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New Chinese 'Ministry of National Defense' website launched- have a look - link provided

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 01:53 PM
As reported by Reuters, there is an English version, here.

China launches defense website in transparency bid

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's normally secretive Defense Ministry on Thursday launched a website (, in a new bid to allay overseas criticism over its military transparency and the build-up of its armed forces.

The site, which also has an English edition, has been long mooted, and comes at a time when China has been ramping up investment in its military to introduce new high-tech weapons.

"The aim of the Defense Ministry's website is to let the outside world know about China's defense policies ... and show off the good image of the military's powerful, cultured and peaceful forces," says a welcome message.

China's military is the world's largest, and reported budget spending has grown by double digits in recent years.

Quite interesting, have a look, it will be a good source of information for ATSers. especially when trying to get an overall picture of global events.

From the site:

Official website of Chinese defense ministry debuts on Internet

Approved by the Central Military Commission (CMC), the official website of the Ministry of National Defense of the People’s Republic of China starts online trial operation today. The domain name of the website is and it offers both Chinese and English versions.

The website of the Chinese Ministry of National Defense mainly releases authoritative information of China’s national defense and army building. The founding of the website is designed to let the outside world have a better perception of China’s national defense policy, help enhance foreign exchanges and cooperation, display before the world the fine image of the PLA as a mighty, civilized and peaceful force and better promote the national defense and army modernization drive.

Netizens to visit the website will be impressed by its succinct and graceful webpage featuring novel and attractive design with distinctive military characteristics.

Always good to have another source!

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