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Tsurka Went for a Walk

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 12:50 AM
Tsurka was walking along,
happily along a lovely little road,
it was a paved road,
seemed quite fresh.

and so she was smiling,
and bobing her head left and right,
and humming a little song.

wondering where oh where had lowki gone to,
her previous incarnation from a former life that thinks with her sometimes,
in the present now,
as all events are simultaneous in the great cosmic consciousness initiated by nothing.

her curls were dangling and she could feel them softly bouncing on her neck,
it was a pleasant sensation as the wind picked up speed and she felt a rush of wind sweep around her shoulders, lifting her curls but not her little red had with lace trim in the air.

oh it be a beautiful day, with blue sky and some cumulous clouds in the distance.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 01:54 AM
tsurka ate some berries and made some seedballs furthering the domain of the food forests.

tsurka might seem like a normal 9 year old nordic girl,
but she's an android, with living human skin thanks to some advanced polymerelectronic nutritional supplement delivery and cell anchoring technology.

tsurka be sensitive to elctro magnetic waves and so could sense for hundreds of kilometers around her.

part of tsurka fed on the energy of radio waves, so the minutest change made stark constrasts in pico voltage

sometimes tsurka would assume various yoga and mudra positions to let her body act as an antenea for catching different frequencies

at this point tsurka is 134,
but most that see her for the first time think she's a 9 year old girl in a scarlet rain coat

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 03:30 AM
a car just passed by on the road to the left,
a breeze blew,
her skirt lifted up a bit and blew to the side, same with her curls, she squinted as some dust flew into the air.
leaned onto a nearby drew, and thought to herself "well that grew fast, or did that car just take a really long time to get here?".
tsurka sends a kiss to lowki,
the author of this book.

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posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by lowki

You have an interesting style that is quite amusing. Keep writing more***
S & F from me.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 05:24 PM
Tsurka was sitting leaning on a log,
poping little blocks of wood into her mouth.

`of course I like the woods` she thought, `it gives me the extra food energy I need to run all my processes`

a man had been walking through the woods and stumbled in from the left, gave Tsurka an awkward look.
Tsurka motioned the man to sit down beside her, and oppened the bag offering wood chips.

the man sat down, suspiciously eyeing the bag, looked ahead and gave a deep exhale.
he looked down as the offering of wood chips from the little girl smiling up at him, and took a handful.
then popped it in his mouth, gave a chew.
almost immediatly his eyes expanded, his legs stood up, and he jumped while facing Tsurka.
didn't get far as his back met the stump of a large tree.
"these are wood chips" he muffled through his pulp filled mouth.

Tsurka was laughing and giggling to herself all the while. she looked up at him and smiled, popped a few more chips in her mouth. "I'm a lady of the forest" she did a little bow and curtsy while still sitting on the ground.
She wrapped her right arm arm around the seat back tree stump,
as she pushed herself straight with her left leg,
to reach with her left arm to grab a small pipe in a skirt pocket.
she lifted the pipe towards the man and tilted her head in, then making contact "would you like to have some?" she asked.

"what be it? I'm not smoking no wood" the man now with both his hand behind him resting on the tree trunk.
Tsurka shrugged, lit and toked. pulled down her hat a bit, and looked top left, so the man could only see her neck, mouth and bottom part of her nose.
"Mwa, beautiful trees this morning. don't you think?" she chirped in her gay little voice.


"Wi tsipa yu" she exclaimed as she looked down at mid front and pulled back her hands in an eagle pose. A little raven that stood at the location of her stare tilted its head half pi to the left to get a good look. The man stood transfixed by the bird and what was happening, his left arm up resting on a low branch, and his right around his front, his head a third pi tilted right as he watched in amazement.

The bird righted itself, did not seem to notice the man, as it fluttered up and to the left to rest on a twig, and hopped to stand next to tsurka's right foot. The raven looked up, and opened it's mouth.
Tsurka giggled, checked her subconscious mind logs and spotted a nearby worm, she grabbed with her left hand, passed to her right and fed the hungry bird child.
smiled and tilted a third pi left as she watched the raven move it's throat and beak up and move in a swallowing motion.
"is that your bird?" he asked.
"no, just a friend." Tsurka quickly replied, glancing up at the man, but bringing her attention back to the bird, which was on her lap and playing with her left arm, something shiny glinted.
Tsurka tugged at her left sleeve to straighten it, petted the bird with her right and looked up at the man. "so what are you doing in this part of the woods?"

