnic groups. Multiculturalism is not the problem, "separatist" minorities are.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 03:48 PM
Prejudice can get pretty ugly and it is not just race or religion or skin color. Different tribes who are only marginally different have fought terrible wars and so called ethnic cleansing for the difference of what side of the river you were born on or what your last name is.

The idea that multicultural nations can not exist is nonsense. The United States has been Multicultural for over 2 centuries. Communities of like people are always formed. People like to see another person who is from their family or religion near them because the sameness makes them feel at home or safe I would agree but these communities can and do coexist in harmony and often do when they respect each other for their differences and also realize that they are all just humans trying to get along in this world.

The cure for this for me was when I realized that the presence of our creator dwells within each and everyone of us no matter what color, religion, or nationality. That presence connects us and binds us as a species. The divide is when we only look at the superficial level of being. Habits, foods, type of dress and such. Inside each and every human on this planet is a child of God looking to make his or her way in this world.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 03:49 PM

Originally posted by quackers
Multiculturalism is not the problem, "separatist" minorities are.

That is true if you study the facts about history, and not just rely on the garbage you read about in public schooling.

The NAACP is a separatist group, the Neo-Nazis are a separatist group, and so are the KKK members of today. People who want to distinguish themselves from the herd are the problem, not all but many. Change is needed in some places, but not everywhere and not in every generation.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 04:24 PM
You folks who think this Multiculturism will ever work are in the same club as those who think that over population of Earth can be solved by colonizing other planets.

Pipe Dreams.

You are denying Reality.

"Those who sponsor multiculturalism are properly called multiculturalists and generally will be found to be those people with the least amount of personal culture appertaining to them. As a dying tree drops its leaves and is attacked by fungus and worms of decay, so to is a nation set upon by multiculturalists. The dominate culture is attacked from all sides. This is not so much a product of maliciousness as necessity. By vilifying, leveling, and weakening the dominant culture, an environment is created for social, political, and economic turmoil which produces change that will benefit the sponsors of a multiculturalist state. If the government and news media relentlessly pursue issues of race, gender, and diversity in preference to the real issues that need to be addressed, there will be an increasing division of society along the same lines. Which is exactly what the sponsors of multiculturalism want.

Social instability, caused by a steady erosion of standards and values, coupled with a scramble over dwindling economic opportunities by conflicting ethnic groups, produces precisely the alienation and conflict needed to implement a multicultural state. Further, the lack of common standards and values leads to personal disorganization, resulting in unsociable behavior. This is the life support system of a multicultural state. In a word: anomie.
Reality is

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 04:32 PM
The real reason I took the time to log-in here while browsing ATS and other alternative-news sites, was in order to Star and Flag the OP and thread

Every now and then, a thread with the same message comes along. Usually these threads get very busy and heated.

As far as 'racism' is concerned, I wonder how many people from non-white/Christian groups will admit to the shameless stereotyping to which their group subjects members of (usually) white, host nations and populations ?

Are we going to see some real honesty in this thread from those raised in non-white communities ?

Well, I'll get the ball rolling.

I've had intimate dealings with migrant Lebanese and Italians, for example. I was introduced to what they term their 'culture' by Lebanese and Italians who were born overseas, but raised in a Western nation.

Ok. People might straight away say, 'Oh, but Italians are Christians. And these days we include them within what is known as 'Western society'.

Well, decide for yourself. The Lebanese I'm going to discuss were Maronite Christians, not Muslims. Yet the 'racism' issue is very much alive within what they term their 'culture'.

First of all, the migrant Lebanese and Italians in question lived in poverty in their native lands.
* Running water and electricity were not something they were able to take for granted
* They were not city-dwellers
* They engaged in centuries-old feuds with even their close-neighbours
* Intermarriage between their community and 'outsiders' was actively prevented by their families and community
* Their education was minimal at best (many could not read or write)
* They were accustomed to slaughtering animals in their back-yards
* Sanitation was poor
* Their exposure to, and grasp of (national -- let alone international) current affairs was almost non-existant
* Their 'news' was local gossip, in-fighting, feuds and a collection of ignorance which contorted with every re-telling
* In short, these people were basically no different to their ancestors of 5 or 6 centuries earlier.

