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My Strange 'Friend'.

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posted on May, 12 2004 @ 10:59 PM
I had met a guy back in October of 1999. I have been seeing him off and on until April of this year. He's too strange for me so I figured I ought not see him anymore. This here is an incident just before I decided I should not have anything to do with him.

It was in March of this year. We were at his house. He's good-looking, tall, you name it. There's really nothing wrong with his physical structure. He asked me to marry him a few times. Although, I really like him, something so wierd about him kept telling me "no"!

Ever since we met, I've been very curious about him. He is unexplainable. Too many personal situations that I don't want to talk about. But this here, is too strange, I think it's worth telling. I have in fact, been observing him and studying him since I met him. And in that WHOLE time...I still could not come up with anything that made sense to me.

It took until this one night, that I finally clued in to what may actually have been the situation. Ah but who's to know?! I still can't put a meaningful explanation to this person who I have known now for about 4/half years.

I was standing in the kitchen when he came to stand behind me. He was not touching me, but I could feel his presence right behind me. He made a sound out of his voice box which sounded like a lizard, or a snake. It was one of those seductive-like sounds. It was not a man sound. And I did feel the hint of a smiling face because it took me so long to figure him out. And still, it wasn't much to go on. Oh but I knew. There was someone in that person who I did not know.
I am so serious though about how seductive he sounded to me. If I wasn't so hesitant and careful, I would probably have fell in love with him right there. Tis not a laughing matter.

And then he moved away from me. And I was standing there alone thinking in my head, what the heck am I involved with here?

Anyone else have a similar experience, with a Strange 'Friend'?

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 01:25 AM
I have a friend who is not quite human--the longer you're around him, the less he seems human, and you'd start using animal characteristics to describe him. He's harmless, just nto human.
Another is into devil worship and everything ese, and I didn't know what to think of him and whatever he does, untill the sleazeball got drunk and assaulted me. Sadly, it wasn't the fact that he assaulted me that disgusts me--it was how he reacted when he was told what he did while he was sober. He's got talent with Tarot and whatnot, but there's something abnormal about what he's hiding from everyone.
Enh--Iv'e got a lot of friends like this, way too many. Most are just trying to hide their incompetence. Others are hiding pure evil, and they really worry me--though I don;t fear them. Right now, I'm enjoying my hiatus from them--haven't seen nor heard them for half a week now, and am looking forward to a normal summer.
Btw, if he freaks you out so much, you need some distanc--irrelevent of what the real problem is.

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 02:47 AM
Some very unusual folks there. What you wrote reminded me of some other person I had known for a short time. It was truly gross. This guy was appearing to be normal when suddenly he got on his hands and knees and started making animal sounds. He made the sounds of a sheep, a goat, and some other creatures. And when he stood back up and came at me, he was not the same person before he went down all fours and started making those animal sounds.

He lunged at me with some weirdo in him that was talking to me things only I would know. I dealt with the situation very carefully. I never had anything to do with him after I got out of that wierd scenario.

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 10:01 AM
Well... I am still having trouble placing faith in the whole reptilian theory, but this seems to be yet another story about such an incident.

Why do I say this? Wellllll.... Firstly, it was your instinct telling "something is not right with this guy.". Secondly is how you found him attractive, as usually, these characters are considered and promoted by the media as quite the attractive people. Next, those sounds that he makes of a snake or lizard totally convinced me of someone who carries such genetics in their gene pool. Does he have family that is in high positions within society?

Finally, and this is the most important part, was his attempt to seduce you through unconventional means. Would there be times where you would look straight into his eyes and feel like you were being pulled in? Also, the efficacy of his ability to seduce you and *almost* capture you is uncanny of such talents that usually belong to such people. There have been many incidents where they have been able to take advantage of people less fortunate than yourself, and change their minds using only telepathy.

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 12:09 PM
Pretty interesting. I didn't know this before. Yea, his dad was working for the top Railroad company in Toronto as a CEO.

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 02:44 PM
I'm like this, too. It runs in the family.

Let me explain; we're a family of devout Christians, but when I decided to look into wiccan, I began to notice what was going on around my home--it had always been this way, but never really payed attention. My teacher saw it as a black cloud that followed me, and both my older brother and father are surrounded in. She doesn't see it as good. There's just something not right about us, and we are all VERY dominant people--all three of us have the same general personality. It's kinda' like reality bends to our will, just because we are that stubborn. My brother's the worst.

This is a guy who is 18. He's married now. I'm 22, and dominant enough to lead my own friends around by the nose--highly manipulative--when I bother to, they know what I'm doing. But I have always been the one to follow him around--as everyone does. He'd make a great politician. (His wife says he's weird.) this is the same guy that, when in the middle of a fight, bent his advasary's face to the ground, scraped his cheek to the bone, leaving cement groove-marks in the cheek. He never has been in trouble for the two time he did it--the other, he didn't stop there but started peeling th poor boy's face off.