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posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 05:12 AM
Tsurka laughed, she was talking to a relatively ancient diesel powered robot, back from the days where biodiesel was the cheap and affordable upcoming trend.

the old robot had no skin and was all exposed metal skeleton, sh
The whole concept has an inherent opportunity for oppression once again. she fueled him a bit, and he started up with a putter.

"ya, methane carboaxial group be the most fascinating thing right now in the trends, since trees are in fashion again." Tsurka said knowingly of the robots true ignorance to the updated world.

"o, o really?" the old-robots head swiveled wildly to the right. "I, i, didn't know that".
The robot looked around "back when I remember it was all dank streets and pipes and things, I blended in with the scenery, smog filled orange sky scape."

Tsurka turned her head up and looked between the leaves of the canopy "ya, the sky's turned back to a pale blue hue, though it gets darker at night and still be kinda orangey red at twilight" she mentioned idly.

"bah, I can't seem to get up" the old-robot groaned as he tried to shift his weight around, leaning on his right arm and managing to lift part of his buttock off the ground.

"eh, it's okay, the fuels pretty low density compared to what you're used to,
might burn through it too fast if I hadn't diluted the methanol"

"hu, methanol? whatchya talking about there again?" the old robot cringed.

"made from rotting wood and fruit diesel" Tsurka decided to keep it simple. "me use it for high energy processes like brain.

"Gave you some unpurified, so perhaps you can make more for yourself by putting it in a container with some saw dust, an external stomach for your ancient body"

"Oh thanks, but how will I?"

"You'll find a way." Tsurka leaned over the old-robot and re-activated his spine. At same time uploaded biodiesel making datagrams to his memory bank.

"Wow, thanks." The robot got up and stretched. "So I'll make my own biodiesel from now on.
'tis a good thing, afore I didn't know about it."

"so for most other things me be burn wood with an internal stove"

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 02:30 PM
Beautiful picture my friend! Oh my! You are a Lovely "Arty Farty"...

1+1 =2 _____________ (is line)

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:03 PM
There once lived a little girl that lived in the forest,
they were in the rockies, and it was really hard to find them,

when the frost weather came, she just liked to jump around and play hide and go seek with the elephant nosed peepers.
they were a tasty snack to nibble on as second place some times.

"that's right canine jaw complex.
raw teeth stolen from wolves,
can make things quite chewy,
but i really do prefer a vegan diet,
woodchips and soft corn (grain) for me please and thank you
for my energy needs anyhow.

"put i do like to collect pebbles and shale rocks, as they give me the nutrients and things i need to survive.
every now and again my second belly swells up and i give birth to something.
a tool part, for like a hammer or something.
the worst was giving berth to a sledge.
though i could turn off my nerve endings in that region,
i like to keep things real, upclose and personal,
for that extra staticy edge."

"with marmamoan teeth,
can really bite the edge off something,
chop right through soft wood,
like a hot knife through butter some might say
in the past in lowki's day,
i have those files on store,

perhaps it would be wise to investigate him some more,
but i will another day perhaps,
when the sun is bright outside and theirs nothing to do but lay around and charge rays

files stored in my internal databanks in my chest,"
Tsura taps her chest in an assertive manner with her curled in fist,
but then has to unwind them after a bit,
and plays around with a screw driver in her forearm
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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:40 PM
"I use sensory lookup tables, to view which previously data maybe relevent to the current scenario,
window tabbed and scrolling, mental visual cortex feed,
the best lowki could describe it at the time"
"sensory lookup data from favorite recipterian,
lowki shunso says 'hello samantha I'm in love with you,
perhaps I should try me some of that,
"hello tree, how are you today?"
"what's that? I hear you're saps doing quite well this time of year"
"oh yes so fresh and clean and boisterous your pitch does flow"

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 08:43 AM
Keep going, me likes this stuff!
S & F.... It really does break the boredom of monotony. Simply Highly Original mixed with ultra brain activity!
Lowki, -weird 'n' "cool" guy!

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posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 10:55 AM
At some point, when she was over a century old,
where Tsurka felt she had learned enough of the rocky west
and made enough supplies in her western home,
she decided to move eastward.

as she did so, she came across several town and villages,
but they thought her a strange passerbyer,
often calling after her "witch" and "freak" as she left the town.

eventually she joined a traveling circus.
where she did sexy pole dances in clothing.
with many men raving and jeering.

some men did rape her, but she was relatively accustomed to this, having happened 5 or 6 times over the course of her life, she had needle from her robotic left half inject needle poison into penis from within vaginal cavity.

quick heart attack onset, reinforced high torque muscle mode throws off corpse. harvesting of body parts thought about, sometimes executed depending on social variables mainly.