Their main goal was to produce large families as their parents and grandparents had. And money was a constant pre-occupation.

So .. these families, from the above-detailed backgrounds, made their way to generous, Western host nations.

* They travelled in established communities
* They reproduced their primitive communities within the Western host nations
* They retained their old culture, habits, beliefs, feuds
* They continued to speak their native language decades after taking residence in Western host nations
* They regarded their native land as 'the best' and spoke disparagingly of the host nation
* They sent money back to their native land, sewn inside the linings of clothing
* Their one big-dream was to make money in the Western host-nation in order they could return to their native land as 'big shots and heroes'
* They seldom contributed to the Western host-nation .. for example, very few chose to be employed as police, ambulance or fire workers
* They looked for illegal means of getting money after moving to the Western, host nation: money from running brothels and strip clubs .. from drugs and from gambling, from organised-crime, contract killings, etc.
* They bribed and threatened law-enforcement and lawyers when one of their members was arrested
* They thumbed their noses at the laws of their Western hosts

Arguably the most serious offence of which these first-generation parents and communities have been guilty however, are the beliefs and attitudes in which they've attempted to indoctrinate their children

For example

* Western women and girls (Australian, British, New Zealanders, Americans) are 'all sluts'. They sleep with animals. They have no morals. They are dirty, inhuman, godless SLUTS and WHORES. Their vaginas are HUGE because they F-word anything, from earliest childhood. They lie on the ground and call to men.

* Our people are lambs of God. We are the best. Everyone knows how good we are. We have always been good and in the right. We have to fight always to protect our good name and our high morals. The world is always trying to bring us down and corrupt us. But we are strong and nothing can beat us

* Western women and men will try to corrupt you. They will lie on the ground and try to pull you down on top of them. They are full of disease. Western women sleep with twenty men a day. Western men are always searching for our girls, to fill them with disease and sell them to their friends. They will shame and destroy you. God will turn his face from you if you allow those Western devils to touch you. Our community will divorce you if you dirty yourself with the Westerners of this host nation. We your parents and elders will kill you and then ourselves if you shame us by mixing with these filthy people (our generous Western hosts)

* You may only marry from within our own pure and good community.
* Never forget your native land and most importantly, your home town/village
* It is fine to take money from these foul Western hosts .. any way you can
* You can sell these Western women. They are worthless. They are filthy whores. The more you abuse them, the more the fools will worship you
* The only people you can trust and rely on are those from your family's village/town/nation. All other people are dogs, are stupid, are bad.

The more the younger generation migrants (and of course second and third generations) adapt to the culture of the Western host nations, the more hysterical the parents become.

Yet as a rule, the younger generations WANT to conform with their Western schoolmates and friends.

So, their hearts and minds are divided. They are products of their early conditioning and programming at the hands of their parents and relatives. Yet they learn to 'act Western' when outside their homes.

Westerners accept them, befriend them. Some Westerners go overboard and behave as if the migrants are more 'special' than anyone else. Laws are bent for them. Western society is forced to make 'exceptions' for them. A special way of speaking, 'politically correct speech' was largely invented in their honour and as a means of silencing those of the host nation who discovered the migrants to be less than grateful or even respectful of their host nation's culture.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 04:42 PM

Originally posted by OhZone
History books seldom point this out.
The races have never gotten along; they will never get along.
One on one they can be great friends.
The group psyche however, does not like that which is different, it (difference) always looks like a threat to survival.
This trait is "hard Wired" into every species on the planet.
Never apologize for it.

Must be something wrong with me then, because I dont even think about race when I meet people at work. Men and women are more different than a black and a white guy, so I guess the above would go for partners as well?

I think its written by people who have a lot of fear of the unknown.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 04:45 PM

Originally posted by OhZone

Social instability, caused by a steady erosion of standards and values

Funny, I figured it would be caused by massive differences in income, education and job opportunities like we see in the United States today. It isnt very strange that people commit crimes if they have no future. I would too. A society that doesnt take care of or offer opportunities to ALL people gets high crime rates. Its pretty simple.

