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[RINGS] All in the Family

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posted on May, 12 2004 @ 02:19 PM
What marvelous synchronicity for me do discover this site right now! This Game reminds me of an activity my family employed at gatherings to keep the feeling of unity strong. It amounted to a geussing game, by which members discovered fresh appreciations hitherto hidden in family politics and favoritism. Once in a while it became very emotional, but was always abstract. Gestalts in group mind occured, which was the object, but almost always remained unspoken, for we knew if we tried to get total understanding through language, it would amount to rambling. The catalysts for this forum MUST be privy to this type of contact. Or they are just very ingenous and discerning folks. What fun, eh!?

This also bears resembleance to The Glass Bead Game and the Theory of the Tetra-hedron, only if like, basic celluar orgaisms were playing. What a great site. Doesn't seem to be rife with eruditic snobbery, like others (i.e. Barbelith Underground)

Perhaps certain posters are being Initiated, unbeknownst to them. Excited yet!?

I think the 'team' suggestion was valid, but not a crux.

I know one thing. It's about time.


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