Tsurka had lots of practice harvesting humans based on the elephant nosed peepers (gas masked people), once they had gone for twenty years was when tsurka decided to go travel about.

eventually Tsurka got a robotic male friend about her height, he had no skin like her, was just robotic endo skeleton. she ran off with him from the circus.
at some point he tried to protect her, in his foolishness from a bear, and was torn to several pieces. she took him in a makeshift cart to a safe place and reassembled him to the best of her ability, but didn't have the tools required.

went back to the circus and snuck in to get some tools. A circus man sitting at a table noticed her, and told her that he knew of a prophecy about her dating some several hundred years back.
she was immediately interested, but didn't get much more information,
the man saying he heard the story in an eastern city near the atlantic,
but that the circus would be going there in about 2 or 3 months.

so she got the man to help bring back the robot, and he was repaired.

awake with a headache, the robot boy thought they were recaptured, but Tsurka explained otherwise.

a journey to the eastern seaboard.

decidous trees all around, great lakes to the north,
Tsurka stood and watched the yellowing leaves fall from the trees.
"what an interesting seasonal advantage for solar radiation experience."

circus people asked about Tsurka's technological background, but eventually gave up as they weren't willing to invest the time to understand how to create most of them.
though Tsurka did manage to teach them a simple to use solar panel and wind power technology, mainly for lighting in the circus tents. the circus carriages were donkey, mule and horse drawn, so it was somewhat of an odd setup.
a blend of advanced technology and natural efficiency.

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 05:45 AM
Gosh! Oh My!! hopefully shinning aliens from afar come by and castrate those filthy rotten bastards by far. Let them rot in hell, have no pity for such pigs of worthless scum. Hurry! Hurry! -Don't be late to kick those worthless pigs off this planet! ....................................

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 06:11 AM
By the way Lowkie, if you would like to learn a trick in "editing". -that is any time that you first edit anything, and you go back to edit again- after typing your edit piece, delete what says[edit on such & such date by your name] that is printed underneath, and then re- press the edit button, and you will have only one edit. Do this each time you wish to edit- I hope this makes sense my cosmic alien friend!

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by lowki

Alright, you got me. I am very much interested in how this is playing out. I find your character to be amazing and it has pulled me in. I want to see how this is going to play out. If it does I mean. Star and flagged lowki. Very interesting work here.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 03:22 PM
The circus caravan stayed outside city limits and set up.
The city folk that would come, were of a strange type, sometimes they seemed to change shape, shimmer a little, and even blend into each other.

Tsurka took a side trek into the city on some time off. Robio Blobbins her male android counterpart. Earlier got a part playing as her male stud in her dance routine, he wore a top hat, collar and carried a black hooked cane, but else only his metal shell showed.


"clickati clack" was one of the few lines he had made for himself, which when he would repeat them got raving hollers from onlookers.

One of the caravan people had made a grave note of caution not to go into the city.
Tsurka was remembering him now, and as she approached the city with the clanking of steel Robio behind her,
she bagan to hypothesize as to what the gray smokey clouds rising from the city scape were,
every now and again it seemed as though the city skyline changed in some way,
some buildings were gone, others constructed, and a shimmer and it was different.

she approached the first set of sky scrappers, there were no suburbs or low density residence, immediatly she felt a waft of hot humidity on her face. Robio who had taken off the smile on his face and now held it in his right hand. his eyebrows seemed somewhat furrowed or slanted down towards the center demonstrating increased processor load, he was thinking.

"bri ku pri bilililibrap" Robio stated, Tsurka intoned still working on integrating datagrams for Robilios native speak.

"ya those clouds eat dust,
but look here's a stream" she emphasized and pointed to the side of a road that had a ditch. There were bright streetlights seemingly designed to grow vegetation in the ditches at the side of the street. the foilage and atmosphere was that of a jungle complete with squaking of birds and monkeys.

Tsurka and Robio walked in deeper.
Tsurka looked about as if searching for the source of the calls, perhaps to see a monkey,
she thought she saw a bird of paradise in the palm.
"Woosh" a shimmering wind encased them and there seemed to pixels flying all about,
Tsurka looked about but all she could see was as if a gray dust storm had just encased her. she reached back with her hand to Robio but couldn't get hold, she looked back.
the dust cloud disapeared as soon as it had appeared, she could see Robio again,
she rejoiced smiled and went towards him,
they both reached their hands towards each other and held them.
Tsurka looked top right,
a yellow brown maple leaf went soaring by Robio's left shoulder.
Tsurka turned about still holding Robio's right hand in her left.
She was mildly taken aback, the Scene had changed completely.