In the united states, most blacks are poor because they dont get the same opportunities that white people do. Also simple.

You cant both have a society where you both have large differences between people in terms of income and opportunities and expect low crime rates. It doesnt work.

We are one race on this planet. Everyone you meet is just like you inside, although with a different personality of course.

[edit on 22-8-2009 by Copernicus]

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 04:51 PM
I know migrants .. right now, they're alive .. who departed Lebanon and Italy 50 to 60 years ago. They can hardly speak a word of English.

They do not WANT to speak English

They speak their native language within communities made up of people from their home villages and towns in Lebanon and Italy

These Italian and Lebanese communities which were transported whole to Western host nations have invented a myth .. it's called 'Our Culture'. In fact, it's an invention. But they indoctrinate their kids in this invention.

It's only when second and third generation Lebanese and Italians return to Lebanon and Italy, that they realise no such 'culture' actually exists in their parents' and grandparents' home villages. Time has moved on. The people of Lebanon and Italy no longer live the way those migrant departees did. And they laugh .. literally laugh .. at the returning migrants and their nonsense.

But the bigotry still exists -- the bigotry and lies under which the children of migrants have been raised.

Even fourth generation migrants believe, in their hearts, that the land their granparents left behind is 'really the best one'. And they believe the men and women of their Lebanese and Italian communities are 'superior' to the men and women of the host nation.

When an Italian or Lebanese man or woman is divorced from his/her Western spouse, the old people sourly remark that it wouldn't have happened if they'd married one of their 'own'. If their kids end up in trouble .. it's because the non-Italian/non-Lebanese parent had the 'no good' seeds in them, which carried down and polluted the child.

And it's not just Lebanese or Italians, of course. Many other migrant cultures harbour deep-seated, often hysterical hatred of their Western host nations, whom they regard as 'enemies'.

Multiculturalims .. what is it ? Isn't it the transporting whole of mostly primitive groups and installing them in Western nations with which they have very little in common ?

Whom does it benefit ?

Well, it benefits the migrants, most certainly. Their standard of living is almost always immediately improved. They and their children are provided undreamt of opportunities. They are spared the wars which in many cases had blighted their lives in their native lands. But they seem to like those wars and factions. And they re-create them in their new Western home. They choose to make their hosts their enemies. And they choose to undermine their hosts' culture and stability. They breed like rabbits and very soon they comprise a large voting-block which they then 'trade' amongst our Western 'politicians'. End result is that the migrants, whilst retaining their own beliefs and values, come to dominate the lives of their Western hosts.

So again .. who benefits ? Who gives ? Who takes ? Who is served ?

[edit on 22-8-2009 by St Vaast]

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 05:09 PM
When a Lebanese or Italian (or Turk, or Nigerian, or Pole or Muslim) makes filthily disparaging remarks about Westerners .. what does Western law have to say ?

When a Westerner in a host nation makes a disparaging remark about a migrant .. our Western law claims it's 'racism' --- and the migrants were VERY quick to pick up on this uneven situation and now scream 'racism' in their sleep !

It seems 'benefit of the doubt' lies almost always in favour of migrants from other cultures. Judges murmur, 'It's clear that Mrs. Mohammeden-Fez didn't fully understand the ramifications of her claim when she referred to Mr. Tenth-Generation-American as a 'baby-abusing white pig'. It is clear that Mrs. Mohammeden-Fez was unhappy that Mr. Tenth-Generation (her factory supervisor) reduced her working week to 4 from 5 days per week, and also objected to Mrs.Mohammeden's departing her station in the factory to pray in the car-park five times a day. I think we can safely assume that Mrs. Mohammeden-Fez --- being unfamiliar with our language and laws --- did not intend to accuse Mr.Tenth Generation of being a child molestor, even when she repeated this to many others throughout the four remaining months of her employ. I do believe however that Mr. Tenth Generation knew when he called Mrs. Mohammeden-Fez a 'lazy, useless parasite' that he did intend to damage the woman's reputation. And there can be no doubt that Mr. Tenth Generation is indisputably guilty of uttering a racist remark. I thus sentence Mr. Tenth Generation to 300 hours of community service and agree that his employers had no recourse other than to dismiss him, despite his forty faithful years of service.'

