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so vic gets a second chance NFL

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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 06:24 PM
well how about that? convicted felon back in.i'm really interested to see what people think on this one. don't really know how i feel about this guy being aloud back in. i'm betting this guy is never going to be as good, as before all the
bad decisions, he was making caught up to him. i wouldn't bet on any team he's
on, going to the super bowl. i mean get this, vic comes on the field, the first huddle of his 2nd professional career debut.the huddle breaks, vic takes position on
center to recieve the snap.
then, just as vic is about call the audibles , every guy on defense starts barking
like a dog. that's going to be a big distraction for the whole team. what i'm saying is, i think the easy part (geting back in) is over for this guy
and the rest is gonna be alot tougher. most of the oppossing players are going to be
head hunting this guy.i'm pretty sure he's washed up ,no matter what he does.

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