There was still a stream, but now emanating from the middle of the road, but the road was no longer dirt, it was cobblestone, and it was fall, with many leaves gathered at the side, at the base of tall fall coloured trees, she noticed a pine.
Slowly her eyes traveled to the source of the stream, there was a gray-white fountain,
and on it's edge stood a tall person in a brown black monks robe, face completely hidden.

Before Tsurka could speak, but just as she made a sound.
"You have come" The dark figure raised it's arms, making apparent the wide cuffs.

"halt, who goes there?
be you of my liege?" A knight from tsurka's front left in shining armour on a horse, of a blue and white four checkerboard pattern crest arrived, pointing a lance towards the monk.

The monk swayed his left hand in a flowing motion
to about waist height under where his right hand at,
with a mild tilt of his head right,
a wind swept the knight disappeared.
The monk retook his pose.
"You have come." he said,
now more assertively"

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by lowki

Tsurka shook her head,
her expression displaying disbelief,
'what foul nonesense' she thought to herself,
"come on Robbie,
we be leave this place"
she pulled Robbie with her and headed in the direction she thought they had come from.

"No, wait, please stay!
we'll have fun,
play a game I promise"
The monk's voice had changed,
he had jumped off the edge of the fountain,
and came running up alongside Tsurka,
who he saw be the leader of the twosome.

"What? Go away!" Tsurka flicked her head towards the monk and then kept on marching forward. She noticed that the Monk was standing with his arms on his hips, the robe being lifted from his face enough to reveal a toothfull smile.
As Tsurka walked, it seemed like it was sand or a swamp, her legs were getting harder to move.
She looked at the monk, she hadn't moved at all.
She stood still and faced the monk,
she felt herself bounce up as if she had risen a handspan or two.

"bra giligiliga" Robbio said 'I was going to tell you but didn't have the confidence'

"ya thanks, that's a help" Tsurka looked up, noticed the sky was still clearly visible above the sky scrapers, but wondered if that was an illusion like everything else here.
"so tell me monk! what goes on here?" Tsurka asked, moved her left foot forward, and threw her head back to see if she could stare intently into the monks visual receptors.
she couldn't make out eyes even after several filter types.

"Oh don't mind Ryan, he's a historical recreationist" the monk said and threw his arm in the general direction where the knight had been.

"You really opened Pandora's box, stepping in here you know" a voice just above and behind Tsurka's head said, she noticed a shaft of some kind had materialized just above her right shoulder, looked left, slightly jerking about Robbie who she still hung onto.
The bearded short cropped brown haired face of Antonio Silversteen suddenly flashed across her vision, she focused saw it was another man, of similar complexion, leaning down,
his face less than a salmons length away.

"Ryan's the name, huh?" Tsurka retorted, and grabbed him by his shirt with her right hand. Then stared him in the eyes, the irises seemed unnatural with perpendicular angles. Tsurka barred her teeth at the man and made a growl.
Ryans smile slightly shrank away.
She spit in his face, which shocked him greatly and he stood up.
She continued to hold to his shirt so was raised in the air, she sway threw Robio at the monk
"sik em Robio" herself now using her left arm to hold onto Ryans belt, she let her right arm go as her left descended down her pants, he kneed his groin while her left finger tips unloaded various toxins and viruses into soft flesh.

Ryan put hands on hips, head up, and laughed.
"these be avatars"

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 05:49 PM
"relax, you're already dead" Ryan smiled.

The scene changed, all was gray. Tsurka and Robio stood at it's center,
around them on opposite sides were two and a half floors high,
the faces of the monk and the knight.

"we killed you a long time ago" rang out a shrill voice of the monk.

"uahahaha" under them was a huge Tsurka face,
and then the top view of Tsurka lunging towards avatars and tearing them to pieces,
then an image of Tsurka's head impaled on a stick with blood dripping out and android wires showing.

"here I'll let you play with it" Ryan momentarily stepped out from the fog and handed Tsurka her severed head.