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by St Vaast

You say something remotely offensive, intentional or otherwise, to someone of a different ethnic culture and you look white, you are a racist.

If it is the other way around and you are on the receiving end of such remarks, the people who said it are reverse-racists.

As if white people invented racism.

I don't judge anyone by the way they look, unless it is obvious, and it certainly isn't in a discriminatory way. More like in a social way, I choose not to associate with certain people like wannabe thugs, rather than picking a choosing different color groups or cultures.

I embrace all cultures as long as they don't force it down my throat, they all have something to teach us.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 05:24 PM
jews christians muslims are not races , the closest thing to resemble racism is

and if we are now to talk about race and racism i can say that many of thous(95% if not more) who write here are unpure mutants.

but what you might be refering to is cultural heritage and the miss use of it.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by St Vaast

You do know, I guess, that the Carpet-baggers were Jewish ? Or is it not politically-correct to mention that ?

Not necessarily. The guy who bought the property I sit on and all the property around me was from Schenectady NY He removed the water rights from the deeds and resold the land. He put in a dam and a power plant. The name was Danish

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by crimvelvet

Not doubting you at all

but Danish is a nationality

Judaism is a religion and many jews would feel it's a culture as well

There are jewish Danes, jewish Chinese, jewish Indians, jewish French, etc.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by Bushido Kanji

Exactly. That's what my earlier posts were at pains to illustrate.

Lebanese and Italian migrants (to name just two nationalities) in Western host nations practice racism without qualm.

The Muslim gang rapists, according to Muslims who were interviewed, deliberately selected Australian women as victims.

They called the women 'skips' (Muslim slang for Australians, intended to mean 'Aussie' as in Skippy the Bush Kangaroo) in addition to the usual 'slut', 'whore', 'slag', etc. It was a racially motivated crime against members of the host nation BY migrants.

Last year I was with my family in the outdoor restaurant section of a large shopping complex. Nearby was a group of teenage Muslim males, speaking loudly in Lebanese, despite we'd overheard them shortly before speaking perfect Australian, complete with Aussie accent.

Two teenage girls entered and sat near us. They spoke between themselves quietly as they ate their meal. They made no attempt to speak with the Lebanese males. They weren't flirting with the men, barely glanced at them upon entering. They had a pile of shopping bags alongside them. It was clear they'd had a busy day and had paused for refreshment.

For close to fifteen minutes the Lebanese males loudly described the girls in the foulest of terms in Lebanese, which I understood. The girls were unaware of what was being said about them.

Those girls could have been your daughter or mine. Their only 'crime' was to sit in a restaurant in their own country.

The Lebanese were in cell-phone communication with a gang of males in the park across the road.

As we were departing, I went to the girls and asked if they'd like to accompany us outside. I briefly told them (without detail) that they were subject of discussion between the Lebanese nearby and those in the park.

The girls were already nervous under the glances of the Lebanese. They agreed to leave with us and to remain with us until they were safely back within the main part of the shopping complex.

As we departed, I hung back a few steps and leaned down to the Lebanese .. told them I'd understood what they'd been saying and said I now knew their names and could provide a good description of them.

As I left, I overheard them (as I was intended to do of course) talking about me in equally filthy terms and warning me that if they ever saw me alone ... I was 'gone'.

Yet the media is extremely coy when describing crimes committed by these primitive scum and describes them as ' Possibly fitting Middle Eastern description'.

And never have I heard the media accuse migrants of 'racism' or 'racial discrimination'.

It's a one-way street: if someone has more than average pigmentation, they're free to toss the 'racism' card -- at the pigment-challenged. And those who're 'white' are expected to pay that 'price' for their 'whiteness'. So WHO are the racists ? Yet it's so seldom exposed, this racist hatred of whites, this envy of whites, and the massive chips lugged around on the shoulders of the pigmentally-rich.

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