Anyway, I'm usually associated with a dragon because I'm so consuming. I like blood; I lke death; I like destruction...and so many other unhelathy traits, that it's rediculous. I'd really love to pull someone's flesh apart with my teeth. I'm aware of how much a problem this can be, so I keep it checked. Too many people trust me, and I am female--I like to moter things.
Now, do I think I'm like a reptillian? No, not quite, even though I do things a little weird.

If we wern't as in control of ourselves as we are now, all hell would have already broken loose where we live. I DO NOT think we are special; I think we are abnormal and probably need help.

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 02:57 PM
you are so funny. Nevertheless, yes, he is like that. He's very dominant. He hates it when anyone ever is the center of attention other than him. Even me! He also is into violent things. He kills every bug that is around him. I try to tell him that those are cute little bugs not hurting anyone, and I go to catch them and throw them outside, but he runs up to the bug to kill it before I can save it from him. He also hates animals. He even runs after them in his truck. If he sees a cat, dog or rat on the street, he will go out of his way, all over the street just to try to run it over. He's so mean.

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 03:14 PM
I would say that's about right...
I've been told the reason my family is like this for several reasons:
1. everything has to happen our way; while it is funny, I wasn't joking about altering reality. As much as could have happened to us over the years, we remain untouched.
2. My dad doesn't die in freak accidents that should have killed him (had 2-3 in the space of one year). 2 inches off of shattering his neck when he flipped his bike. Fell off some scafolding and almost had the welding machine fall on him. Fell off scaffolding and fell 20-30 ft under the waters of the intercoastal with steel-toe boots on--nearly didn't make it back up--have 10+ ft. gators in the water, too.
3. My brother doesn't get in trouble for brutalizing anything--he does that to anything that starts i with him.
4. While I'm not one to just go kill something, I know I could skin a person alive and not get upset about what I'm doing until I've already removed the skin--and I'd get very upset at that point. I do know that when I'm crossed, I like making people's lives a living hell--and I'm real good at hurting people psychologically.

What holds us in check: in spite of wahting to torment almost everything we come across, we were raised to believe that life is worth saving and treasuring, and that we are caretakers, so we should not kill for no reason--will not run over animals while in cars--unless it's a 6 ft. alligator, just to make some Gator Gumbo.

Now, not only is it that something "evil" follows us, we all have very high testosterone levels--and I'm female, have PCOS. Testosterone unchecked makes people wonky like crazy. (Ways to check for it--denser musculature, lower voice, very hairy, etc.)

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 03:31 PM
How did I know someone in his family was pretty high up, hmmm? Just trying to illustrate that the information I am giving you is valid. This guy is not totally human, Samara. Do both of us a favor and the next time he calls, answer it. Seriously. And say this to him "Hello, Annunaki! Did you drink any blood today or have any fun rituals with a sacrifice or two? How's Molech doing, anyway?"

He will hang up or get reaalllllllly angry.
I wouldn't really recommend that if he's at the door, as he might bust through and do something awfully nasty. These creatures do not usually have much remorse for any of their actions.

Something tells me you won't do it, but meh, it's worth suggesting. The weird events, probably happening only after you met this individual, are completely related to his presence in your life. I am virtually confident of this. It is a very good thing that you did not bend to his telepathic urges, and you should consider yourself to be privileged, in a manner of speaking.

Jlc, I find your experiences to be most intriguing. That dark cloud thing... seems rather familiar. I really should look for guidance so I can combine what I already know with someone who is experienced in dealing with these kinds of things. You're a lizard descendent alright... Im not so sure about a dragon, but a lizzy, yep. I'm not saying this is bad or trying to offend you, just trying to provide my opinion. Have you ever had adrenalchrome?

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 03:48 PM
This is getting interesting. I have never really thought about some other alien life form such as a lizard type, well, especially one that has a human form! But the more I learn here, the more things start to make more sense.
Yea, jlc163, my dad too had nine lives. In different situations he should have been, drown, hung, died while crossing borders in the war, died in a car crash etc. But he ended up dying in the hospital with his family around him.
And about that shadow...I wonder if that is something at the heels of your family that keeps them sharp because they have some sharp enemies, and must stay on gaurd all the time. (Anyway you sure are funny with all that hairy stuff hahah about female etc)
I think you're just fine., I don't think it would even make an impact on him because he would know what I'm going to say before I say it and he would know where I got the info to say it. He would just laugh it off and continue to try to be a part of my life, which I don't want. So I won't call him. I'm doing my best to move on with my life.

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