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Airplane contrails and UFOs

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posted on May, 12 2004 @ 10:36 PM
It was at the end of April this year. And I was visiting my on and off mate-date-friend. He's working on his fence at his house and I'm sitting there on a chair having a beer, with him, enjoying the beautiful day, or now it was getting closer to evening.

Oh the beautiful colors in the sky captured my attention. And then as well so did the two contrails that were up above my head in a parallel pattern that forked out as they dispursed in the distance. I couldn't but help to think that haha, even this looked beautiful. Even though I'm not in the habit of thinking that airplane pollution is pretty.

Anyway. The day turned to night and my friend there now had some amount of things to take to the city dump so he was filling up his pick-up truck with it. He asked if I wanted to go with him. I said not really but do I have a choice? Sit here all by myself and wait for you? Or go and have your company.
So we were going to go together. I hopped into the truck. And he did too. Then he said he remembered some other things in his basement that he wanted to get rid of too. So I waited in the truck while he did that.

That is when I saw that bright orangey redish yellow, what ever colored space craft in the sky. It was moving really fast, but it was not moving that fast. It was WAY up in the sky, but, I could see it like it was much closer.
The strange thing is that it was flying in the middle of where I saw those two contrail marks earlier in the day. It was his back-yard take note. And his driveway was right there. This UFO was flying right in the middle of where I was just earlier admiring the contrail markings in the sky.

Also, the strangest part of the whole deal was.....that it moved in short bursts like a rattle snakes tail. Very fast back and forth motion in one small straight line area. Like, anyone see the third movie "The Exorcist"? That wall that the detective dude was stuck to? How it vibrated? Like that!

It moved like this only after I had recognized it. Then it moved straight. And I swear I think the driver must have been laughing because it freaked me out. Then it squiggled again real fast. Then it moved straight. Before you know it...hahaha, it flew over my head. The roof of the truck obscured my view now...and I was NOT going to step outside to get another view. That was enough for me HAHAHAA! ! !

Anyone else ever see anything that just stranged you out? Even though you couldn't figure out what it was or it's purpose? Time for you to tell your stories too.


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