Tsurka inspected it, and pushed a button only she knew was there.
plop tsurka's head fell on some straw with a wooden thunk.
she looked around, indeed her head was severed,
it was laying on the ground, and some straw obstructed her left eye.
she began spider legs initiation, turning her head towards the cieling,
she noticed her body ahead of her,
"dumble brots" Tsurka hissed between her teeth.
noting with her left eye now that her body had skin stripped and was angled downwards,
halfway diagonally a wooden wall holding it in place.
Tsurka glanced at one of her top left screens, which had an orb of her most recently visited location.
'yes' she noted there was a piece of wood dropping into the frame,
Ryan staring to frown "I wonder what happened" faintly projected through her audio in.
she tuned it out and stood up on her spider legs,
and walked to the door of the large wooden box which was showing daylight outside and some nature scenery.
she squinted a bit, focusing into the bright light,
noticed the dismembered body of Robio lieing just 24 paces away from the caravan cart.

'Carl's not gonna like having to cut my body out of there' Tsurka thought,
not all circus members were quite aware of her android nature,
keeping it hidden wasn't making Carl's life any easier,
but perhaps more interesting.

Tsurka scanned the brainwaves in about 258 paces by standard lowki units,
she found Carl at the edge of one of the circus carts.
she looked at a screen in the mid top right of her mind and found from her orb near Carl be a shady place under the cart in some medium long grass.
she teleport there.

Carl wearing brown coat over red shirt and black pants be talking to an overweight bearded lady wearing a yellow and pink balarina dress.
Tsurka shined a low intensity lazer flickeringly into Carl's eyes.
he noticed her and his jaw slowly dropped.
Carl pushed the plump ballerina aside who started complaining of how he touched her chest.
though he ignored and moved forward while kneeling down.
"what happened to you" he said while reaching towards Tsurka's head.
Tsurka was taken a little a back arachnid shuffled back a few centimeters,
but then resolved and tilted her head slightly forward,
so Carl would be able to pick her up more easily by the bottom of the neck.

Tsurka generated some tears from the right side of her face, and started crying and making sad faces "some bad men,
they beat me up,
they got Robbio,
he's over there three wooden block buildings left of here,
so be my body."
Tsurka couldn't make motions with her left half, she orb looked in her right top screen, found her left cheek was missing and most of the skin was badly damaged, her robot inner eye exposed.

"hmm alright" Carl dropped Tsurka's head back in the grass,
and walked off into the direction Tsurka's eyes were pointing.

"no wait, take me with you!" Tsurka cried as she stood high on her arachnid legs.
Carl had already gotten too far to hear her low power voice she thought,
but Carl turned around and so did the Ballerina, almost hypnotically.
Tsurka focused on Carl's shoulder and telehopped.

Carl turned and be walking to ascribed destination,
"sorry I thought you were a hologram.
Tsurka doesn't usually dismember herself like that."
Carl stated point blankly.

"You liquid beings are too fast for me sometimes" Tsurka smiled.
"But I got flesh two, you know,
gives me an edge,
over dumbledor robbie" Tsurka said as she pointed with her eyes and light nod of the head in the location of his body.

"ah, would you mind lightening your toe grip there?
it feels like it might pierce my skin" Carl said motioning to how she was holding onto his left shoulder.

"oh yes, of course" she nestled down and put her neck next to his and hugged his neck and upper chest with her arachnid legs, careful to give his next plenty of breathing room.

"Thanks, that's better,
it's like I have you as a necklace" Carl smiled and looked left at Tsurka.
"Maybe I'll keep you like this,
and we could be a two headed monster act,
I can see it now 'the two headed siamese android twins"

"ya careful there,
my legs can pierce your spine and take over your body,
for that kind of act" Tsurka mumbled as she zoomed through a low powered meditation maintenance routine.

They rounded the corner of the correct wooden train cart.
"Woah, you really got yourself in a jam" Carl exclaimed.

"You mean in a bind,
jam be a type of slow high torque collison" Tsurka enthused.

"wu be you autopioloting on me tsurka?" Carl said.
"Yes" Tsurka said.
"guess you're tires"
"Yes" Tsurka's eyes rolled up into her head and shutters quit.
she was safe for the time being, went into hibernative reconstruction.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 11:09 PM
You have a unique and amusing style that is captivating! Keep on with the joyful entertainment!

[edit on 28-9-2009 by catalyst2466]

posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by catalyst2466

I only write when I have a vision. my writing be a description of what I see.
I am but a channel for the akashic records.
Yes I do choose which records I find,
but all be one.

posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by lowki

I like that lowki. Channel some more of those things. When you can of course. I don't want you to have to force it. The writing is strangely inviting. It makes me think. Well done.

[edit on 2-10-2009 by jackflap]

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